Essay on How Adversity can Change a Person

How Adversity can Change a Person

Adversity is the situation in the life of human beings that has the power of turning things from impossible to possible. We all would have heard of several real-life incidents that are the best examples for proving that adversity is the reason for changing the fate of the person. Whenever we hear about any person attaining greater heights in life despite adversity, it encourages us.

Short and Long Essay on How Adversity can Change a Person in English

It is a good topic according to the examination point of view and for competitive exam aspirants. I have elaborated about the topic in form of a short and long essay and hope that this might be helpful to the students in getting an idea for writing an essay, assignment, or project on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on How Adversity can Change a Person (100-120 Words)

1) Facing adversity makes a person stronger.

2) Adversity brings a positive change in a person’s life.

3) It helps us to recognize our inner potential.

4) Adversity makes a person a real fighter.

5) Adversity is necessary to understand the importance of life.

6) Overcoming adversity boosts our confidence level.

7) During adversity, people only think to get out of the situation.

8) Adversity can change the mentality of a person.

9) The transformed person is now more courageous.

10) Adversity helps a person to know his capabilities well.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Adversity is referred to as the bad or unfavorable condition in the life of human beings. This is a difficult phase in the life of human beings but helps in making them stronger. There are people who are born with adversity. They start living their life by making their adversity their strength. Adversity can be a part of anyone’s life at any time and thus we should always be ready to accept this change.

Adversities make us realize our real capabilities

Life is full of good as well as bad experiences. It cannot happen that only good things take place in our life. Adversities are the situations that develop courage in us to become strong and face the situation bravely. It helps in bringing the best from us. When we get everything that we desire in our life we never know the pain of getting the same. In this way, we are never able to know about our real potential. The adverse situation is a challenging situation that makes us realize our inner potential and talents. Challenges are important for bringing a change.

Adversity results in making the best or worst

We would have heard many examples of people destroyed because of adverse situations in life. The occurrence of adverse situations in our lives is a normal thing. We need to fight this painful situation and get rid of the same. We can never win this situation if we lose hope or blame god and destiny for this. Many of us face adversity from birth itself but are continuously fighting with the situation to come out of that. We must remember every cloud has a silver lining. Therefore, accepting this challenge can help us to become the best rather than being hopeless and become the worst.


Adversity has been a major reason behind the success of many people in the world. They wouldn’t have been able to realize their potentials without the presence of adversities in their life.

Long Essay on can Adversity Change a Person


The entire world is full of several successful personalities. Among those people, most of them have shared the same history behind their success. Whenever we read about their story behind their success we get to know a sad phase of their life filled with adversity that helped them to achieve success. It is always said that “No Pain, No Gain”. Adversities are bad times in life that direct us for becoming successful in life.

What is Adversity

Adversity as the name itself defines it as an unfavorable condition for human beings. It is the occurrence of painful situations and struggles in our life but is really necessary to make us realize the fact of life. Every one of us dreams of a good life with every kind of pleasure. It cannot be possible because life is made up of happy as well as sad phases. Adversities can occur in anyone’s life but it depends upon us that how we overcome them. Disabled people who are born with mental or physical disabilities face adversity right from their birth. This adversity never resists them rather it acts as a driving force for them to become successful in their lives.

There are many disabled people to date who have considered the physical adversities as a challenge and did their best to bring the change. A recent example of Ira Singhal, the topper of the 2014 UPSC Civil Services Examination in India. She had been suffering from a disability called ‘Scoliosis’ but she never understood this as her weakness and cracked the civil services examination, which is the toughest exam in India. It was her self-confidence and she considered her disability not as adversity but as a chance.

What are the Different Types of Adversities?

There is no one in this world devoid of any difficulty in their life. There are different types of adversities that human beings may face during the entire journey of life.

  • Physical Adversities – This disability can be from birth or physical disability that is resulting due to any disease or accident.
  • Mental Adversities – There are some incidents that disturb the physiological state of mind causing mental illness or stress of mind. It may be temporary or permanent and is listed as mental adversity. It reduces the thinking capability of people.
  • Financial Adversity – This is the most common type of adversity that people face in their life. It is concerned with money problems. This even leads to stages of poverty and hunger.
  • Emotional Adversity – Our feeling and thinking affect our way of working. Extreme emotionality is not good and creates problems for us.
  • Spiritual Adversity – People who do not believe in God or anyone else have to face several difficulties when they feel low or are filled with negativity.
  • Social Adversity – Social Interaction makes us feel good. There are people who deprive themselves of society and live alone. They mostly feel lonely and become patients of depression.

Conquering with Adversities in Our Life

It is truly said that every person is self-responsible for their fate. Adversities are the situations in our life that give us a chance to do something in our life. Adversity never alarms us before coming into our life instead it can occur anytime. Some people facing adverse situations in their life keep on weeping on their situation while there are also people who take these adversities as an opportunity. It is only we human beings who can bring the desired change from adversities. The adversities of life help us in realizing our hidden talents and strength and we further work accordingly to become successful.

Most of us become panic of the adversities in our life and are ready to bear it for whole life thinking it as their fate. It is not true because we can change our fate through hard work and determination. Moreover, the adversities provide us encouragement in our life. This positivity helps us in fighting the adverse situation of our life. It also builds our inner strength of body and mind for facing any type of problems in our life.

Adversities are the Turning Points in Our Life

There are many known personalities in the world who would never have realized their capabilities if there were no adversity in their life. They are the jewels of our society because of their power to overcome the adversities of their lives. Mahatma Gandhi is a recognized name in the whole world. Gandhiji had everything and never knew that one day he would be a great leader of the world. The injustice with him in South Africa was adversity that he faced strongly and this made him shine one day as a great Indian leader and freedom fighter. The adversities are situations that can be a turning point in our lives by our effort and challenging attitude for winning over the situation.

The trauma of pandemic Covid-19 has been great adversity for the whole world from 2020 till date. This situation made people realize the negligence of human beings towards the environment. It gave a lesson to mankind and made gave rise to several new possibilities. Life seems very easy until we face any adversity in our life. It is the real opportunity that has the power to make us successful in our life.

How Adversity can Change a Person?

Adversity is capable of transforming the character of a person. It enriches people with greater courage and self-confidence to face hardships in their life. It enhances the person’s ability of understanding life. As metals need to pass through several purification methods to shine in the same way adversities are needed to refine people’s abilities that make them shine with success. The early life of the great scientist and former President of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was full of miseries. Despite facing financial adversity from his childhood he never lost courage and hope. His focus and self-determination made him conquer every kind of adversity in his life. Today he is an exemplar for the people of the entire nation and world.

Adversity teaches us lessons of life. It makes us brave to handle every difficult situation in our life. The best way is to accept it and live our life. It is good to find a solution to every problem rather than blaming others for that. The way we find solutions to the adversities in our life determines our capability and courage. It can be said that adversity can change a person if people have the power to overcome it in a better way.


We must always welcome the adversities in our life. It provides us the real experience of life and helps us in developing more intellect and maturity. Adversity in the real sense is a great opportunity that helps us in becoming what we are in reality.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is adversity beneficial for us?

Ans. It helps in making us self-dependent and gather courage to get rid of struggles of life.

Q.2 What does adversity teaches us in life?

Ans. It teaches us to learn from difficulties and become better person in life.

Q.3 How adversities makes us successful?

Ans. Adversities provide encouragement that leads us towards success.

Q.4 What makes us mentally stronger?

Ans. It is our self-confidence and optimistic attitude.

Q.5 What was Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s quote for adversity?

Ans. “Adversity always presents opportunities for introspection” was the quote of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for adversity.