Essay on Why Are Books so Important in Our Life

Why Are Books so Important in Our Life

The journey of life of man is initiated with a learning process that begins eventually after a birth of a child and is continued till death. Books are a great aid in learning. We come through different types of books in our life. Every book has some piece of information related to one or the other field. Reading books makes our life more interesting and lively.

Short and Long Essay on Why Are Books so Important in Our Life in English

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10 Lines Essay on Why Are Books so Important in Our Life (100 – 120 Words)

1) Books are important because they give us knowledge.

2) Reading books can help in improving our reading skills.

3) Books can be a novel, storybooks, academic books, religious books, etc.

4) Books hold the solution to our every problem.

5) Books help us in developing a good personality.

6) Books are our entertainment partner.

7) Some books are a great source of motivation and inspiration.

8) Books make our minds sharp and generate good skills.

9) Books help us in improving our imagination power.

10) Books are the best guide to life experiences.

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Books are Major Source of Knowledge – Short Essay (300 Words)


Books are the best buddies of human beings. We all must have read different books in our life. They are always with us to help us whenever we need them. It is essential for all the students to develop the habit of reading books in their life.

Books are Major Source of Knowledge

A collection of different pages with information printed on them and bound together is called a book. There are different categories of books like storybooks, novels, subject books, fictional books, etc. There is everything that we can read and find out in books. Books are therefore called the major source of knowledge. We get the most accurate information from books about everything that we desire to know. It is the books only that have tells us about our history and rich culture. It enables us to know everything that happened in the past. Books also teach us different moral values, ethics that help in shaping our character.

Reading Books is the Best Exercise for Relieving Stress

The habit of reading books makes us knowledgeable, enhances our vocabulary, and thinking power. Books help us as our best guides when we are in difficult situations. Reading books is the best way of relieving the stress level in people of every age group. Most people have the habit of reading books before going to sleep.

Reading Books in the Lap of Nature is a Beautiful Experience

Reading is the best way of entertaining ourselves. The act of reading books in the lap of nature helps us in understanding things in a better way. The soothing environment helps us in concentrating and learning things in an efficient manner.


The culture of reading books is slowly being replaced by the internet and e-books system. Books are the ornaments of the library and nothing can replace the pleasure of reading books.

Why are Books so Important in our Life – Long Essay (1000 Words)


Nothing in this world can replace the pleasure of reading books. Reading books is an act of great fun and pleasure. Books are the storehouse of different kinds of information. We just need to acquire this vast information by developing in us the good habit of reading books in our life. Many books contain the autobiographies of the great people that are an inspiration to us. Books are our best guides at different stages of life.

Books as our Best Friends

Books are the best companions in our life. They never leave us alone and are like our best friends. They are available to us whenever we need them. The books help us in understanding the world around us and judge between right and wrong. They are our perfect guide or all-time teachers. We are enriched by several good qualities by reading books. They help in focusing on our goals and also achieve them timely. Many of us have the habit of reading books in our spare time or before sleeping as reading helps in overcoming unwanted stress. It takes us to a different world and we feel much relaxed after reading. Books unlike people never require anything in return instead help us in enhancing our knowledge and creativity.

Importance of Books for Students

The student life is said to be a life full of struggles and meant for gaining knowledge. Every student must inculcate the habit of reading books. Since students are in the developing stage of life. They need to be well guided by their parents, teachers and elders.

The best way they are guided is by doing friendship with books. There are many books containing the autobiographies of some great personalities. These books can help students to get inspired by the life history of the people they admire and work accordingly to achieve the goal of their life. Reading enhances the focus and concentration that is most required in a student’s life.

Reading daily for few hours helps in building vocabulary as well as language skills. Books help students in getting new information, ideas, and facts about the world. The students become intelligent by reading books and also score good marks in examinations. More than helping in building the carrier of the student’s books also helps in making a good person. Reading good books related to ethics and values enrich students with good qualities and thus they grow up to become good and responsible citizens of society.

Why is Reading a Book Better than Watching Movies?

Watching movies is a good way of entertaining ourselves. A movie is particularly of 2-3 hours and finishes after that. It also gives us some moral or teaching but in my opinion reading book for entertainment is far better than watching movies. When we read a storybook or a novel it is more interesting instead of watching the same story in movies. The book reading cannot be completed in a day. It is continued for days according to the time given by us for reading. Reading a storybook or novel brings us a great curiosity day by day as we finish different chapters. We get lost in the world of imagination as if the story is truly happening. Reading books gives us more accurate information than watching movies. It also helps us in focusing and increasing our concentrating power. Along with all these, it enhances our imagination power and creativity.

Importance of Books over Technologies

These days the use of the internet, mobile phones, and computers has become very common. The students find these technologies as a good option for studying but these technologies can never eradicate the importance of books. When we read books we get to know several new information’s but there are many unsolved things. To get the answer to these questions we have to study more. This increases the potential of reading and searching in students. This is a good exercise of our brain and the best way to sharpen our minds.

If we talk of the internet, it does not give us these benefits as all the information is already available over there. Thus it can be said that it reduces our efficacy and potential. Technologies also require the use of electric power but books just need to be opened and read. They are available to us at any time we need but the internet needs data and energy to be operated. Therefore it can be said that the internet is a good medium of learning but can never be preferred over reading books.

Are E-Books and Internet Diminishing the Importance of Reading Books in our Life?

People find it easier to get information updates by using the internet and downloading e-books. According to me, e-books are not easy to be read as books are. It requires continuous use of smartphones or computers wherever it is downloaded. These devices can only be operated by charging and internet connection. They will not work if discharged. This condition is not applicable to reading books manually. We can read the book at any time and it does not cost anything. It does not require any kind of energy source. Moreover, the pleasure of reading is immeasurable. It provides us an authentic and deep knowledge of the concepts rather than information on the internet.


Reading books is a beautiful feeling that cannot be expressed in words. Every one of us must develop a habit of reading books. Books not only provide us relevant information but also make us wiser. It is the best way of getting out of our tensions with a relaxed state of mind. Reading books also enhances the power of thinking as well as writing. It gives us a perspective to think about the world in our own way.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can we define a book?

Ans. A book is a written set of papers bound together and is a great source of several facts and information.

Q.2 Which is the oldest book in the world?

Ans. The Rig-Veda written in 1500-1000 BCE is the oldest known book in the world in Sanskrit text.

Q.3 How does books helps in getting stress-free?

Ans. Reading book distracts our attention from tensions and brings us to a different world of imagination thereby relieving stress.

Q.4 Are books good friends?

Ans. Books help us in getting out of loneliness and are available to us whenever we need them like true friends.

Q.5 Who was the author of the book ‘Geetanjali’?

Ans. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the book Geetanjali and received the noble prize in 1913.