Is Technology a Bane or Boon Essay

Is Technology a Bane or Boon

“Necessity is the mother of Invention” proverb truly defines the birth of technology. If we think about the past years there were no such technological developments but at present, we are dwelling in the scientific era. Drastic technological advancements have taken place in this era and thus we have been gifted with enormous technologies in different fields.

Short and Long Essay on Is Technology a Bane or Boon in English

It is a very interesting and argumentative essay topic. Here is a short and a long essay that might justify the topic. I think it will also aid the students of schools, colleges, and universities in preparing this topic for competitive exams, essay writing, projects, etc.

10 Lines Essay on Advantages (100 – 120 Words)

1) Technology has made our life and work easier than ever.

2) Many human tasks are replaced by technological implementations.

3) Today transactions without cash are possible through technologies.

4) We can save our time and effort by making use of technologies.

5) Technologies have made education interesting and better.

6) Agriculture, transportation, medical, etc fields have seen a positive impact of technologies.

7) Technology has helped to keep the world connected.

8) Technology has also created an increased risk of crimes and fraud.

9) The advanced machines and gadgets are leading to more pollution.

10) Technology is a boon if used for construction and a bane if used for destruction.

Short Essay 1 (250 words)


Technology is the result of the practical application of science. Science is referred to as knowledge or idea that originates in us after observation. This idea with creativity results in a technological invention.

Technology should never dominate our life

Technology has no doubt has made our life comfortable. People nowadays are totally dependent on technology. It has benefited in every sector like education, medicine, agriculture, defence, industrial, etc. The development of computers is a miracle for the entire mankind. In total it can be stated that the advent of technology is helpful for human beings.

The most important thing that we should keep in our mind is that technology should not dominate our life. If we become the slave of technology will totally ruin our lives. Therefore we must bring technology in use only when it is required. The birth of Artificial Intelligence is the result of advancing technology. Its development will gradually deplete the role of humans in the future.

Technology – It is a blessing with worries

Technology is the greatest innovation for mankind. Technology has greatly helped in reducing the time, effort, and energy for doing any of the work because of the development of efficient tools and machinery. It is sad to state that this blessing is accompanied by worries. It is because technology also has negative impacts if not utilized properly. The excessive use of technology results in environmental degradation and that is not a positive sign. Moreover, the negative use of technology can also cause destruction.


It is better to bring technology into our use only when it is required. Excessive use can result in causing negative effects on both human beings and the environment. The peaceful existence of human beings will not be possible if the environment is disturbed.

Long Essay 2 (1250 Words) – Is Technology a Bane or Boon


Technology is a word with a wide concept. It could not be explained in few words. It has been helping us in making our life a more convenient one. Day by day we are being introduced to newer technologies thereby replacing the older ones. It is the modern era and the people are tech-savvy. Technology has become an important part of everyone’s life and thus has reduced the complexities. It is very difficult to imagine our life without these technological tools.

Technology can be defined as an application of science. It is not similar to science but both technology and science are interrelated worlds. Technology is the idea or creativity turned into practicality thereby resulting in the development of a device or machinery. These devices or machinery helps in reducing the complexities of work and make it easier. Technological advancements have taken place in different fields like industrial, domestic, medical, agricultural, education, manufacturing, etc. We are totally dependent upon these technologies to fulfill the requirements of life.

How is Technology Helpful in Education?

Technology has totally changed the way of teaching and learning. The blackboard, chalk, and dusters have been replaced by the smartboard and smart classes. The invention of computers has brought a revolutionary change in our life. Today there are different models and advanced forms of computers available in the market like laptops, ipads, notebooks, smartphones, etc. Teaching has become easier as the videos and images related to different topics can be shown to the students along with teaching. This makes it easy for the students to understand the relevant topic. Teacher’s nowadays can easily communicate with the parents and keep them updated on their child’s performance.

In colleges, students are asked to bring laptops, especially in professional courses. It is easier to carry a laptop instead of a heap of notebooks. Many universities have started online examinations for students. The earlier pen and paper-based competitive exams have been replaced by the online mode of examination. Thus it can be stated that all things are possible because of the advancing technological tools. Nothing could be made easier without the emerging technologies.

