Essay on Why are Farmers Important

Why are Farmers Important

We need food for quenching our hunger quest and it is necessary for our survival. If we ever think about the provider of food that we eat, it will bring the image of farmers in our mind. People living in cities are unknown about the importance and contribution of farmers in our life. Being a citizen of an agricultural dominant nation is a great pride for me to elaborate on the importance of farmers.

Short and Long Essay on Why are Farmers Important in English

This topic is an important one for exam aspirants and students of schools and colleges. I have provided the details of this topic in form of a short and long essay. I hope that it might be helpful to you all in deriving an idea of writing an essay, project, and assignment on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Why are Farmers Important (100-120 Words)

1) Farmers are responsible for carrying out agricultural processes.

2) The food we eat to survive is available to us because of farmers.

3) Farmers play an important role in building the economy of our country.

4) Due to the hard work of a farmer, we can get food every day.

5) Farmers help in reducing poverty and hunger rates in the country.

6) Farmers are essential for maintaining the surrounding.

7) Farmers are responsible for growing new varieties of foods and crops.

8) Farmers play an important role in protecting the environment.

9) The job of farmers helps us to enjoy the modern lifestyle.

10) Farming helps in maintaining climate change and balancing the ecosystem.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Food is essential for the survival of all human beings on this earth. This food is made available to us because of the hard work of the farmers. They grow different types of crops that become the ingredients of different kinds of cuisines prepared in houses and restaurants. India is an agriculture dominant nation and the majority of people here are involved in the occupation of farming.

Lifeline of the agricultural sector in India

The reason for the flourishing of the agricultural sector in any of the nations is the effort of farmers. Farmers are having an important role in every nation of the world. In-country like India where agriculture is the backbone of the nation, farmers are of utmost importance. The agricultural sector is a major contributor to the economy of the nation. It is not possible without the hard work and dedication of farmers. Every type of cereals, pulses, fruit, etc. are grown by the farmers. They work 18-20 hours every day to cultivate these crops and get a good yield. The fields and the yield of crops are the real wealth of the farmers.

Need of agriculture reforms to benefit the farmers

Farmers contribute to the growth and development of every nation of the world. The condition of farmers in India is still not very good inspite of the introduction of new tools and technologies in the field of farming. Farmers are committing suicide every day in the nation because of immense miseries. The government needs to introduce better initiatives to benefit the farmers of the nation. This might help in improving the miserable conditions of Indian farmers. The program for educating farmers about growing of high-yielding variety crops and different methods of farming would also be helpful for them.


Farmers are the most respected people in the nation. It is because of their efforts that we are able to quench our hunger needs.

Long Essay on Why are Farmers Important for us (1200 Words)


India is a nation that is majorly supported by the agricultural sector. No doubt the agricultural sector is greatly flourishing in our and other nations of the world because of the farmers. More than 60% of people in India are farmers by profession and fulfilling the feeding requirements of the entire nation.

About Farmers

Farming is considered as a noble profession and people involved in this profession for earning their livelihood are called as a farmer. Farmers are regarded as food providers for the people of the nation. They are the people who work hard on their farms without caring for the extreme heat of the sun, rain, or cold conditions of the weather. They grow different varieties of crops, vegetables, etc, and sell them at a reasonable price. These food products and vegetables produced by the immense labor of the farmers are used to meet the food requirements of the people of the entire nation.

The Lifestyle of Farmers

The life of a farmer is full of hardships and efforts. Farmers work hard every single day for growing different types of crops, looking after their fields to protect the crops from any type of damage. They live a disciplined life like a soldier, wake up early in the morning work for the whole day, and then sleep at night with tension for their crops in mind. They stop their work only for resting and eating lunch. They cannot relax and wait for their fortune like us. They do hard work without caring about the extremities of the weather conditions.

Despite providing the varieties of food to the people of the nation, the farmers eat very simple food and live a life full of simplicity. They earn the livelihood by selling the agricultural produce of their farms. They receive a very nominal price of their products after selling them. This small income is only the real earning of their hard work and dedication of every year. In this way, the farmers spend their whole life growing crops and waiting patiently for their harvest, and repeating this cycle again and again.

