Essay on How Art and Culture Unifies us

How Art and Culture Unifies us

The wonderful amalgam of a variety of cultures and traditions is the unique feature of our country India. These diverse cultures and traditions have been attained from ancient times and are relevant to date. People visiting India from foreign countries also get fascinated by the diversity of Indian art and culture.

Short and Long Essay on How Art and Culture Unifies us in English

I think this topic is most important for competitive exam aspirants. I have elaborated my ideas on “how the art and culture of India unify us” in form of a long essay. It might be helpful to the students in preparing for their exams and getting an idea to write an essay or assignment on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on How Art and Culture Unifies us (100-120 Words)

1) The art and culture represent the beauty of the place.

2) Art is a way of representing one’s thoughts, emotions, and creativity.

3) Culture refers to the characteristics that a group of people have followed since the past.

4) Different people are connected to each other due to art and culture.

5) Art is a way to represent our perspective towards the society.

6) Art and culture reduce the chances of social isolation.

7) Art and culture teach us to spread love and respect.

8) Art helps people to better know the culture of others.

9) Art and culture generate understanding between the peoples.

10) Today people are differ in their thoughts but united by their art and culture.

Long Essay on How Art and Culture Unifies the People of India


Have you ever seen a variety of flowers blooming in the garden? Each type of flower in the garden is unique and has its own fragrance and beauty. In the same way, is the diversity of our country India. It is the nation where the people of different cultures are living together and spreading the beauty and elegance of their culture and traditions in the whole world.

What is Meant by Art and Culture?

Anything either picture, drawing or painting, manuscripts, monuments, etc. that gives us information about the people in past, their thoughts, and way of living is defined as an art. The earth consists of several living organisms but only human beings have the power to express their ideas and expressions. Art is involved in everything that we do in our life. Life without innovations is equivalent to the life of animals. Isn’t it true? The magnificent sculptures, murals, paintings, etc. in different parts of our nation are great examples of art from ancient India. Art is something that has been signifying the imaginative power and creativity of the people from ancient times. It is only by the art that we know about the people in our past.

Culture is basically represented by the way people live. It is about the ideas, customs, religion, beliefs, rituals, morals that people have been following in their life. The rich culture of ancient India is represented by art. Without art, the culture could never have been revealed. Art is the magic that helps people to differentiate between the cultures of different religions. Culture is signified by the food, clothes, language, festivals, and beliefs of people that are varying according to their religion. Thus every religion is representing a distinct culture and tradition.

India – as a Nation of Rich Cultural Diversity that Promotes Unity

The different cultures and traditions in different states of India give a beautiful view of its rich cultural heritage and diversity. These cultures and traditions are age-old practices that are being followed by the people in our nation. People in this generation also have been following the ancient people’s cultures and traditions. The religions like Hinduism, Buddhism have originated many years ago but it is because of the immense belief that people are following these religions and traditions along with celebrating festivals.

Many religions like Christianity and Islam have arrived later in our nation. In this way, it can be stated that people living in India are following different religions and practicing their own culture and traditions for years.

  • The diversity in Religion, Language, and Music – India is a country where People follow different religions and speak several languages according to their geographical location where they reside. Despite this, there is unity and understanding between the people following different religions. They live in a peaceful way and worship according to their own culture and traditions. Every state in India is recognized by its own forms of music and dance. It depends upon the culture and tradition of the people living in that state. The people of the entire nation have respect for other cultures and their traditions. It is not the religion or language that can divide us but the love in speaking different languages that unite us.
  • The diversity of Festivals – India is a democratic nation where people are free to live according to their own choices. They are free to follow any religion that they believe in. The country where the people of every religion are residing will have several festivals too. People celebrate the festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. The joy of every festival is celebrated by people following different cultures in their own way. Festivals are celebrated by the people of every religion and hence promote unity and integrity in the nation.
  • The diversity of Attire in different Indian states – The way of wearing clothes is differing according to the people of different regions in India. The clothes worn by the people depict their culture and tradition. People wear clothes according to the region they are residing in. For example- the clothes worn by the people of mountainous regions are totally different from the people living in deserts. People in India mostly wear traditional attire that is having its connection with the ancient culture. This drives in us a sense of unity and keeps us bonded together with the thread of love.

Is it Art and Culture that Unifies the People of India?

Everybody is known of the fact that India is blessed with great cultural diversity. Despite this, the people in this nation live peacefully with love and unity. It is because of the different age-old cultures that teach us humanity, respect for our elders, love, and unity among all. The people living in India are not having hatred with the people of other religions instead they respect the people following different cultures and traditions.

The people living in villages have blind faith in their culture and have been following the ancient culture and traditions to date. People living in urban areas are also having a rural background. The people living in urban areas have become modern by their thoughts but are greatly connected with their roots. They follow all the traditions and rituals according to their culture. This shows the respect of Indians for their age-old culture and beliefs. Students in the schools are taught about the rich diversity of art and culture in India.

They also perform different functions on several occasions that display the beauty of the diverse cultures in our nation. This also inculcates the feeling of unity and brotherhood among the children and people of the nation. Moreover, the government also announces several initiatives at different times that encourage the people to live with love and unity. It can be said that it is our diverse art and culture that strings us together in one necklace.


India is a spiritual land that also marks the incarnation of different gods like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna. Many sainted souls and great leaders have also been born in this nation. The same culture and traditions are being followed by us till date. We are much blessed to be the citizens of the nation that imbibes the age-old art and culture that had been once a part of ancient India.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many languages have been officially recognized in India?

Ans. There are 22 languages that are officially recognized and spoken in India.

Q.2 Where in India the Pushkar fair is organized?

Ans. Pushkar fair is a cultural fair that is organized in Rajasthan every year.

Q.3 Which Indian festival the famous act Jalikattu associated with?

Ans. Jalikattu is associated with the famous Indian festival of Pongal.

Q.4 What does the paintings of Ajanta caves represents?

Ans. The paintings of Ajanta caves represent the Buddhist art and architecture.

Q.5 Which museum in India is known for world-art collection?

Ans. Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad is known for world-art collection.