Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, as the word sounds, is the intelligence created artificially when the machines are made to behave like humans, in terms of intelligence. Machines, if inserted with the commands of intelligence would give 100 percent result, as they are efficient. The human brain may or may not be capable of the same because it depends upon the working of the brain at that time.

Artificial intelligence was born in 1950. John McCarthy was the person to coin the term artificial intelligence for the first time, therefore regarded as the father of AI. It is the process of making computers capable of understanding as a human being, to think and perform and the same is performed by the inculcating the data as inputs and commands.

Short and Long Essays on Artificial Intelligence in English

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Artificial Intelligence Essay 10 Lines (100 - 150 Words)

1) A machine can be made to behave like a human using emerging technology, AI.

2) The year 1955 is marked as the beginning of Artificial Intelligence.

3) With AI, machines can able to think like humans.

4) AI works on the basis of provided codes and programs.

5) AI is making human life easier and more pleasurable.

6) Different programming languages like python are used in AI.

7) AI is making things smarter and today it is used in every field.

8) Voice recognition, facial recognition, self-monitored car, etc are some examples of AI.

9) AI reduces human workload and enhances productivity.

10) The cost and time of implementing AI are quite high.

Essay 1 (250 Words) - Artificial intelligence


Man is blessed up with the power to think and react or work. Possessing the intelligence and ability to respond in this way is different from animals. Intelligence is the ability of learning, reasoning, and problem-solving capacity. When the same functions are being carried out by the coordination of machines, this is termed as artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence - A General Idea

Artificial intelligence is enhancing the ability of machines to make it perform in the same way as human beings. The different emerging technologies are relatively helping in artificial intelligence to excel. The machine in form of computers, mobiles, and other devices is helping aids. The different set of data as the input given to the machine helps it in performing any task. So in a better way, we can state that artificial learning comprises machines inbuilt with human intelligence by developing a set of data or algorithms.

There are many examples of artificial learning. Searching about anything by just voice typing is a smart way, time reducing too. But before the machine gives the result, it analyses too. There are several advancements taking place in artificial intelligence. The criteria are useful in researches too.


Technologies are advancing day by day. They are proving it to be a blessing for mankind. They make the work easier, further helping to resolve a problem in a human way. Every technology has its both positive as well as negative impacts and so artificial intelligence too. It has its importance in different industries and research sectors but can be a curse if used up in the wrong way and can become a threat to mankind.

Essay 2 (400 Words) - Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is one of the advancements in the computer sciences, therefore can be said as a branch of computer science. It is the intelligence of machines. Generally, we do understand the intelligence of human beings, but when the same is depicted by machine, then termed to as artificial intelligence.

The machine was supposed to perform any action on basis of the command given, but if the human-like thinking and analyzing, problem-solving capacity, voice recognition capacity in installed then the same proves it to be a smart one. Human intelligence is incubated by means of some processed inputs. There are many of the commands processed as input to the machines so that they give the desired results.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are mainly two types of artificial intelligence. They are:

Type 1

  • Narrow Artificial Intelligence - Can perform the single task example voice recognition.
  • General Artificial Intelligence - Having an ability to perform tasks like human beings. To date, no such machine is developed.
  • Super Artificial Intelligence - AI with the capability to perform better than a human being itself. The research is still going on.

Type 2

  • Reactive Machine - This machine responds quickly to a situation. It is not able to store any data for present or future use. It works according to the fed data.
  • Limited Memory - This machine can store smaller amount of data for a limited period. Examples are self-driving cars and video games.
  • Theory of Mind - These are the machines which would understand human emotions, there would be much smarter. But these types of machines have not yet developed. Therefore the concept totally speculative.
  • Self Awareness - These types of machines attributes to a better working than that of human beings. To date, no such machine has been developed. Efforts are continuously made in the same direction.

Artificial Intelligence: a Threat to Mankind

Artificial intelligence as one of the developing technology and is proving to be a boon. It may reduce the workloads as well as make the work easier by specifically solving the same. A person might get benefitted from his /her work by using smart technology. Since everything in this world has both positive and negative effects, and so is artificial intelligence.

There are many negative impacts of artificial intelligence. If this technology is used with a negative mindset, it would destroy mankind too. Developing any technology doesn’t mean that we should stop working, they are just meant to make our work easier. But if we forget the same will be left with disappointment.


