Speech on Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a long public holiday in some of the Christian majority nations. It calls for immense decorations and feasting, etc.

Short and Long Speech on Christmas Festival in English

I have given below three speeches on the Christmas festival of varying lengths for my readers.

Speech 1

My deepest regards to all those present here and respect to the elders and lots of love for the children. As you all know that we have gathered here to celebrate Christmas, the day when Jesus Christ was born.

As you see – this is the beauty of Christmas. Unlike other festivals, those are conservative family celebrations; Christmas is celebrated together with family, friends, and community. Everything we do, we do it together. Sing, dance, eat, everything is done with others.

It is believed that no one should be left alone at Christmas. The celebrations would not be fruitful if there is someone in your community who is left alone and is sad. More than enjoying the festivities the stress should be to share your joy. If you don’t share your joy with others, you will miss the mark and the true meaning of Christmas.

Let us make a resolve today that we would be spending this festive season by spreading joy. Stay happy and make others happy! Feed the poor; donate food and clothes, etc. In my opinion that would be the best way to celebrate Christmas and to make God proud of us. With this I end my speech. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Speech 2

Respected Principal Sir, teachers, honored guests, and my dear friends! Merry Christmas to you all. As you all know that today is 25th December, the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Everybody knows how big the festival of Christmas is and how it is celebrated is. All I can think of it is fun, fun and fun and lots of it. It is also by far the largest celebrated festivals in the world.

Christmas is celebrated in almost every country in the world, with very few exceptions. The decoration involved in the celebrations makes it even more splendid. Everything from the driveway to the door to the garden is impeccably clean and decorated with glittering lights and Christmas figurines.

The whole view is mesmerizing and is breathtaking especially at night. Another more exciting aspect of the festival is gifts. Sometimes, I think that it is a festival of gifts and food. Everyone is busy buying gifts for children, family, and friends.

What more astonishing is that – with everyone buying gifts for everyone; everyone ends up getting a gift! Isn’t that great! Especially the children, they are the happiest. They get lots of gifts from everyone!!

Last but not least – the food. Speaking of Christmas without food would be like swimming without water. Christmas means the smell of sweet bread and cakes flowing in the air, to get you drooling for a bite. I just love the smell of cake, especially around this season. In fact, eating cakes becomes my passion during the Christmas celebrations.

In the end, I would like to request you all to celebrate Christmas with brotherhood and diminish all kinds of man-made divisions that separate one human being from another. The less divisively we celebrate Christmas, the more prosperity we would bring in our houses and to the society as well. Merry Christmas!!

Speech 3

Merry Christmas to all of you! Yes, this is the month! My special thanks to our Principal Mr. /Mrs. ——— and my class teacher Mr./Mrs.——— for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my joy with you all.

We all love Christmas, don’t we? It is a special occasion for everyone, especially for children. They love it because it means a long holiday and lots of fun too. Christmas season involves lots of delightful activities – cakes, shopping for gifts, toys, and of course Christmas tree. There is a lot more that we love.

Everything about Christmas is so auspicious too. We welcome dear Lord Jesus in our lives once again. It’s like a spiritual moment to cherish.

And do you remember how much fun it is to dance and dine with our family and friends around the fire in the dead of the night. Every year I wish that the celebrations of Christmas would go on and on.

Oops! Didn’t I forget to mention a very important person without whom the celebration would be stale, at least for the children? Any guesses there? Yes, you are right – Santa Clause.

How can we forget the mystical saint who comes riding his sledge after midnight, leaves gifts for the children and then moves out as silently as he came. He is undoubtedly the most loved and the most awaited by the children.

Oh my God, there is so much fun at Christmas. Isn’t it? But, there is another aspect of the festival about which I would like to talk now. Friends, every festival has a meaning or a message that it seeks to deliver to the people who celebrate.

Christmas is not an exception and it also gives a message, you just have to thoughtfully decipher it. The message that Christmas gives is that of brotherhood, togetherness, and generosity.

It is an ancient festival, being celebrated for ages. During those days when people celebrated Christmas, they did activities like charity, distributing food, clothes, and money too.

The message is clear – celebrate the festival but do remember to celebrate it together with the community and especially with those who are poor and don’t have resources.

Donate clothes, donate money, share your food, and also share your joy. I believe that though the festival has roots related to Christianity, it is the most non-religious celebration of all. It allows celebrations beyond religious demarcations. It is primarily a festival of joy. Whosoever wants can join in.

This is also one of the greatest reasons for the large acceptability of the festival throughout the globe. Christmas is gaining popularity and is today celebrated by people of other religions as well.

Some of my Hindu friends celebrate Christmas almost in the same way as we do. They cut the cake, decorate the Christmas tree, make delicacies, and invite friends and family over dinner. After all, it is a festival of fun and to make merry.

But remember that whichever way you celebrate; do remember the poor and the needy around you and also be generous to them. Because it is only through the charity that Jesus will smile upon you from heaven above.

I think I have said enough. I know you all must be having your own plans for the day and are impatiently waiting for this conversation to end. So, without taking much time, I would like to end my speech and relieve you of the celebrations. Once again, please accept my deepest congratulations for this Christmas. Please enjoy to the fullest and also help others to do the same. Merry Christmas! God bless you!

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