Essay on Happiest Moment in My Life

Happiest Moment in My Life

We all have some happy moments in our life that becomes an everlasting memory for us. It may be the time spent with our loved ones, pets, some brave deed like saving anyone’s life, etc. It may differ from person to person. If I have to narrate about the happiest moment of my life it would not be easy for me. I have many happy moments in my life and therefore it is very difficult for me to remember any one of them that is the happiest one.

Short and Long Essay on Happiest Moment in My Life in English

10 Lines Essay on Happiest Moment in My Life (100 – 120 Words)

1) The happier moments in our lives make a lasting impression on us.

2) The happiest moment in my life was when I was in class 5th.

3) It was the time of the annual fest of our school.

4) My friends encouraged me to participate in a speech competition.

5) I was very nervous and thought that I will lose.

6) I tried my best and surprisingly got the first position.

7) All the teachers, students, and my parents clapped for me.

8) It was really happiest moment in my life when I received the first prize.

9) Everyone appreciated me and I felt proud.

10) The happiness in my parents’ eyes was the happiest moment of my life.

Short Essay on Happiest Moment in My Life – 250 Words


Every past event becomes a memory in our mind. It is because of these memories we can think about the things that have taken place in the past. There are some moments in our life that we wish not to lose ever. These are the happiest or the special moments of life that give us eternal joy.

The joy of having the happy moments in life

We all wish for different things in our life.  When our dreams turn into reality it become the happiest moment of life for many of us. Being successful in getting what we desire brings great joy in our life. There might be many happy moments in the life of an individual but the happiest moment is one that is most pleasing for us. It is not necessary that the happiest moment would have been experienced by every one of us. Therefore, we must try to search for happiness from small-small things in our life. This will help in making our lives happier and healthier.

Happiest moment cherishes us throughout the life

The happy moments are the reason for bringing joy in our life. We always desire that life should be paused when happy moments are there and this time would never go. This is not possible in reality but we can feel cherished after remembering the same. There is a smile on our faces whenever we recall the happiest moment of our life. The memory of the happiest moment can also help us in relieving depression or sad moments of life.


Our life is full of happy and sad moments. The happy moments helps us in getting relaxed from the sorrow of sad moments in our life. Happiness helps in adding light of hope to our lives.

We have tried and have detailed about my happiest moment of life in form of a long essay. We hope it would be quite interesting for you to remember the happiest moment of your life and pen it down on paper. The long essay might help you in getting an idea of writing an essay on this topic.

Long Essay on Happiest Moment of My Life (950 Words)


There are moments in everyone’s life that cherish our body and mind. These moments become the happy moments of our life. Have you ever thought that why these happy events become moments? The answer is very simple that they are everlasting in our memories. We become happy by remembering those moments and might remember those moments throughout our life.

What are Happy Moments?

Happiness and sadness are the two phases of life. Everyone in this world has to experience both phases in their life. Happiness is an emotion that makes us feel good and cherished. There are some moments in our life that provide us immense happiness. We wish that these moments would be long-lasting and never end. It is always noticed that sadness does not long forever and is always followed by happiness. It can be well stated by the proverb “Every cloud has a silver lining”. Happy moments are those that fill us with joy. They are not provided by anyone but are created by us.

My Happiest Moment in Life

I find happiness in very small-small things of my life but these are some moments in my life that bring a smile to my face when I remember them. I can say that they are the happiest moments of my life. I will be telling you about one of the happiest moments of my life. I feel very nice to enumerate this moment of my life.

I was studying in class 10th at that time. It was announced in our school that there is a district-level competition of quiz and poster presentations. It will be involving several schools’ participation. The notices regarding the participation of students in the competition were distributed in every class. I was very excited to take part in the poster presentation. I enrolled my name for the competition.

  • Process of selection for the competition – The team that had to represent our school for different competitions was to be selected in the school itself. The first barrier was the selection in school. I was very happy when I got selected for the school team that had to represent our school in the district competition. The presentation has to be given in a group and therefore the final team had been finalized. There were four members in the team including me.
  • Pre-Preparation for the competition – Every team member presented their innovative ideas on the topic and lastly after summing up those ideas I prepared the poster. We had prepared three posters on the topic. We made a lot of effort to make our presentation the best one.
  • The day of the competition – finally the competition day arrived and we were a little nervous too. We have been taken to the destination of the competition by school bus. The teachers were also accompanying us. We performed our best and delivered the presentation beautifully. I was the group leader and therefore I was more nervous about the results. It was about the reputation of my school. Finally, the competition was over and the results of the competition were declared. It was started by announcing the third prize winner.

My heart started sinking down. Finally, I could not believe it when it was announced that our school has bagged the first prize. We were dancing with joy. I was very happy to make my school proud. Moreover, I was happy because the idea of the presentation was my own. The overwhelming joy of that moment cannot be expressed in words.

  • Award distribution event – The winning participants have been invited the next day with the whole family for prize distribution and dinner. This was more exciting for me. I went to the destined place and I along with my team was awarded by the District magistrate. It felt very nice to hear the name of my school at the first position. I handed over the trophy to my vice principal. My parents were very happy for me. We had dinner and enjoyed that evening beautifully with my family and group members. Later I and my team members were praised by the whole faculty of the school including the principal. This news and pictures of the winning teams were also published in the newspaper.

My father was very happy for me and therefore he promised a tour in summer vacations as a reward for winning. We had enjoyed that moment very beautifully. I feel very happy whenever I remember that moment in school.

How can we make our Life Enriched with Happy Moments?

Everybody in this world craves happiness. We cannot buy happiness but can gain it in the small things we do in our life. One such moment might become the happiest moment of our life. Happiness is something that we experience in doing different things in our life.  It is created from the inside. The state of being happy lies in the positivity of our minds. When we accept the reality we enjoy the things granted to us. This brings happiness to our lives. This particularly means that we have to learn to live our life. This will induce hundreds of happy moments and make our life a beautiful experience.


It was one of the happiest moments in my life that thrills and cherishes me from inside whenever comes to my mind. I was very happy to bring glory to my school. Moreover, I got rewarded for what I have wished and made my parents happy. I try to forget all my problems by remembering the happy moments of my life. This helps in making me more confident and optimistic to face different types of situations in my life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is happiness connected with?

Ans. Happiness is connected with the state of mind.

Q.2 What are the colors of happiness?

Ans. The bright colors like yellow, orange, pink and red.

Q.3 What is the secret of happiness?

Ans. The secret of happiness lies in loving everything around us and living every moment of our life.

Q.4 How does yoga enhance our happiness?

Ans. Yoga helps in reducing our stress, anger, anxiety and thus makes us happier.