Essay on India of My Dreams

India of My Dreams

Can you imagine what will happen if the name of India is mentioned on top in this world for every good aspect? It will fill us with great cheer and pride. Every one of us would have the desire of making India according to our own dreams. We all have different perspectives and opinions on this topic. It is an imaginative essay that gives wings to your power of imagination.

Short and Long Essay on India of My Dreams in English

I have provided the details about my own opinion on India of my dreams. I hope it will be helpful for students and inculcate the idea of writing an essay on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on India of My Dreams (100-120 Words)

1) The India of my dream is quite different from the reality.

2) The India of my dream must be free from crime.

3) Bad activities like corruption should be abolished from the country.

4) Women should be respected and treated equally in my country.

5) In my dream country, people should live in unity and peace.

6) I would really want to eradicate poverty from my country.

7) I want an educated country with a high literacy rate.

8) I dream that India must be developed in science and technology.

9) I want a country where people live happily with good job opportunities.

10) India of my dreams must rank first in every aspect.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Everybody in this world has a desire that the nation in which they reside must excel in every sector. It is pleasing to hear people talking good about our nation and its people. I have a desire to see my nation as it appears in my dreams. My dream nation would be free of social issues like corruption, poverty, illiteracy, crime, etc.

India of my dreams must have ‘women with equal opportunity as men’

Every society and nation can progress if there is equal participation of men and women. I want that to make India a nation where women get equal importance and opportunity without any discrimination. Every girl must be given a chance to attend school and acquire an education. I want that the men in the nation must also understand the importance of women and help them in getting the place that they deserve. I want that the killing of girl child must be stopped in the nation and people must understand the give equal importance to the girl child as they give to the boy child.

People must reside with unity without the feeling of hatred

India is a nation that is having rich cultural and religious diversity. It is good that people following different religions and cultures are living in one nation. I want the people of the nation must live in harmony and peace. When people of any nation live with the feeling of unity it will enhance the progress of the nation. Moreover, it will make the nation a better place to live.


India of my dreams would be a nation with enormous development in science and technology. The enhanced research and development in the nation would help in getting rid of the financial crisis and give rise to more employment opportunities in the nation.

Long Essay on India of My Dreams – Justice and Equality for All


The thought of our dream of India would have most probably come once in everyone’s mind. Every true Indian wish for the development and progress of the nation. We all want to see the nation according to our dreams with no corruption, injustice, and discrimination. It is always said that dreams are necessary and they become the reason for the change.

Brief Elucidation of India

India is the name of the nation that is most blessed with every type of resource, climatic conditions, geographical variations, and religious diversity. Despite being blessed with nature’s commodities and having the honor of the biggest democracy in the world, there is poverty, illiteracy, corruption, injustice prevailing throughout the nation. These factors are greatly responsible for the differences that are created in society and the nation. Moreover, they are also responsible for hindering the development of the nation.

I hope no one in the nation wants to live in chaos and static problems. Every one of us wishes for a peaceful and happy life. This is very easy to say but is very difficult to practice in reality. This requires a broad-minded attitude in every one of us. The end of the different existing problems would only contribute to the formation of our dream nation.

India as My Dream Nation

I have a great love for my nation and thus it is very painful to hear anything wrong about my nation from anyone. I have studied about the elegance of the nation but the reality of the condition inside the nation is saddening. People are more interested in getting power and making money for their own benefits. They never think of the nation before doing anything wrong. I dream of my India to be free of every type of corruption, discrimination, and injustice. I have a desire that people instead of being jealous would develop the habit of appreciating and motivating others for becoming successful. I wish that I could make it a reality.

Whenever I dream of a nation of my own kind, I want to see the happiness on everyone’s face. Nobody must be discriminated against on any grounds and people should greatly contribute to the development of the nation. I want everyone in the nation to be educated so that they can avail good job opportunities and there must be an end to the issues of poverty and illiteracy. There are different factors that need to be looked upon for bringing change for looking India according to our dreams. I will be enlisting about few important things that I really want to change to make the nation look like the nation of my dreams.

Equality for All

I wish that there might be an equal status of the people in our nation and none in the nation might face any type of discrimination on several grounds. We have seen people being discriminated against on the basis of caste, religion, color, creed, and sex. Casteism is prevailing everywhere and is the reason for numerous cases and fights to happen every day in the nation. People even do not talk properly with each other.

There are some sources that are actively creating the differences between normal people and engaging them in riots. They just take the benefit of our misunderstanding and inequality. The nation would look like paradise if there were no such differences prevailing in the nation. Equality is the most important thing that is required for the progress of the nation. This will help in inducing the positive spirit and co-operation among all. We all would be familiar with the proverb that “United we stand, divided we fall”. Togetherness and brotherhood give us more strength to do our best.

The Wicked Motive of Political Parties – Politicians and different political parties are the most involved groups responsible for promoting casteism, discrimination on every ground are politicians. They are successful in winning the conscience of people for their own benefit and divide them on the basis of caste, religion, and sex. In my opinion, we must consider those people as our leaders who are really working for the nation and stop ourselves from falling into the trap of clever politicians. This will also help in reducing the equality difference in the society.

Equality in making India an Independent Nation – Inequality has been a bane for us in past also. This was only the factor that made the Britishers come and rule for such a long period of time in our nation. They took the benefit of the existing inequality differences in the nation. They applied the policy of “Divide and Rule” and were successful in their motive. Later this supremacy and rule came to an end in form of independence of India. This was the result of the unity that was fostered by equality. As everyone’s motive at that time was getting independence. In the same way, if the goal of every person in the nation is success and happiness then it would be a great step for instilling equality in every aspect throughout the nation. I greatly dream of making India a most prosperous nation.

Justice for All Irrespective of Any Ground

If we throw light on the present scenario of India in terms of Justice, the result is very saddening. Every now and then several disgusting crimes like rapes, murders, thefts, etc. are taking place. The judiciary system in the nation is very weak and slow in giving judgment and punishments. Numerous case files are not opened for years and criminals roam freely.

In many cases, wrong people are winning by applying their tactics of power and money. I wish for a nation that is free from every type of criminal activity. People would not feel scared in the nation and girls can feel safe in going anywhere. This can only happen when there is proper justice for all irrespective of any differences.

Why ‘Justice and Equality for All’ is the Most Relevant Factors in India of My Dreams?

Equality is the most important factor that is required by a nation to be a successful one. India of my dreams will always be a nation that would excel in every field. According to me, if every people in the nation are treated equally without any discrimination, they can do their best. This will enhance the team spirit and co-operation in working. Instead of jealousy and fights, the feeling of healthy competition will prevail in the nation.

A nation is known because of its people. Therefore when people of the nation will excel, it will directly lead to the development and progress of the nation. Secondly, justice is necessary for reducing the fear in people for doing anything. Proper justice will also be helpful in reducing the crime rates as the criminals would be punished for their heinous acts. Thus, equality and justice are the most relevant factors in making India the nation of my dreams.


I dream of a flourishing India that is free from any kind of differences, crime, and fear. Equality and Justice will help in the ending of differences and promoting education, end of corruption for everyone in the nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the full name of India?

Ans. The Republic of India is the full name of India.

Q.2 When India did come into existence?

Ans. India came into existence approximately 250000 years ago.

Q.3 What was the national animal of India before Tiger?

Ans. Asiatic Lion was the national animal of India before Tiger.

Q.4 Which state in India is stated as ‘The spice garden of India’?

Ans. Kerela, a south-Indian state, is stated as the spice garden of India.

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