Essay on What Makes a Good Leader

What makes a Good Leader

The struggle for independence in India had been a very difficult time for the nation. It’s starting from the revolt of 1857 till the independence of India from British rule. Focusing on this history a significant question arises in our minds. Had it been possible without the presence of good leaders? The answer to this question is “No”. There have been good leaders in this whole world in past and are in present as well as will also be in the future.

Short and Long Essay on What makes a Good Leader in English

10 Lines Essay on What makes a Good Leader (100-120 Words)

1) A good leader is necessary to shape the country and guide its people.

2) A good leader must be responsible for his duties.

3) Good communication is necessary for being a good leader.

4) A good leader must be an honest and hard worker.

5) A leader must be energetic enough to provoke people.

6) Focused and determined toward the aim makes a good leader.

7) Hope and positivity can turn a person into a good leader.

8) A good leader must be brave and daring.

9) Skills like good ambition and dedication make a good leader.

10) A good leader must listen to his people and be capable to bring a change.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Leadership is an essential quality that is required for the development and progress of people in every field. Everywhere either in offices, schools, companies, government, etc. we need a leader who would guide us and give us a proper direction of working. Good communication, responsibility, perseverance, honesty, and integrity are some of the qualities that make a good leader. It is necessary that when we chose our leader we must look for these qualities in them.

Good leaders have the ability to bring the change

Leadership is a quality that is not present in everyone. There are few people among us who possess the leadership qualities and thus they can become leaders. It is not necessary that every leader is a good leader. Good leaders are ones who can make things happen. There were many social evils in India like child marriage and sati system in past. It would be impossible to eradicate these without the effort of good leaders in the nation. Good leaders believe in doing what they say. They work on it till they become successful in their mission. This quality of good leaders inspires others to become like them.

A good leader is different from just being a leader

A leader is one who can motivate others and lead a group of people or organization. It is different to be a good leader than just being a leader. It is because a good leader does not only influence us but makes us realize our capabilities. It helps us in giving our best. Mahatma Gandhi did not say anyone to follow him but his deeds and concepts of life influenced other people and they got inspired by him. Good leaders prove themselves by working instead of boasting.


Good leaders are the dire need of every sector in the world. They always believe in doing their best to get success and happiness.

A long essay on this topic will help the students in getting an idea about writing an essay, project, or assignment on this topic. I hope that you will find it an enlightening one as I have tried my best to put up my ideas about what makes a person become a good leader.

Long Essay on Qualities that make a Good Leader (1000 Words)


Everywhere in this world, there is a need for a good leader in every field. We have seen people easily following others like sheep. A leader is somebody that is like us and is from the normal people only. He is the torchbearer and shows the light to others. His distinct qualities and way of working make him/her a good leader.

What is meant by a Good Leader?

Leadership requires an ability to influence others by our good deeds and generating trust among the people. A leader is one who can lead the masses. There is a leader inside everyone of us. The main thing is that we need to realize about the same. The one who realizes the presence of these qualities in them can become a good leader. There have been many leaders but all of them could not be a good leader. A good leader is capable of bringing the change and is successful in achieving their goal.

Continuous effort and imbibing of certain good qualities make a person become a good leader. It is not that these things are present in an individual from birth but it needs to be practiced in life by a leader to become a good leader. It is because of the good leaders only that the different organizations and industries are at the great height of success in this world. Moreover, certain social evils and discrimination in the whole world have been ended up by the significant effort of great leaders.

Qualities that make a Good Leader

Every leader cannot be a good leader. There are certain characteristics that a person should posses to become a good leader and influence the masses. They are enlisted below:

  • Energetic – Good leaders must have a lot of enthusiasm for their work. This will make the people of his team to work in a more efficient way. If the goal of the team is achieved the final goal of the leader is also achieved. The people are ready to work with a person full of enthusiasm and dedication for his work. This energy only motivates them to follow the order of their leader and do their best.
  • Focused – A good leader needs to have total focus on his aim. We know that there are different types of problems arising in the work we do. A focused leader can only find out the solution to these problems. It is because the main aim of the leader is to maintain clarity for his goal and make the team to work accordingly to get success in achieving their goal.
  • Responsibility – It is important for a good leader to be responsible in every situation. A good leader never sets back to take any kind of responsibility. They are ready to accept the failure without blaming others and work upon that so that they can turn it out into success. They do not have the habit of making excuses. This attribute of the leader makes the team to inculcate that quality in them too.
  • Ambitious – A good leader should be ambitious in his life. The ambitious nature of the leader will also motivate the team for having a keen desire to accomplish their goals. It is the power that makes the leader to become successful in attaining his goal. Without ambition, nothing is possible as it acts as a driving force in achieving success.
  • Good Communication – It is the most important attribute that a good leader must have. Communication can only make the people of the team to understand the goal, its concept, and the way to work in an easy way. The good communication skill of the leader will make his team work in a better way without the occurrence of any kind of misunderstanding.
  • Optimistic – A good leader should always be hopeful and full of positivity. They need to cheer up their team and appreciate them for their work without any biases. It makes the environment full of positivity. This also initiates positivity in the team members and raises their confidence and working capacity throughout. Thus the optimistic attitude will drive the leader towards the path of success.
  • Inspirational – A good leader must be an inspiration for others. A leader to become an inspiration needs to imbibe the change that he wants to see in others. Before giving advice or lesson he should be following the same in his life. When leaders are following whatever they say people get inspired by them and this helps in making a leader to become a good leader.
  • Willingness to learn and change – We all know that no one is perfect in this world. A good leader must always be ready to accept the change and learn about new things in life.

Relevant Examples of Good Leaders in the World

  • Nelson Mandela – The first black president of South-Africa and leader of the Anti-apartheid movement. This fight was for ending up racial discrimination in the nation. Though he had to face many adversities the good leadership made him successful in eradicating racial discrimination in South Africa.
  • Mahatma Gandhi – I think no one is unknown by this name. He sets an example for the whole world because of his good leadership qualities. A man with non-violence and honesty as his weapon and abided by his principles was path director for the masses. This ability of Mahatma Gandhi helped in making India an Independent nation.

Is it Necessary for Leaders to Work on their Leadership Qualities for becoming a Good Leader?

It is always said that ‘Winners are not born differently instead they work differently’. This makes them different from other people. In the same way, many people can become a leader but a good leader need to inculcate qualities like honesty, responsibility, enthusiasm, empathy, determination, etc. for becoming a good leader. This requires a lot of effort to become a good leader. Everyone cannot become a good leader unless they work in their own way. This different way of working makes them become the exemplar for the masses.


It is not very easy to become a good leader. The people who can do something by going out of the way can become an example for others. They are great leaders and become successful in achieving the goals of their life. They are the guiding hopes for the people in all situations of life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the role of a leader?

Ans. The role of a leader is to influence and guide a group of people having common goals.

Q.2 What is meant by a Born Leader?

Ans. The leader having the innate capability to manage and influence people for the accomplishment of a goal is a born leader.

Q.3 What are two attributes for becoming an effective leader?

Ans. The attributes for becoming an effective leader are an Initiator and optimistic.

Q.4 What does a good leader do?

Ans. A good leader influences others to do the right things in life.

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