Is Religion the Cause of War Essay

Is Religion the Cause of War

Human beings are the most unique creation of God on this earth. We all are born equally by the grace of the supreme power of God. Further, we are differentiated into different religions according to the family where we are born. We are classified into different religions on the basis of different beliefs and practices. The history reveals about several destruction and bloodshed have taken place because of the religious wars in the past.

Short and Long Essay on Is Religion the Cause of War in English

Can we say that religion is the factor responsible for the destruction and war in the past and present? It is an important topic for exam aspirants. I will be providing a long and short essay on this topic that might be helpful for the students of schools, colleges, and universities.

10 Lines Essay on Advantages (100 – 120 Words)

1) Today people are separated from each other by following different religions.

2) People follow different gods and their teachings.

3) Religious war occurs when people start hating other religions.

4) Religious conflicts had a great history in our world.

5) Some religion promotes peace as the solution to every problem.

6) It is only people who fight in the name of religion.

7) When religious sentiments are harmed, people attack those with other religions.

8) No religion teaches war and conflict among each other.

9) Many dirty political motives promote war by targeting religion.

10) Crusades, Bosnian war, 9/11 attack, etc are some religious conflicts taken place in the past.

Short Essay 1 (300 Words) – Every Religion is the Messenger of Love, Peace, Unity, Not War


The culture and traditions in different nations of the world differ from each other. It is because of the presence of people practicing different religions. Every religion has its unique culture and tradition. There are some countries in the world with people belonging to only one religion while some countries have people of different religions. India is a unique nation in the world where the highest cultural and religious diversity can be observed.

Every Religion is the Messenger of Love, Peace, and Unity

Religion is a way to be closer and worship the supreme power god. There are many religions in this world with their different culture and tradition. There is a sacred book in every religion that gives important teaching to the people. There is no religion in the world that states war and violence to be the solution to any problem. Every religion spreads the message of love, peace, and humanity among the people of the world.

The Cause of War in the Name of Religion!

It is not the religion that is the cause of religious wars in the past as well as the present. The reason for these wars and clashes is the difference in the views of people and the selfish motives of some political people. The people fight when their religious sentiments are hurt. There are some political people who have made religion cause of war and God as a business. They get benefitted when there are wars in the name of religion. We need to understand the political motives behind any type of religious war and take action accordingly. Also, we need to have respect for the values and beliefs of other religions.


It is a most common habit of people to blame the entire family or background of the person if he or she is wrong. In the same way, it will be wrong to state that religion is the cause behind the religious wars in the world except for political motives.

Long Essay 2 (1000 Words) – Is Religion Responsible for the Religious Conflicts in the World


Every nation and society in this world consists of people of different religions. Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Parsi are some of the major religions. Religion is about worshipping the supreme power by our faith and beliefs. It can be said as the structure of the society where the people follow similar rituals, traditions, and possess a common faith.

What is Religion?

It is very complex to understand what basically religion is as it has various definitions in different contexts. It has been explained by several people in different ways. In easier words, Religion is a path that connects human beings with the divine power of God. It is about the beliefs and practices performed by human beings to worship god. There is only one supreme power in the universe and is worshipped in various forms by different religions. Different ways of having faith in god differentiate us into different religions and each religion is distinguished by a group of people with the same beliefs and practices. There are almost 10,000 religions in this world. Religion itself is an institution that inculcates moral values, unity, ethical values, Laws, rules and regulations, in us.

Conflicts due to Religion

The wars fought by the people of one religion against another religion are called religious conflicts. The religious wars fought in history are only 6.86% of the total wars fought. Wars are destructing as it causes massive loss of life, bloodshed, and terror. Religious wars form a major part of our history. These wars are said to depict religion to be the main cause for the happening of such violence and destruction. Some of the major religious conflicts are Crusades, The Inquisition, Middle East war, Bosnian war, French wars of religion, Northern Island war, etc. At present, the terrorist attacks and 9/11 attacks due to religious conflicts have taken place. The wars took place in the past, happening in the present, and will also be continued in the future. These wars are the result of the hatred that occurred between the people of different religions.

Why Religious Conflicts Occur?

The differences between the ideologies of the people of different religions have been a major issue for religious violence in the past and present. It is the belief that makes people become the follower of a particular religion. People become aggressive if something is said against their religion or faith. It simply hurts their belief. This increases the chances of revolts between people of different religions. Moreover, discrimination on the basis of caste and religion are amongst the major cause of conflicts at present in India and world.

The concept of secularism states that people of the nation are free to practice any religion according to their beliefs. This makes the people following different religions live together. The conflict is sure to arise where people of different religions live together. The reason for these conflicts is the hatred in the people of one religion for the other religion. It arises because people want others to live the same as they do. They try to impose their own rules on others and control people’s thinking. This is impossible as every one of us has the freedom to live life according to our choice. These differences will surely result in conflicts.

Religion is Always the Promoter of Love and Peace

People in the world are followers of different religions. Every religion has some sacred books. These sacred books like Gita, Quran, Bible or Guru Granth Sahib, etc contain the important teachings given by the religion. Every religion teaches us the same thing but the way they impart is different. All religions teach us to live in unity, love, and peace. No religion is a promoter of violence. Every religion gives us a lesson to end up the differences with a peaceful solution.

Religions being the promoter of peace harmony and love can never be a cause of violence. It can be stated with an example- The parents never teach us any wrong moral and habit. But somehow due to wrong influence if any one of us turns into a spoilt child. Will it be good to blame the family background or parents for the wrong deeds of the son/daughter? In the same way, we cannot blame the entire religion to be a cause of religious violence.

Is Religion Responsible for the Religious Conflicts in the World?

Religion is something that is beyond any type of conflict. It is not the religion but the belief of people who are said to be the followers of the religion. Most of the religious wars either in past or present are the results of misconceptions or any other factor like social, political, or economic factors given the face of religion. We cannot blame religion for the wrong deeds of some people. If we observe the terrorist activities it is also concerned with a particular religion but we cannot blame the whole religion because of the wrong deeds of few people of the religion.

Terrorists do not belong to any religion as no religion teaches violence and destruction. Lord Jesus also said that try to win the enemies not by war or killing but by peacemaking. The religious wars fought in the past were more to satisfy the self aggressiveness and motive than religion being a primary cause of war. Winning by war is the thought of the people, not religion. Thus, it will be more appropriate to state that ideologies of people and selfish motives are responsible for the conflicts, not religion.


Religion is used as a tool for arising conflicts among the people of different religions. This is because of some people who are just interested in getting success in their selfish motives. Truly Religious people will never find war as a solution for any kind of enmity. Religion teaches us love, peace and harmony and thus same can be applied to get rid of the differences created between the religions.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many wars are fought because of religion?

Ans. Religious wars constitute to 6.98% of the total wars in history.

Q.2 What was the main cause for dispute in religions?

Ans. The ideology change was the major cause of dispute among the people of different religions.

Q.3 Which is the first religion on earth?

Ans. Hinduism that has evolved more than 4000 years back is said to be the oldest religion on earth.

Q.4 Which religion is a highly followed religion in the world?

Ans. Christianity is a highly followed religion in the world.

Q.6 Where is Shintoism religion followed in the world?

Ans. Shintoism is followed in Japan.