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Essay on A Visit to Zoo

We love going to different places for recreation purposes. There are many places that people visit and enjoy with their family and friends. This gives us great relaxation from our daily monotonous routine works. Visiting a zoo is a great means of enjoyment. Isn’t it a lovely place to go? Students are often asked to write essays on this topic in exams. It is difficult for students to write their experience of visiting a zoo in the form of an essay. I will be providing my own experience of visiting a zoo in form of a long essay. I hope it would be helpful to all the students in getting an idea about writing an essay on this topic.

A Visit to Zoo - Long Essay

Long Essay on My Experience of Visiting the Zoo


Many of us love animals. The choices of animals we love are different for every individual. There are many animals that we have seen only in movies and on television. There is an immense curiosity to see these animals in front of our eyes. Children are more curious to see different animals. The plan to visit a zoo would be the most interesting place for children.

Essay on A Visit to Zoo

What is a Zoo?

A zoo is a place that is well protected and is open for public visits. It consists of different types of animals residing there separately in cages on areas enclosed by steel wires. These animals live there and also breed to give birth to their young ones. This helps in increasing the number of species of that animal. They are places enriched with great natural beauty. Animals living here are living in a protected condition. It covers an area of a larger distance that encloses the small-small habitat of the animals in the zoo. It is ensured that the same conditions as of forest will be provided to the animals in the zoo.

The habitat destruction of animals by increasing the human population is the major cause of the depletion of the forests. The loss of the habitat of the animals makes them devoid of shelter as well as food. This is the reason for the extinction of different animal species in the world. A zoo is a large area in the forests that is issued by the government as the protected habitat of animals and birds. It serves for the protection of the animals and saving them from being extinct.

The children are most fascinated with animals. They love visiting the place like a zoo. It is an outing or picnic spot for the people.

The Zoological Parks in India

There are 72 zoo located in different cities of Indian states. They are meant for the protection of wild animals from becoming endangered or extinct species. Animals and birds are well maintained in this enclosed habitat. These zoological parks open for a definite time for the visitors. It is a good place for enjoyment as well as learning. We get to know about different wildlife animals and can see them in real.

My Experience of Visiting the Zoo

I am a nature-loving person. I think nature is incomplete without the presence of different types of animals and birds. They add beauty and liveliness to beautiful nature. I got the chance of visiting the Lucknow zoo as a part of the school trip. It is called Nawab Wazid Ali Shah Prani Udyan. I was very excited about this trip as it was going to be my first visit to a zoo. We arrived the next day at school and were ready to travel by bus with our teachers and classmates to Lucknow for our visit to the zoo. The travel was very exciting but my curiosity was at its highest level till we reached the zoo. Earlier I had seen a zoo only on television or in books. It was a very good part that we visited the zoo in winters because they move around in winters for getting the warmth of the sun. During summers the animals are not seen very active outside.

We reached there safely and were standing in a queue for getting entry in the zoo. My teachers had made the online booking of tickets. We were permitted to enter inside one by one.

Entry Point of the Zoo - The entry point has a sculpture of a giant tree with no leaves on its branches. The tree has different animals on it like monkey, peacock, bear, different birds, etc. A statue of a Lion has been built sitting in the front of the sculpture of the tree. There are also statues of Rhinoceros, zebra, and giraffe in the periphery area of the tree. This totally gives us a small representation of the inner view of the zoo. We had clicked many pictures near this entry point.

Inside View of the Zoo - The whole way directing to the inner premises of the zoo is adorned with the statues of different animals like dear, lion, bear, tiger, etc. The habitat of black dear was situated at first and it was full of many black dears roaming here and there. The information about the animal is totally provided on the board displayed outside the protected area of the particular animal. The habitat of the chimpanzee was a very interesting spot.

We saw two chimpanzees sitting and taking the warmth of the sun. The chimpanzee was making different types of faces and postures that made us laugh. They are very intelligent and were sitting in a very good pose. We stayed there for a little longer time and enjoyed the tricks of chimpanzees. Next, we saw ostriches. They were really very tall as we had seen them in the books.

There was a lane in the zoo that was had different types of birds. I was fascinated after seeing such a good collection of birds in the zoo. They were of different colors and breeds. We saw lions and tigers too. The Lion was roaring and giving a very ferocious look. Tigers were also roaming in their enclosures. They were three in numbers and we could not distinguish between males and females. We also saw three Himalayan Black bears in the zoo resting in their habitat. The white tiger looked very magnificent.

Apart from these, there is a toy-train and parks with various swings meant for the children. We were in the zoo for four hours. We visited the entire zoo and were able to observe the animals closely.

Is Zoo the Place for Recreation and Learning?

The zoo is a very interesting place to be visited. We can see different types of animals in the zoo. We can also see the animals that cannot be spotted anywhere other than forests like Lion, Tigers, White Tiger, Bears, etc. We can observe the behavior of the different animals very closely.

We also come to know about different new animals in the zoo that are unknown to us. After visiting a zoo we feel like spending more and more time watching the different activities of the animals in the zoo. In my opinion, the zoo is one of the best places for recreation and enjoyment with our family and friends. It also gives us information about the different species of animals and birds.


I was very happy after visiting the zoo in Lucknow. We had a great time that we spent inside the zoo. I feel like visiting the zoo again and again in my life. We must observe the animals very silently in the zoo without causing any kind of disturbance to them.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which is the oldest zoo in India?

Ans. 'Arignar Anna Zoological Park', established in 1855, is the oldest zoo in India located in Chennai.

Q.2 What is the difference between zoo and Zoological parks?

Ans. Zoo has animals enclosed in their habitats or cages while in zoological parks they are set free.

Q.3 Where in the world was first zoo established?

Ans. The zoo was first established by Egypt in 1500 B.C.

Q.4 When is the world animal’s day celebrated?

Ans. October 4 is observed as the World Animal Day every year.

Q.5 Which zoo in India known for having African Cheetahs?

Ans. The Sakkarbaug Zoo in Gujarat was known for having African Cheetahs.