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Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station

The quote of Rahul Sankrityayan “Sair Kar Duniya ki Gafil, Zindagani Phir Kaha” is most appropriate for the people who love travelling. Travelling is a great way of attaining happiness. We love going to different places and enjoy the beauty of that scenario along with getting to know that place. What if I say about visiting a hill station? I hope many of us have enjoyed the beauty of various hill stations in India as well as abroad. I am very fond of travelling to different places.

A Visit to a Hill Station - Long Essay

I have detailed about my experience of visiting a hill station. I hope this essay will give an idea to students to pen down their experiences in form of an essay.

How Hill Stations are the Places that give us a Closer Essence of Nature


India experiences very hot climatic conditions during the summer season. This summer season lasts for a longer duration. The plan of visiting a hill station during summers is the best way of making our summer holidays meaningful. It gives us great relaxation from the extremity of the heat of summers as well as enjoyment too.

Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station

What is meant by a Hill Station?

Hill stations are the cities or towns that are situated at little elevated points as compared to the nearest planes. They are the small forms of illustrating the real nature to us. They enrich us with the real beauty of nature. These places experience colder climatic conditions as they are situated at higher altitude. The hill stations in India are mostly ranging from an altitude of 1000m to 2500m. They are the best tourist spots for the people as they are the reservoir of the god-gifted beauty of nature. People also love to visit these places to get relaxed from the scorching heats of summers in the Plains.

My Experience of Visiting a Hill Station

Every one of us wishes to visit those places that we have only seen in pictures, movies or heard about. I always think that people who are already residing in those areas are most blessed. They are living in those places where we desire to visit. I have travelled to different places but did not get a chance to visit any of the hill stations. Luckily I got a chance last year to visit Mussoorie hill station during my summer holidays with my family. It is a hill station located in Uttrakhand. This trip was the birthday gift of my father to me.

  • Beginning of the Trip - We wanted to make our journey memorable and a little longer therefore we choose to travel by train. We boarded our train from Lucknow and it took about 12 hours to reach our desired destination. The train journey was also a beautiful experience for us and a good way of spending quality time with family. After reaching the destination i.e. Dehradun, we were picked up by cab to the way to our already booked resort near the Hill station. We were tired of the long journey so we decided to take a rest for some time. After getting refreshed we made a plan to visit the different places one by one.
  • Beautiful Places to Visit in Mussoorie - The weather was very pleasant over there unlike the hot weather conditions in the plains. We had already made a list of places to visit in Mussoorie. The driver of the cab also suggested some places as he was a native of that place. We first decided to visit Sir George Everest’s house. In his name, only Mount Everest has been named. It was a little far from the place where we were staying. All throughout the way I was most pleased to see the greenery. After reaching that place we saw the house of Sir George Everest. This place is a great spot to view the earnest beauty of Doon valley and the Himalayan mountain range.

Later we visited Lal Tibba, the highest point in Mussoorie that gives us the view of Kedarnath and the other mountain ranges by viewing through a telescope. The Camel road is the most interesting form of architecture. It is made like the hump of the camel and is most beautiful and soothing to walk upon. We also visited the Nag Devta Temple in Mussoorie. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Kempty Falls has a beautiful view with water falling from high mountains.

I wished that I would remain there for a longer time but we had to visit other places too. The Mussoorie Lake is a beautiful place to enjoy. We enjoyed the boat ride in the lake and had a close view of the Doon valley from there. I felt everything happening like a dream. Lastly, we visited Dhanaulti that provided us a great view of snow-clad mountains and valleys. I celebrated my birthday at this place only and clicked some memorable pictures.

  • The End of the Trip - Lastly, we reached our resort and had a delicious dinner in the restaurant of the resort itself. The balcony view of the resort was wonderful. It was the last day of our trip. Time passed so fast that we could not imagine that how our five days trip has passed. We had the returning train tickets for the morning. We were back to our home place with the beautiful memories of Mussoorie. This was the end of my beautiful trip to Mussoorie.

Are Hill Stations the Places that give us a Closer Essence of Nature?

Hill stations are blessed with great beauty and naturalist scenes of nature. They are places that are very close to nature. Visiting a hill station is about getting an opportunity to observe nature very closely. They are the places that are scarcely populated with very less or no pollution level that gives us the essence of the purity of nature.

I have visited Mussoorie a famous hill station that is located in Uttrakhand and is about 25 km away from Dehradun. The most pleasant weather, greenery, cleanliness, animals, birds, longer trees as if they are talking to the sky, clouds at lower height, Camel road, mall road as a shopping venue, delicious fast-food restaurants, waterfalls, scenes of snow clad mountain peaks, high mountain peaks, Doon valley, etc. make this hill station a great tourist spot.

I was overwhelmed by the beauty of that place. While clicking photographs I could not make sure that what scenes I should capture in my camera and what to left. I loved that place as I could enjoy nature peacefully by listening to the voice of falling water, the chirping of birds, and most important the view of beautiful landscapes. I think the hill stations are paradise on this earth and give us the beautiful essence of nature.


The beauty of that place is still fresh in my mind. It had been one of the most beautiful times that I had spent with my family. The memories of the Mussoorie cheer me from inside. I wish to visit that place again and again in my life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why do we mainly visit hill stations?

Ans. We mostly visit hill stations in the summers to get relief from extremely hot weather conditions in the plains.

Q.2 Which hill station, is called as summer capital of India?

Ans. Shimla was termed as the summer capital of India since 1860.

Q.3 What is ‘Park House’ in Mussoorie?

Ans. The House of Sir George Everest in Mussoorie is known as Park house.

Q.4 How did Mussoorie Hill station derive its name?

Ans. The name Mussoorie is derived from an indigenous shrub of that place called Mansur.

Q.5 Which is the second highest point in Mussoorie?

Ans. Gun Hill is the second highest point after Lal Tibba in Mussoorie.