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Some of us want to reach the sky, whereas some of us want to touch the sky. But I want to reveal the secret of the blue colour of the sky. Many of us don’t know this fact and some other facts regarding different colours and its wavelength.

Short and Long Essays on Why the Sky is Blue

Facts about the statement “Why the sky is blue are given below through variety of essays written under words limit of 100 words, 250 words, 400 words, 500 words and 600 words. Read them and get your needed ones:

Why the Sky is Blue Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) The sky looks blue because of associated scientific reasons.

2) Scattering is the main reason behind the color of the sky.

3) Sun rays consist of seven different colors.

4) When the sun’s rays fall into the atmosphere it scatters.

5) Blue lights scatter the most whereas red remains less scattered.

6) Due to this reason, the sky looks blue.

7) In 1859, the color of the sky was discovered by John Tyndall.

8) The phenomenon in which the sky looks blue is called Raleigh scattering.

9) Blue light has a shorter wavelength and hence gets scattered more.

10) Our atmosphere makes the sky seem blue, even though it is colorless.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Why the Sky is Blue?


There are different colours in our rainbow and all of them together make the world look beautiful. There are some fix colours for many things like leaves, ocean, sky, etc. Now many of us want to solve this mystery that why a particular thing has a particular colour. Actually, our space is so mysterious that every day we come to know something new.

The Colour of the Sky

There is a science behind the blue colour of the sky. As we know our sun rays carry seven colours and these colours when reach our atmosphere, they scatter. The colour which scatters the most is Blue and Red colour scatters the least. As a result, we see blue in most of the places especially the sky.

What are the Seven Colours

Apart from Red and Blue the other colours emitted by sun rays are Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and then Red. And whatever the other colours we see is the combination of these major colours.

As the red colour scatters the least so it is used on signboards across the road. They can also be seen on the back of the vehicle. Because it scatters less, it can be seen from far.


It is our nature which has gifted us such beautiful colours and as a result, the sky looks blue, the environment looks green, etc. All these things look like a miracle but are part of science. Nowadays due to pollution, we cannot see the original beauty of colour in our environment. It’s our duty to protect our nature and earth.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Science behind the ‘Blue Sky’


The colour blue is a favourite of many of us. But have you ever thought where this colour came from? Most of us want to touch the sky, but have to ever seen the edges of the sky? These kinds of questions sometimes amaze me and I really want to know the secret behind. Let’s have some detailed information about the science behind the blue sky.

The Colour Science

There are many colours around us, or you can say you see many colours. Sometimes you would have also noticed that you bought a dress and it was looking a bit darker in the showroom and when you wore at home, you saw a lighter shade. This especially happens during online shopping. Do you know the reason behind it? Actually, it is all the magic of light. The presence of less or more light changes the colour of cloth.

Similarly, when different colours reflect from the sun rays they scatter and with the help of this, we can see various colours. Now the question is why you see the colour blue in the sky? Now let me explain you.

When sun emits it rays and these rays reach our atmosphere, they refract with the help of those tiny droplets which are always present in the atmosphere. Light travels in the form of waves and this white ray further scatter into seven different colours. Among the seven colours, the blue colour scatters the most. As a result, we can see the blue colour in the sky. When you will go out of our atmosphere, everything appears black due to lack of atmosphere. Lack of atmosphere hinders the process of scattering, as a result, we cannot see anything.

Who Discovered this?

John Tyndall was the person who discovered this phenomenon and named it as Rayleigh scattering. He came to know about this in the year 1859. Really it was one of the most important discoveries which explain many scientific reasons behind the colour science we generally see in our atmosphere. Because of scattering, we can see the ocean blue, the sunset in multiple colours, the rainbow, etc.


Science made many things easy for us and day by day the new discoveries and inventions are not lonely making our lives easy but also help us to learn new things. This type of detailed information is also helpful in many ways. Stay tuned to science and it will always amaze you.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – What is the Real Colour of Sky?


It is the science that today you know the world, different places, different discoveries, etc. and one of them is the colour science. This colour science explains about the colour. Suppose something looks yellow, then what is the reason behind? It seems so simple today but was a mystery some decades ago. Similarly, there is a science behind the sky and its colour. It’s not only the sky, but oceans also look blue because of the same reason. The earth itself is a blue planet.

History of Blue Colour

It was 1859 when John Tyndall discovered, why the sky looks blue on earth? But there is a history behind the discovery of the colour blue. The pyramid was a sign of Egyptians and some artist also made small pyramids of glass. As a result, they saw the sun rays entering the small pyramids and it further scattered. They noticed a blue colour because it scattered the most. This was the first time when people noticed a blue colour.

What is the Real Colour of Our Sky

There are many layers in our atmosphere and some water droplets are also present all over. When the sun rays enter our atmosphere, it gets refracted and scatters. It is similar to the glass pyramid case and the blue colours scatter the most and make the sky look blue. Basically, it is a white light which contains all the seven colours.

Light travels in the form of wave and different colours have a different wavelength. Blue has a short wavelength which results in scattering more. For example, you can see the red signal from far, or you might have seen many sign boards written in red colour. This is because red penetrates the least as a result it remains the same from far.

How does the Sky Look from Space

So, we can say that the sky is colourless and it seems blue just because of the atmosphere we have. All thanks to our atmosphere which makes our world look so beautiful. When astronauts go into space, everything seems black, just because of the absence of the atmosphere. Atmosphere plays a very important role on our planet but no one really cares.

We should take care of our planet and should work on pollution controlling methods. Otherwise, the depletion of the ozone layer can trouble us. Nowadays due to some harmful gases, our atmosphere is getting less humid. Which results in lower penetration of light and as a result the sky does not look as blue as it should be. Thanks to COVID-19 that made our environment clean and the original sky-blue colour visible to us.

How ‘John Tyndall’ Discovered the Blue Colour of the Sky

John was a scientist and use to perform several experiments. Once he used two test tubes and hold them in such a way that the sun rays passed from one to another. In this way, he saw that the tube appeared blue from one end, whereas it appeared red from the other side. This made him clear about the blue colour of our sky.


I can say that colours play a very important role in our life and we have made certain perceptions about various colours. Another thing I would like to mention is science. Really our science and technology had made our lives easy and simple. When we get a correct explanation about something, things seem clearer. If it would not be discovered at that time many other experiments would not be performed. Actually, science is all about progress and it never stops. That’s why the blue colour of the sky on earth has been resolved.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Why the Sky is Blue

Q.1 What is the wavelength of the color Blue?

Ans. The blue color has a wavelength between 450 to 495 nanometers.

Q.2 What does the blue color represent?

Ans. The blue color represents calmness, stability, or trust.

Q.3 Who founded the color blue?

Ans. Ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the blue color.

Q.4 Who was the first person to discover the color of the rainbow?

Ans. Great mathematician and physicist, Issac Newton was the first person who studied and discovered the seven colors of the rainbow.

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