Essay on Global Terrorism

Essay On Global Terrorism

Terrorism has been a major problem in different parts of the world. Earlier it was evident in a few countries of the world. At present, there are no countries in the world that have been untouched by this devastating issue. I think that you all have heard about different terrorist attacks taking place in the world. It results in surplus destruction of life and property. Terrorism not only results in the destruction of life and property but also inculcates fear in the mind of the people. It really makes us think that how people who are also human beings like us can think of doing such cruel deeds.

10 Lines Essay on Global Terrorism

1) Global terrorism refers to the illegal violent act done to create fear among people.

2) Terrorism takes place to achieve some religious, financial, or political objectives.

3) Since the 1st century AD, terrorism has existed in the world.

4) In the 21stcentury, regional and national level terrorism has transformed into global terrorism.

5) Global terrorism, nationalist terrorism, single issue terrorism, and revolutionary terrorism are the types of terrorism.

6) Anarchism, preserving identity, religious issues, etc can be the causes of terrorism.

7) Terrorism is a harmful activity that involves bloodshed and destruction.

8) Apart from taking various lives it also results in the economic loss of the nation.

9) Global Terrorism Index- GTI shows the reports of terrorist activities in different countries.

10) Pulwama attack, Uri attack, Hotel Taj attack, etc are the terrorist attacks in India.

Long Essay on Global Terrorism in English

Global Terrorism is a very important topic for school students and exam aspirants. Students get this topic for writing an essay on this during the examination. In the same reference, I have provided a long elaborate essay on Global Terrorism. I think that it might be useful to all the students in getting an idea of writing an essay, assignment, or project on this topic

2000 Words Essay : Global Terrorism


Terrorism at present is the most highlighted topic in the news headlines. I think that you would have heard and read the news of different terrorist attacks that had happened in the different countries of the world. The entire world is facing this crucial issue and is making collaborative efforts to get rid of this issue. It is not simple to eradicate this problem from the world as now it has spread in different regions of the world. We will be discussing global terrorism, its history, impacts, and ways to prevent it in the essay provided below.

What Is Meant By Global Terrorism?

It is important to know regarding terrorism in order to understand global terrorism. Terrorism is a word that has a vast meaning. It generally refers to the use of acts of violence in order to create fear among the people by the terrorists and get successful in achieving their political, financial, religious objective. It refers to the most heinous act by human beings. Terrorists make use of different methods to generate terror in the people. This act is gradually spreading in the entire world and thus it gets its name Global Terrorism. Everyone or the country in the world is suffering from the tremors of terrorism every now and then. Terrorist acts are resulting in bloodshed, destruction of life and property in different countries of the world. In this way, the particular nation suffers from a great economic loss.

History Of Terrorism

The practice of terrorism is not a new thing in the world but it has been in existence for a long time. At present, terrorism practices have been modernized because of the development of different tools and technologies. It is said that terrorism has been in existence in the world since the 1st century AD. The terrorist activities by different terrorists have been confirmed in every decade in different reigns and provinces.

The Sicarii group that was a Jewish group was a terrorist group in the 1st century. They never desired the rule of the Roman Empire in their country. Thus, they used arms and force against Romans to drive them off from their country. This created terror in the Jewish that were supporting the Romans. Another example of terrorist activity in happened in 1858 was regarding Italian patriot Felice Orsini. He threw three bombs to assassinate French Emperor Napoleon III and 142 people were killed during this incident. This incident had given rise to the formation of new terrorist groups in the world. In this way, terrorism began to rise in the different countries of the world. There are some countries in the world where terrorists take shelter and coordinate their activities.

At present the in the 21st century, terrorist activities are at a climax. It is not limited to a particular nation but is spreading its legs in different countries of the world and hence referred to as Global terrorism. Severe terrorist attacks like the September 2001 attack in the United States of America have created havoc in the entire world. Different small and large terrorist attacks are occurring in different countries of the world.

