Essay on How to Beat Bad Mood

How to Beat Bad Mood

I think a bad mood is a very common problem that we experience in our daily life. There are different situations that result in turning our good or normal mood into a bad one. It is very necessary to beat this bad mood to make things easier. Isn’t it true? Many of us would have tried for this but could not get proper suggestions that might work out.

Short and Long Essay on How to Beat a Bad Mood in English

I am providing the details of some ways to beat a bad mood in form of a short and long essay. I hope it might be helpful to all the students in getting rid of this issue and also get an idea to write articles, essays on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on How to Beat a Bad Mood (100-120 Words)

1) A bad mood ruins our whole day and hence needed to be removed.

2) Bad mood can be improved by doing things that give us joy.

3) Listening to music can help to get rid of a bad mood to some extent.

4) Nature is a good healer, you can go to the garden to beat a bad mood.

5) Sharing your problem will make you feel relaxed and light.

6) If you love children, spending time with them will surely affect your mood.

7) Go for other activities like dancing or running that distract your bad mood.

8) You can sit and find the solution to your bad mood.

9) You can note down your feelings in the diary which will help to change your mood.

10) Memorizing happy moments of your life will give you the power to beat a bad mood.

Short Essay – 250 Words


The mood is the condition of the mind that keeps on changing from time to time. The change of mood depends upon the activities that are taking place in our life. It is obvious that sometimes we are in good mood and sometimes in a bad mood. It is important to beat bad mood conditions as it helps in living a happy life.

A bad mood hinders the pace of doing our work

The experience of a bad mood is very common among people. It may result due to some family problems, financial issues, fights, mishappenings, etc. the bad mood makes us feel angry and depressed. This prevents us from doing anything with proper interest. People with a bad mood cannot do their work at that pace as they did the same in their regular routine. We should try to get rid of our bad mood as soon as possible. It is because a bad mood for a long time can have a bad effect on our physical as well as mental health.

The bad mood itself helps in getting rid of it

Bad mood makes us feel tired and stressed and therefore we cannot concentrate on any work. We keep on thinking about the situation that had resulted in causing the bad mood condition. The act of thinking about that situation repeatedly helps us in finding the solution for the same. It brings happiness to us when we have the solution for the problem that had resulted in causing a bad mood. In this way, it can be stated that the bad mood condition is itself the best way of getting rid of it.


A bad mood is not a disease or problem but is a common phenomenon in daily life. We must try different ways to turn our bad mood into a good one so that it does not have a negative effect on our work and health.

How to Get Rid of our Bad Mood – Long Essay (1080 Words)


Everything seems very pleasant and good when we have a good mood but is vice versa with a bad mood. It is very difficult to cope up with a nasty mood. We cannot concentrate on our work nor behave well with everyone. This makes everything very complicated and it is not easy for our minds to get out of this situation. We have to find out ways to get rid of our bad mood and make our day good for us.

What is a Bad Mood?

Mood refers to emotions that can either be good or bad. These emotions are responsible for the condition of our mood at different times. We can never know when we will be experiencing a bad mood. Even slight problems or small fights can make us depressed or angry. This condition of the mind can last longer which can be a day or week. A bad mood destroys everything and is an invitation to millions of negativity and bad thoughts.

A negative state of mind leaves us with no energy and conscience to do anything at that time. Many times we are at a great loss because of our bad mood. Suppose we are going to enjoy a party and something happens at the party that destroys our mood. We will be losing the great opportunity to celebrate the enjoyment of the party and fun with our friends. Lastly, we will be left alone with our bad mood and its negative impacts. Many times it happens that due to bad mood we miss some good chances in our life.

Simple Ways to Get Rid of our Bad Mood

There are solutions for every kind of complexity in our life but it needs to be recognized. Certain things can help us feel better rather than being disturbed by our bad mood. We need to try out these remedies once when we are experiencing bad mood conditions. Here are some tricks mentioned that can help in soothing our bad mood and turn it into a good one.

  • Listening to soft music – Music is something that has the power of healing. Medical science also states music is a remedy for many disorders. It provides us with a mechanism of getting positivity and makes us feel light. It also helps us in forgetting about our pain and bad thoughts in mind. Whenever our mood gets distressed we must try to listen to our favorite songs and that might be the best remedy for getting out of that negativity. Listening to the songs in loud pitch and singing along with the lyrics makes us remind of some good memories of our life and help to relieve our upset minds.
  • Moving in a garden or open spaces – The view of plants and trees along with small organisms in nature is very fascinating to observe. Garden is a small representation of nature. When we spend our time in a garden or open spaces in a bad mood it will be an aid in changing it into a good one. It can give us positive vibes and make us feel more energetic and refreshed.
  • Share the problem with someone close to you – Whenever you are in a bad mood you can opt for sharing the pain or problems with your close ones. It is said that the agony of any problem is reduced when shared. Not only the degree of the problem gets reduced but also people suggest certain solutions to the problem. This will also make you feel easy and light-minded.
  • Spending your time with small children – Talking to small children and spending time with them is a better way of beating the bad mood. Their curiosity and asking of various questions will take you into another world that is the childish world. It is the best way of forgetting the reason for making us sad or angry.
  • Think of any beautiful moment – There are some memories in our life that make it a beautiful experience. You can think of some happy memories that can be the best way of getting out of a disturbed state of mind. This will make you smile and smile helps in reducing the stress and pain. Smile is a therapy that makes us happy. This method will help you to come out of a bad mood to a relaxed state of mind.
  • Go for an exercise or dancing – Exercise, dancing, and jumping are the ways to trigger upset minds. If you run, walk, dance, or jump it will make you feel good. This will help you in making happier and forget about the thing that destroyed your mood.
  • Go for the real cause behind your bad mood – It is good to search for the reason behind making you sad or upset-minded. Revealing the truth behind our bad mood makes us feel less burdened and happy. It is the way to foster us to address our mistakes or make others accept their mistake that in turn will lighten our mood.

Is it Necessary for us to overcome from the Upset Mindset?

There are various reasons that can make us upset or angry. It can be a bad interview, a small fight with close ones or friends, failure, scolding from the boss, etc. This bad mood is not good for us. Sometimes we can observe that people remain upset for weeks or months due to a bad mood. This can affect their health and mind. Moreover, we can lose several good opportunities in our life due to our upset mindset.

It is we who can make ourselves get rid of this negativity. It requires a little effort but it is not impossible. We can try for the same and make our life happier instead of spending a depressing life. We need to understand that these are the part and parcel of human life. We can easily overcome negativity and bad mood condition by proper way thinking and ending the sadness.


Everything in our life depends upon the way we think about it. If we think positively and know the ways of handling different issues in our life with positivity and practicality we will never fail in our life. We must try the ways mentioned above to get rid of our upset minds. I hope that one of the other methods will surely be beneficial in healing your bad mood condition.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the emotion that causes anger?

Ans. The emotion that gives rise to anger are fear and sadness.

Q.2 Which hormone is released in our body when we are feeling happy?

Ans. Dopamine hormone is released in our body when we are happy.

Q.3 What do people do when they are in bad mood?

Ans. People avoid interacting with anyone when they are in bad mood.

Q.4 What should we do when someone is in bad mood?

Ans. We must give their own space and time to the person in bad mood.

Q.5 Is getting angry a symbol of love?

Ans. Yes it is, because we become angry only when we care and love someone.