There are continuous efforts being made in the direction of artificial intelligence. Many of the machines with artificial intelligence are available today, they make our work easier. People with less knowledge can gain a lot of help due to the development of several devices equipped with artificial intelligence. The development of Artificial intelligence can be used to solve criminal cases.

Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Essay 3 (500 - 600 Words) - Artificial Intelligence: a Privilege or Disadvantage


Machines make our work simpler and easier. But if machines are having the ability to solve problems like human beings and give the result then it is artificial intelligence. It is one of the advancing branches of computer science. Artificial intelligence can be defined as a focus on developing various features of human intelligence in machines. These attributes can be developed by means of various data, intelligent algorithms that have to be used as input. At present we are luckily surrounded by different kinds of machines with artificial intelligence, for example, air conditioners, computers, mobiles, biosensors, video games, etc.  The development of artificial intelligence to a larger extent will benefit mankind in various aspects.

What is Narrow, General, and Super Artificial Intelligences

Narrow Artificial Intelligence

  • It is an artificial intelligence which is task-specific i.e. program for a single task
  • Having the ability to perform one program.
  • It is commonly available to a larger extent.
  • Examples are voice recognition, face recognition.

General Artificial Intelligence

  • These types of artificial intelligence have the ability to understand human emotions like sorrow, happiness, grief, anger.
  • Will prove to be as better as human beings at work, but efforts are going on to developing the machine with this intelligence.

Super Artificial Intelligence

  • Type of artificial intelligence, accounting for performing better than a human being at problem-solving and other work.
  • The research process is still going on. No such device has been developed to date. It is hypothetical.

Artificial Intelligence: a Privilege or Disadvantage

Artificial intelligence is the advancement in the computer sciences, towards achieving to inculcate human intelligence in a machine, to make the work simpler. It depends upon the criteria of usage to identify it as a privilege or disadvantage.

Artificial intelligence is helping us with proving aid to make our work easier,

  • If it is accompanied by education helps in getting up with different ways of learning faster, compiling larger data without errors.
  • In the medical field, it provides up with data interpretation for various diagnoses, getting details of different patients recorded without any effort expectation, further helping in proving a common platform for discussion regarding any disease-related queries or counseling of patients. Several devices are also available with artificial intelligence to monitor routine checkups.
  • It is useful in daily activities too, further providing great help to the research and development sector.

The way we are going to implement Artificial intelligence in our lives is going to decide whether it will be a privilege or disadvantage.

The most important issue from the environmental perspective, technology is not environment friendly. This gives rise to E-waste which is not degradable and if dumped, will release toxic heavy metals, causing infertility of the soil.

  • The dependence on the use of technologies relatively causes laziness in human beings. The capacity to work also is reduced along with an invitation to different illnesses. Therefore one must not be fully dependent on these measures.
  • The day is not far when machines will get the better of human beings.
  • The artificial intelligence, when used up in a proper way, give good results, but if the input or commands given to the machine are negative or destroying can lead to cause harm to the community.
  • The technologies are advancing day by day, and thus time will come that every kind of work would be performed by the means of these technologies, leading to human beings towards extinction.


Technological advancements, no doubt are proving to be a helpful strategy in the development of mankind. Today the man is planning to inhabit the moon. The artificial intelligence when developed to super artificial intelligence level will provide immense technical aids. The robotics which is a developing branch of artificial intelligence can have its higher contributions. The trained robots could be sent into the space to get different samples for testing and monitoring activities. Therefore on a total account, it can be stated that artificial intelligence is going to benefit mankind if utilized in a proper and positive way.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by Artificial Intelligence?

Ans. Artificial Intelligence means making the machine intelligent and work like human beings.

Q.2 Who is known as the Father of Artificial intelligence?

Ans. John McCarthy is known as the Father of Artificial intelligence.

Q.3 Which country has the most advanced Artificial intelligence?

Ans. The USA has the most advanced Artificial intelligence.

Q.4 When did Artificial intelligence begin in India?

Ans. Artificial intelligence started in India in 1956.

Q.5 What are the programming languages in Artificial intelligence?

Ans. Python, R, Lisp, Prolog, Java, are the programming languages in AI.