The Real Condition of Farmers in India

India is a nation that is recognized in the whole world because of its agricultural abundance. The credit of this appreciation of the nation in the whole world goes to the farmers of our nation. Farmers are the ones who make our nation recognized as an agricultural dominant nation by their hard work but they themselves are the sufferers and poor.

It is very sad to state that the farmers of India are financially very weak. They hardly manage to get two times meal. We all have heard about numerous cases of the suicide of the farmers because of the problem of money. They have to take loans and money from the money lenders and banks for accomplishing any of the bigger tasks like the wedding of their children, buying seeds for farming, etc. Their whole life is spent clearing their loans and debts. Such condition of the farmers who deserves a respectable position in our society is really painful. The government must ensure that farmers are provided with every benefit they really deserve for.

Why are Farmers Important for us?

Farmers play a major role in the life of every citizen of the nation. We cannot deny their importance in our lives. The importance of farmers in our lives is enlisted below.

  • Food providers of the nation – Farmers grow different varieties of crops, raise poultry, fishes depending upon the need of the people in different regions of the nation. Further, they sell their produce in the market. In this way, they provide food to all the people in the nation. Food is the basic requirement of our body. We need to eat the food as it provides us the energy to do different types of work. Whenever we are hungry we manage to eat something but never recognize the great effort that had been done by our farmers to make that food available to us.
  • Contribute to the economy of the nation – The different varieties of cereals, vegetables, fruits, flowers, poultry products, etc. are grown and sold by the farmers. This greatly contributes to enhancing the economy of the nation. India is already recognized as an agricultural economy in the world. The agricultural productivity in the nation is mainly contributing to the economy of the nation. Moreover, the export of several agricultural products also helps in increasing the economy of the nation. Thus it can be said that the farmers play a major role in raising the economy of India.
  • An exemplar for the people – Farmers are hard-working, dedicated, disciplined, and simple living by nature. They value every second of time and thus complete their every work related to farming on time. If they are not punctual in their life, they will have to face a great loss or damage of their agricultural productivity. They keep on working hard and waiting patiently for the whole year till the crops are harvested. Agricultural productivity is the result of their hard work and dedication. These qualities of a farmer make them an exemplar for us.
  • Self-reliant – Farmers are the food producers for the people of the entire nation. They eat what they grow and therefore are representing the quality of self-reliance. They are self capable of feeding themselves without depending upon anyone else for this.

Is the Condition of Farmers Really Pathetic in India?

We all have learned about the importance of farmers in our life. The fact that the condition of farmers in India is poor is really a depressing one. India is an agricultural fed economy and is getting the contribution of 15% by the agricultural sector in total GDP. The poor condition of the farmers of this nation is a notable point. The main issue lies in the old farming techniques used by farmers in India.

The government must try to disseminate and make the farmers aware of modern farming practices that require less labor and effort with a higher yield. This might help the farmers of India in combating the financial crisis they are facing. The government must announce several programs and policies that must benefit the farmers of our nation. These solutions can only help in eradicating the present problems of our farmers.


The work of the farmers, their qualities, and their dedication to farming make them respectable people in our society. They are happy and satisfied with whatever they get from their farming. There were many great leaders in our nation who worked uplifting the condition of the farmers. In this aspect, we can never forget our former Prime Minister Chaudhry Charan Singh and Lal Bahadur Shastri who made people understand the real value of farmers in our society and launched several policies to benefit the farmers of our nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which Mahotsav is observed in Gujarat every year that is dedicated to the farmers?

Ans. Krishi Mahotsav that is dedicated to the farmers is celebrated once every year in Gujarat.

Q.2 When do we celebrate the National Farmers Day?

Ans. National Farmers Day is celebrated on 23 December to pay tribute to our farmers.

Q.3 Why is the Farm Bill 2021 launched by the government?

Ans. Farm Bill 2021 is launched by the government for the benefit of the agricultural sector and farmers.

Q.4 Who gave the slogan “Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”?

Ans. This slogan was given by our former Prime Minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Q.5 Who can support the farmers in Contract farming according to the new farm bill 2021?

Ans. The businessmen can support the farmers in contract farming.