Essay on How Can We be Good Citizens

Every nation or society is known because of its people. It is required that every person living in the nation be a responsible and good citizen. How can we be good citizens? What qualities make us good citizens of the nation? I hope many of us have several answers to these questions and many of us would also be curious to know the qualities that make a person a good citizen of a nation.

Short and Long Essay on How can We be Good Citizens in English

This is a commonly asked topic in exams and competitive exams to write an essay on it. Many students find it difficult to understand that what things have to be included in writing an essay on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on How can We be Good Citizens (100-120 Words)

1) A good citizen is a person that understands his duty toward the nation.

2) A good citizen is responsible for a good and healthy nation.

3) We can be good citizens if we follow all the rules and regulations.

4) Helping the poor and needy makes us good citizens.

5) A good citizen will never misuse the rights provided to them.

6) We can be good citizens if we maintain peace and harmony in the nation.

7) A responsible person is considered a good citizen.

8) Good deeds towards other people and the country makes us good citizen.

9) A good citizen will never be a participant in violent activities.

10) Working for the progress of the country will make you a good citizen.

Short Essay – 250 Words


The people living in any of the nations in the world are called its citizens. The nation provides rights and freedom to every citizen. Thus, it is the duty of every citizen to be a good and responsible citizen of the nation.

Being good citizens is the real service to the nation

The nation provides us with different types of rights that are essential for the growth and development of a person. It also expects us to be good citizens of the nation. The work of the good citizens is to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that they have towards the nation. If we want to do something for our nation we must become the good citizens of the nation. It will enable us to do the right things, respect and care for other people’s rights, abide by the rules and regulations of the nation, help the old, poor, and needy people, and make the right use of the freedom granted to us. The act of doing good things for the nation will make us good citizens and will be the real service to the nation.

Good citizens are the real strength of the nation

The progress and development of every nation depend upon the deeds of its citizens. If the percentage of good citizens is higher in a nation the country will have good progress and development. We must always try to work in unity, live with peace and harmony, treat everyone equally, foster the understanding of education among people, and be ready to help the nation in its need. When we develop these qualities in us we can be good citizens and the strength of the nation.


Good citizens are those who give priority to the nation and never try to hurt anyone by their words or deeds.

In the same reference, I have also provided a long essay on this topic. I hope it might ease the difficulty of students and give them an idea to write an essay, project, or assignment on this topic.

How can You be a Good Citizen – Long Essay (1100 Words)


There are many people residing in any of the nations in the world. They all are called the citizens of that particular nation in which they live. We get recognition in our society because of our deeds. Every person born in the nation has some duties and responsibilities towards the nation. This act of being a responsible person and doing good deeds make us good citizens of the nation.

What is Meant by a Good Citizen?

Citizens are the real wealth of any of the nations in the world. In democratic countries, every single citizen holds equal importance. For example- India is the biggest democracy in the world. Every Indian citizen’s contribution is important for the development and progress of the nation. As a citizen, every person in India has their liabilities towards the nation. The person who serves the nation by caring about the people of the nation and abides with every rule and regulation in life is stated as a good citizen of the nation. Everybody can be a citizen of any of the nations in the world but to be a good citizen requires doing good deeds and caring about everyone’s rights.

Qualities Required for being a Good Citizen

The people who are good as a person by their deeds help in the formation of a good society and nation. They are called the good citizens of the nation. The special qualities required for becoming a good citizen are enlisted below:

Enjoy the Right and Freedom Sensibly – As a citizen of the nation, every one of us enjoys some rights and freedom. These rights are granted to us by birth and are meant for our development and progress. A good citizen should understand the limitation of freedom and rights and never misuse them.

Respect for others – A good citizen should have respect for everyone in the society either it is rich or poor. He/she must respect and help the older people of the society and take advice from them when needed. He/she must be polite to everyone. He should not hurt anyone because of their look or status. In a democratic country like India, there is the freedom to practice any religion according to our faith. Therefore a good citizen must have respect for every culture and region in the society. He/she must do anything that might create violence or hurt the feeling of other communities.

Help People in Need – If we are born in any of the nations we are ultimately called the citizens of that nation. As the citizens of any nation, it is our duty to helps people in their needs. When we help others in their needs other people also help us in our needs. This makes us a good citizen of society.

Participate in Healthy Politics – A good citizen must give a vote during the elections in the nation. Every single vote is of immense value. This also confirms the views and opinions of every single person. We know that the existence of any nation is only because of its citizens. Therefore it is the responsibility of a good citizen to participate in the political, social, judicial activities of the nation. A good citizen does not give the vote to support a particular party or a group of people but for the welfare of the entire nation and its people.

Abide by Rules and Regulations – A good citizen should follow all the rules and regulations made by the nation. He/she should never break any rule or perform any act by going against the laws. They must understand the importance of the judiciary and laws made by the nation and must pay tax. A good citizen must go through proper procedure meant in the nation for seeking justice for any injustice or crime.

Work for the Betterment of the Nation – A good citizen is only the one who thinks about the progress of the nation. He/she instead of being indulged in nonsense activities should think about some new ideas and ways that might benefit the nation and people. He/she must make others aware of pollution by giving speeches and conducting cleanliness drives. Moreover, a good citizen should make people understand the need for education in their lives.

Never Participate in Violence – A good citizen teaches people in the society to live with peace and harmony. He/she does this by not involving in any of the violent acts that might give rise to fight. In this way, a good citizen becomes an example for other people living in society. A good citizen always tries to make every people in the society become a good person and act in a wise way.

Always be Ready to Serve the Nation – A good citizen must be a true patriot and always be ready to serve the country in need. He/she should be ready for any type of sacrifice for the nation and its people.

Are we Seriously Performing our Duties as Good Indian Citizens?

India is a democratic nation and every Indian is a citizen of this nation. Every citizen of the nation is granted some rights and freedom from birth. This right is granted to every citizen for their progress and development that in turn would benefit the entire nation. Now the great question arises that’ Are we seriously performing our duties as a good citizen?’ Every day we notice different types of heinous crimes, corruption, violent acts, happening in our nation. If we Indians are performing our duties as good citizens then why are these things happening.

We all need to understand our duties and responsibilities as the citizen of India. We must try our best to be a good citizen instead of just being a citizen of the nation. The honest answer to the question stated above is “No”. The fault lies among us as we are not fulfilling our duties as good citizens. Unless and until every citizen understands their duty and responsibility towards the nation it is difficult to bring the change. It is never too late for starting anything and we all know that citizens are the real wealth of any nation. Therefore it is only we who can change the present scenario by acting wisely and understanding our responsibility for the nation.


The citizens are smallest units of the nations that organize to form a family, society, and further a nation. A good citizen will surely give rise to a good family. Several good families will make a good society and finally a good nation. We all must try to become good people in our life. The good person only becomes a good citizen for the nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which country in the world has toughest procedure of giving citizenship?

Ans. Bhutan is the country in the world having the toughest procedure of giving citizenship.

Q.2 What makes a person to be called as a good citizen?

Ans. The virtue of being honest, respectful, responsible, and true love for the nation makes a person to be called a good citizen.

Q.3 Why is education important for being a good citizen?

Ans. Educated people can participate in decision making and that is the duty of a good citizen.

Q.4 What is the minimum age of voting for a citizen in India?

Ans. The minimum age of voting is 18 years for a citizen in India.