Essay on Who Inspires You the Most

Who Inspires You the Most

We all are surrounded by different types of people and things around us. Among these many of them give us some beautiful lessons of life and thus become inspirational figures for us. I think you all would be having someone in your life that inspires you in every moment of life.

Short and Long Essay on Who Inspires You the Most in English

In the short and long essay below I have described my own experience about someone that inspires me the most in my life. I think this will give you a clear idea about the topic. It might be an aid for the students in writing an essay, competitive exams, projects, and assignments.

10 Lines Essay on Who Inspires You the Most (100 – 120 Words)

1) Everyone has one person that inspires them to take every decision in their life.

2) My mother is the person in my family who inspires me the most.

3) She supports everyone and is the backbone of our family.

4) Her selfless and unconditional love for family inspires me to be like her.

5) I want to be helpful, multi-tasking, strong, and kind like her.

6) Her life and work motivated me at every step of my life.

7) She taught me to be brave and work hard to achieve all my dreams.

8) She works happily all day without complaining and hesitating.

9) She dedicated her life to keeping everyone happy.

10) I love my mother and wanted to become strong like her.

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Inspiration is necessary for motivating us in our life. Inspiration helps in boosting ourselves to do things that are important to achieve what we desire in our life. We can be inspired by anything either it is a person, activity, or thing. Many of us want to become like the person who inspires us the most.

Inspiration helps in changing our lives

We all desire to be successful in our lives and thus we do continuous effort for the same. Inspiration is something that energizes us in the path of success. It motivates us and helps us in doing our best. Everybody has someone in their life that is the greatest inspiration for them. It can be someone from our family or the world outside. It is the characteristics and outstanding qualities of the people that make them be an inspiration for us. Our inspiration makes us enthusiastic about achieving our goals in life. It helps in enhancing our creativity that makes us different from others. It inculcates motivation in us that keeps us reminding about our aim in life.

Inspiration fills us with positivity

We all are aware that failure is a part of success. We all need to have courage and a strong mindset to face these failures in life. It is sad to state that many of us become sad or hopeless after facing failures in life. Inspiration is a positive energy that helps in getting rid of the hopelessness and depression in our life. It inculcates positivity in us and adds enthusiasm again in our life.

Conclusion Inspiration helps in changing the way of our thinking and doing things in our life. It is necessary to have an inspiration to bring light into our dark lives.

Long Essay on My Real Inspiration in My Life (1000 Words)


Every day in our life we get inspired by something or by different people in our life. Despite being inspired by many we all have somebody in our lives that inspires us the most. This choice may differ from person to person. We all are heading forward in our life to become successful. It is only the inspiration that makes a great difference in our thoughts and helps us achieve our goals and get success.

What is Meant by Inspiration?

Inspiration is the inculcation of a spirit that motivates a person to do something in his/her life. It is most important for everyone in our lives. This inspiration changes the way we think about our life. It helps in moving forward in our life by removing all the life hurdles in a positive way. This also helps in making us believe in our own power and capability.

When we observe some good qualities in others we want to do the same in our life. It changes our perspective of living. This can only happen when we get inspired by people or thing that makes us think positive as well as motivate us for doing something. We need it most when we are depressed or sad by some failure or great loss in life. It is the inspiration only that makes us strong again to fight the battle of our life. Inspiration is that idea that can change the lives of many people.

My Biggest Inspiration

I have been inspired by a number of people and instances in my life. Inspiration to me is like a catalyst that awakens my power and ability to work. The biggest inspiration in my life is none other than my family and the person I admire the most is my father. He is the one who has inspired me from my childhood. His qualities like hard-working nature, discipline, sacrifice, and sympathy inspire me a lot. I want to work and become like him always in my life but every time some or the other thing is missing.

A Light on My Father’s Life – A Great Inspiration for Me

He was born in a farmer family and his father died at a very young age. There was no one to give him financial support for his studies. He had a keen desire to study and therefore he somehow managed to complete his primary studies in the village itself. After returning from school my father used to help his mother with the fieldwork. Later he lived with his relatives and completed his higher studies. He had to undergo different kinds of problems and sufferings but he managed to survive with all types of adversities.

He had a goal that he will not return to his village bare-handed. He was a Hindi-medium student but used to learn different English words from the boards and pamphlets he saw on the way to the university. He made a lot of effort to make himself ready for different interviews. He had been a student of Hindi-medium but his fluency in English speaking is superb. It is the result of his efforts and hard work. I always get an inspiration from the life of my father. He has provided me whatever I needed. He never wants me and my sisters to face the situation that he had been through.

What about Him Inspires me a Lot?

My father has a good habit of reading books whenever he is free from his office works. He has his own library of books. My father always teaches us to never become afraid of any situation in life. Sometimes my father has been harsh with me but it is because he never wants me to be down in my life. He has a lot of expectations from me and my sisters. The way he manages every work in life gives me a great lesson. He teaches me every day and is good at all subjects. Whatever he does not know he reads and then explains it to me. Once I was very ill and therefore I could not prepare well for my exams. I was much worried about this but my father gave me the courage to give my best and leave the results on God.

He has supported me many times whenever I have been in any stressful situation. The way my father struggled in his life to get out from the clutches of poverty and become self-dependent in his life encourages me to do something big in my life so that I can make my father proud of me. Whenever I am discouraged, the words of my father make me again ready to fight and win in any type of situation. This thought always revolves in my mind that when my father could make his way through such an adverse situation then why cannot I, after getting every kind of facility. This helps me to gather sufficient courage and enthusiasm and easily face every difficulty in my life. I always want to be a reason for the smile on the face of my father.

Is Inspiration Really Important in Life?

Inspiration is that igniting spark that can help us to achieve whatever we want in our life. It is necessary for making us better and successful in our life. It is a thought that can change the life of many. It can come into us at any time when we get inspired by people or certain instances in our life. It is most important as this brings positive energy within us to do something in our life. Inspiration is necessary for changing our way of thinking. When our thinking is directed in a positive way, our actions themselves take their direction and thus help us in achieving greater heights in our life.


We are known by our thoughts and actions. Inspiration is an idea that can mold our thoughts and bring a change to our actions that may surely lead us towards success. I am very blessed to have my father in my life as my best friend and a great source of inspiration to me.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is celebrated on 2nd January?

Ans. Motivation and Inspiration Day is celebrated on 2nd January since 2002.

Q.2 What is meant by Inspiration?

Ans. Inspiration is the force that makes us do something good in our life.

Q.3 What are the synonyms of Inspiration?

Ans. The synonyms of inspiration are creativity, innovation, imagination, encouragement, etc.

Q.4 What do we call a person who inspires us?

Ans. The person who inspires us is called as inspirer or influencer.

Q.5 What do we feel when we are inspired?

Ans. When we are inspired we do feel motivated to do something that may lead us to success.