Rise Of Global Terrorism In The 20th Century- Terrorism from its initiation till the early 1990s was simply stated as regional, national, sub-national. There was the rise of global terrorism in the late 1990s. This change came after the terrorist attack that happened in September 2001 on World Trade Center in the USA. Thus in this way, global terrorism became a challenge for international peace and security.

Types Of Terrorism

The term terrorism as stated earlier is a broad term and also a grave concern globally. It is further classified into different types according to the different basis of classification. The major types of terrorism have been enlisted below:

  • Revolutionary Terrorism- This type of terrorism refers to the use of acts of violence for creating a reign of terror. Such type of violent act is used by the terrorist to achieve their political objective. This type of terrorism is for a revolutionary cause but such people become terrorists for the people against whom the action is taken. Example of revolutionary terrorism includes- anarchist, Naxal, and revolutionary communists.
  • Single Issue Terrorism- This type of terrorism is aimed at a single specific task. Any of the people involved in this act just become terrorists to eradicate a single issue. It is not like genuine terrorism that has widespread objectives. Examples of Single Issue Terrorism include- Bombing abortion clinics in the USA.
  • Nationalist Terrorism- This type of terrorism is generally linked with the national motive and self-determination. It refers to the use of violent acts by terrorists in order to grant freedom and right to the religious, ethnic, or national group in the nation. It is a fight for freedom to overthrow colonial rule. An example of national terrorism is FLN in Algeria.
  • Global Terrorism- It is the most recent form of terrorism that has evolved during the late 1990s. This type of terrorism is linked with the motive of spreading terror and causing damage on a global level. This causes the disruption of global relations in different countries of the world. Moreover, it also hinders the peace and security of people in the entire world.

Causes Of Terrorism

  • To Preserve Culture and Ethnicity- It is one of the important factors that force the people or group of people to become terrorists. This happens when a particular group of people feels that the existence of their culture or ethnicity is totally towards an end. They want their personal identity and choices would never become extinct. This makes them revolt against the political structure for their existence in the future.
  • Anarchism- It is also stated as left-wing terrorism. It involves the act of becoming terrorists because of following a particular political philosophy or ideology of independence. Examples of anarchism are represented by Naxal and Maoist insurgencies in India and Nepal, Angry Brigade in the UK.
  • To Attain Revolutionary Motive- There are many terrorist groups formation in different countries of the world to attain the revolutionary motive. Examples of such terrorist groups are Palestine Liberation Organization( PLO )Philistine, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LITTE) in Sri Lanka.
  • Religious Issues- This issue for terrorism has been in existence in the 20th and 21st centuries. It is represented by different religious terrorism. We have noticed that many of the terrorist attacks in present have resulted because of Islamic terrorism. This type of terrorist group formation takes place when people of a particular religion are treated as infidel by the other religions in the world. Thus in order to make their religion victorious over other religions, the people of the particular religion form a terrorist group start fighting to attain their ideological and religious motives. These days Islamic terrorism has been more popular and prominent in the world. Examples of terrorist groups formed by such activities are Al-Queda, ISIS, JeM, etc.

Terrorism Transforming Into Global Terrorism

Terrorism initially was observed at the regional and national levels but now it has transformed into global terrorism in the 21st century. The people in the 21st century have seen and faced massive terrorist attacks. The criterion of terrorism has become global terrorism after the massive terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in the United States of America. This was really shocking news for the entire world. Thousands of people were injured and many of them lost their lives in this massive attack.

This attack not only resulted in the loss of life and property but also inculcated a great fear in the minds of people. Nowadays people are very careful in planning their holidays and visiting different places. They mostly want to spend their time with their family and friends at home in spite of going anywhere. These all have happened because of the terror of terrorist attacks that is alive in the mind of people.

