Essay on What Scares You the Most

What Scares You the Most

How do you feel when suddenly the electricity goes off and there is total darkness? Have you ever felt that there is someone behind you in darkness and you run away at a greater speed from that place? It is human nature of being scared of certain things. It is difficult for many of us to express our experiences of real life in the form of an essay. We do not know how to start the essay and what to write in these types of essays based on our practical life experiences. Many of us are scared of one or the other things present in this universe.

Short and Long Essay on What Scares You the Most in English

10 Lines Essay on What Scares You the Most (100-120 Words)

1) Although I’m a brave person, certain things scare me.

2) Darkness scares me the most.

3) When I’m all alone in the house, I can’t stay without lights.

4) I never go alone to the darker places.

5) I keep lights on while sleeping at night.

6) I feel suffocating when there is no light in my room.

7) In the dark it feels like someone is standing behind me.

8) I can’t see any horror movies at night.

9) In the dark, my heart beats fast and sometimes I cry.

10) I conferred my fear with my parents and now they are helping me out.

Short Essay – 300 Words


The word scare brings the image of a person with wide-opened eyes, an open mouth, goosebumps, and fast heartbeats in our mind. It is human nature to be scared of several things or activities in this universe. We all are sacred of some or the other thing in our life and thus try to avoid seeing or experiencing the same as it inculcates fear in us.

The thought of losing our loved ones is most scary

It is the fear inside us that makes us feel scared. There are different things that can develop fear in us and later when we see the same we feel scared. We all know that birth and death are the reality of life. Everybody who is born is sure to die one day but still, it is hard to believe this. We never want that to lose our loved ones. I feel that sometimes there are some thoughts that make us feel scared. The thought of losing our family members or loved ones trembles us from inside. I had felt the fear of this thinking several times in my dreams. This is really a terrific thought that makes us feel scared and can wake us from a deep sleep.

Being scared is a hindrance in our life

It is true that it is the fear of anything that develops in us and makes us scared. We must try our best to get rid of this fear from our minds. It may happen that the fear might become a hindrance in our life. It is required that we should fight courageously with our fear and try to face it. This will slowly and gradually prevent us from getting scared.


It is good to try for getting out of our fear by facing the reason of fear bravely. It will prevent us from getting rid of this problem in our life.

I am also scared of many things in my life but I will be enlisting about the things that really scare me a lot and make me still in the form of a long essay. I think it will be helpful to the students in getting an idea about writing an essay on this topic.

Long Essay on What Scares You the Most Essay (1000 Words)


We all would have heard of brave people in the world who are not scared of anything. This cannot be true in every case. Mostly every human being is scared of some of the other things in this universe. We have seen that many people are not scared of most dangerous things but are easily scared of cockroaches or rats or ants. Isn’t it funny to hear this? But it is true.

How do We Get Scared?

A person is generally scared if he or she is in a state of fear with anything. Fear is something that arises in our mind through our imaginations. There is one or another thing that appears to us as dangerous or most scary. It is the emotions resulting from the illogical imagination of our mind. Everybody in this world is surrounded by several types of fears. These fears are connected with our daily life but there are some factors that scare us the most. It can happen that on being introduced to those things we are nervous and getting goosebumps. You might be thinking that how can a person be scared by so many things. It is all true and therefore I am sharing this experience with you all.

My Experiences of being Scared

It is not only one thing that scares me the most in my life but I am scared for certain things in my life. This fear sometimes makes me nervous or depressed but there are some things that I scare of the most. I am most scared of darkness, horror stories and movies, tales of evil souls, water, and hospitals. Among all these, I am most scared of darkness and reptiles.

  • Fear from Darkness – I am very much scared of darkness (Nyctophobia). Due to this I never switch off the lights of my room while sleeping. If suppose the light is closed by someone while I am sleeping. It is the most terrible situation for me as I feel suffocation. My heartbeat is fastened as if there is something behind me or below my bed. I have been through this many times till now. I also had shouted in fear many times in the night when electricity vanishes and I wake up suddenly.
  • Fear from Spirits and Horror Movies – I get goosebumps just by the horror and ghost stories. Whenever I used to see some horror movies with my friends and watch the whole movie by closing my eyes on the appearance of the evil spirits in the movies. That night I would not sleep peacefully as I felt the existence of the characters of the movies nearby my bed.
  • Fear from Rivers – I am really fearful of the water bodies and their depth. The fear from water is because I think that there might be some fish, snake or insect inside the water. As soon as I will place my hand or leg in the water body I might get them on my legs and hands as well. This fear shakes me from inside and therefore I am scared of swimming or putting my hands or legs in the water body.
  • Fear from Reptiles – I am most scared of reptiles. It is because of them that I Love winter as my favorite season. In this season reptiles are nowhere seen in the room or walls. I am such scared of this tiny animal that I can’t bear living in the room where it is there. I fear the thought that they can fall at any time on me and this makes me frightened. I keep the doors and windows of my room closed most of the time. During summers even after hot temperatures I never open the net windows and keep them closed tightly. Many times it had happened that I could not sleep as I am afraid of darkness as well as reptiles too. The reptiles are directed towards the light of the bulb and this creates the most unusual situation for me as I need to close the bulb for making the lizard go out of the room but at the same time, I cannot survive with no light.
  • Fear from Dead Bodies – I have a great fear from the spirits and therefore I am scared of the dead bodies. Especially I fear going to the hospitals as many people die there and I may see the dead body. If I see the dead body by mistake I could not sleep the whole night as it seems that the same person is standing in front of me or is there somewhere in the room. This thought is the result of my imagination that really terrifies me and gives me goosebumps.

Is it Possible to Get Rid of the Fear that Makes us Most Scared?

The main reason for getting scared is the fear that is developed in us regarding anything. This arises in us when we imagine it. It is not very easy to overcome our fear from everything at the same time but we can try for the same. It requires the proper understanding and gaining information about the things that we fear from. A greater understanding and power to face that thing, in reality, makes us brave. It is only the right way of getting rid of our numerous fears from different things. Greater confidence and a positive attitude will slowly and gradually reduce the fear of the mind. Meditation is the best way to get out of the fear and become natural.


I hope every one of you might be scared of something in your life. The fearful thoughts about anything make us scared. We must develop some ways to put out these thoughts from our minds that make us frightened. Scariness is a great hindrance in our life as it stops us from doing things that we want to do in our life. Sometimes these fears that make us scared might lead to some mental illness or problem. We should consult doctors or take advice from our elders for getting out of this trauma.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What do we call to the people who get easily scared?

Ans. The people who get easily scared are called as ‘Coward’.

Q.2 Which hormone is produced in our body when we are scared?

Ans. The hormone ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘Epinephrine’ is secreted when we are scared.

Q.3 What is the best way to get rid of our fear?

Ans. The best way to get rid of fear is to be optimistic and thinking in a positive way.

Q.4 What is Arachnophobia?

Ans. Arachnophobia is the term for the fear from the spiders.

Q.5 Why do we have nightmares?

Ans. Stress and anxiety are the major cause of having nightmares that can be scary or good.