Positive Aspects of Technology

Technology has totally changed the way of our living standards. If we trace back to the period of evolution of human beings we can observe that slowly and gradually everything has changed. The positive aspects of technology are enlisted below:

  • Reduces the Workload – The development of technologies has made our life relaxed and comfortable. We can easily complete different tasks in reduced time without wasting our energy. We cannot live without refrigerators, fans, washing machine, gas stoves, air conditioners, etc. Moreover, everything we use in our everyday life involves the use of technology.
  • Saves Time and Effort – Earlier in the offices there were no computers and the calculations and account maintenance works were performed manually. The manual working process required a lot of time and energy. The development of computers has become a boon. Today there are computers in every office and they can store a large amount of data and information. The calculations can be easily performed in seconds. Technology has certainly reduced the time and effort of the people.
  • A new light to the field of Medicine – Technology has given new hope to the field of medical science. The mortality rate due to diseases was higher in the past as there were no such devices to diagnose the disease and no cure for the serious diseases. This situation has been changed by the development of several devices that can easily diagnose the disease. This owes to technology and science. The cure is also available now for different incurable diseases. The researches and experiments are still continued to get the remedy for incurable diseases.
  • Cashless Transactions – We all are well aware of online transaction applications like Paytm, BHIM UPI, Google pay, etc. Using these applications we can make online payments anywhere instead of paying cash. This has been made possible because of the information technology. Cash needs to manage well as there is a fear of theft. These technologies encourage cashless transactions rather than paying by cash.
  • Enhanced Communication – The whole world is at our tips. Technology has made it easier to communicate with people staying anywhere on the globe. The distances now do not matter as we are connected by technology. It has enhanced the ease of business. Business meetings can easily be conducted by video conferencing. Now there is an ease of Trade between different nations by such technological advancements.
  • Made Learning Easier – Technology aids in learning as we can get the information and updates of the whole world just with a single click. The online mode of learning helps in making studies possible for the students of remote areas with no access to schools.

Negative Aspects of Technology

  • Causing Pollution – The advancing technology is also responsible for the rise in the pollution level on earth. The invention of different types of vehicles, air conditioners, and thermal power plants release the gases that are harmful as well as the cause of air pollution. The heap of electronic devices gives rise to E-waste. Overall there are some disadvantages of every emerging technology and it is a serious concern.
  • Safety Issues – Access to social media via computers is a great way to know about the people of the world and their ideas. The use of computers can become dangerous too if our personal information is leaked and misused. Many times the details of our account are hacked and we have to suffer from the insignificant loss. Thus the technology is useful but can also lead to serious issues like hacking, identity theft, stocking, cyber crimes, etc. that impose threats to our security.
  • Decreasing the capabilities of Students – The students are benefitted as they can get any kind of information they require with just one click. This has reduced the capability of searching and imagination in the students. This way of learning is ineffective as it reduces the analyzing and memorizing power in students.
  • Destruction and Warfare – Several deadly weapons, biological weapons, and explosives can be created by using technology. There are some sharper minds who are involved in making these technologies a tool for the destruction of the world.

Is Technology a Boon or Bane?

Technology can be referred to as the greatest blessing to mankind. We have attained a great height in different fields that have been possible because of technological developments. Today our nation is equipped with enormous defense capabilities. We have reached the moon and made a lot of achievements in space technology to date. As a matter of fact, it is said that Excessive use of anything becomes Poison. The same is applicable in the case of technology. No doubt it is a boon for us but it depends upon the way we are utilizing it. If we are making use of the technology in a limited manner it will be never a bane to us but can be a bane if used excessively or negatively.


Technology is easy to be spelled of but has a very vast explanation. Its application has changed our life from nomadic dwellers to civilized people of today. The day is not so far when artificial intelligence will excel and the role of the human being will shrink just as the slaves of technology. It totally depends upon us that how we will be utilizing the same.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which country is the first to launch the 5G Network?

Ans. South Korea is the first country in the world to launch the 5G Network.

Q.2 What is the name of the space agency of India?

Ans. Indian Space Research and Organization (ISRO) was established in 1969.

Q.3 Which country is the first to launch the hydrogen-powered train?

Ans. Germany is the first country to launch a hydrogen-powered train in the world on 25 January 2021.

Q.4 What was the first technology invented?

Ans. The first technology was the invention of stone tools.

Q.5 Who is known as the father of Internet?

Ans. Vinton G. Cerf is called the father of Internet.

Q.6 Is use of technology Good or Bad?

Ans. The way in which we bring technology into our use decides whether it is good or bad to use it.