Impact Of Terrorism On The World

  • Inculcates Fear Among People- Terrorism itself means that it is an act of creating terror in the people by using violent means. The different terrorist attack that has taken place in the past inculcates fear in the people in the entire world.
  • Destruction Life And Property- There is the massive loss of life and property in the terrorist attacks taking place globally. The people are killed very brutally in the attacks and thus this makes terrorism a very immoral act done by the human beings
  • Economical Loss Of The Nations- The massive loss of lives of people and property greatly affects the economic condition of the nation. If it happens in a poor or a developing nation it takes several years for such countries to cover that loss.

Importance Of Global Terrorism Index

Global Terrorism Index is stated as a report that is published every year by the Institute of Economics and Peace. This index provides us with the trend of different terrorist attacks taking place globally from the year 2000. Several factors are being considered for the formation of the Global terrorism index. In this, all the countries of the world are ranked and arranged according to the frequency of occurrence of terrorist activities in them. Thus this depicts the countries that are worst affected by terrorism.

Tremors Of Terrorism In India

India is stated among the nations that are worst affected by the tremors of terrorism. There have been many severe terrorist attacks at different places in the nation that was really shocking. There was massive destruction of lives and property in the terrorist attacks that have taken place in the past. Some of the major terrorist attacks in the nation are

  • Serial bomb blast in Mumbai in 1993 and reported more than 250 deaths.
  • A major terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament in December 2001 that was supposed to be done by Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).
  • Bomb blast in 2006 in Mumbai suburban train by a bomb kept in a pressure cooker and reported more than 200 deaths.
  • Terrorist attack in the Hotel Taj Mahal Palace with 3 days of firing and bombing on hotels, railway stations, and public places. This attack, also known as 26/11 attack, reported the death of more than 150 people (2008).
  • Uri attack in the year 2016 in which 12 Indian Army’s Brigade Headquarters were attacked and reported the death of 19 soldiers.
  • A major terrorist Pulwama attack in 2019 and reported the death of 40 CRPF soldiers + 1 suicide bomber.

 How Globalization Is Linked with Global Terrorism?

Globalization is the concept that states the interaction and exchange phenomenon between different nations of the world. It promotes the exchange of money, goods, technology, and ideas throughout the different countries of the world. Globalization and terrorism are very closely linked with each other. It is because the increasing concept of globalization is utilized by the terrorists to achieve their own purposes. They basically make use of the concept of free-flow exchange to coordinate their operations.

International migration has increased because of the increasing globalization. In this way, the terrorists get support from the communities in different countries. Nowadays, western culture and modernization is becoming more prevalent in societies. This also creates dissatisfaction among the people who believe in old culture and tradition. The terrorists belonging to the religious fundamentalist group take advantage of this ideology encourage people to use weapons for stopping this. Thus, in this way globalization is providing a major advantage to the terrorists for giving wings to their objectives. Moreover, in this way they can cause destruction in the entire world thus promoting global terrorism.


Terrorism that was prevalent before the 20th century was never linked with the motive of achievement of religious ideologies. At present, it has become global terrorism and major attacks by terrorists are done to achieve their religious ideologies. Such terrorist activities are destructing the peace, harmony, and security of the entire world. Terrorist activities are a challenge even for countries rich in resources and equipped with new technologies. The different countries of the world have also collaborated together by the efforts of the United Nations to fight against this serious concern. The nations need to put more effort and unity of people in order to get rid of the serious issue of global terrorism.

I have provided the details of the topic ‘global terrorism’ in this essay in a very easy format. I hope that you would have loved and enjoyed reading this essay.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Global Terrorism

Q.1 What is terrorism in simple words?

Ans. The use of violence against innocent people of the different countries in the world to create fear in them so that the terrorist motives are achieved is termed terrorism.

Q.2 What is the root word for terrorism?

Ans. The word terrorism has been derived from the Latin word “Terrorem” that means great fear.

Q.3 Which country in the world is greatly affected by terrorism?

Ans. Afghanistan ranking 1st (score-9592) in Global Terror Index, is the country that is most affected by terrorism.

Q.4 When is anti-terrorism day celebrated in India?

Ans. Every year 21st May is celebrated as anti-Terrorism day in India.