Essay on What makes me Happy

What makes me Happy

The word happiness when comes to our mind displays the images of a smiling or a laughing face in front of us. Isn’t it true? This is the fact that no one in this world wants to be sad. We all are in search of happiness. The way of finding happiness is different in every person in this universe. There are many things in this world that bring smiles and satisfaction to the face of people.

Short and Long Essays on What makes me Happy in English

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10 Lines Essay on What makes me Happy (100 – 120 Words)

1) The thing that gives people enjoyment and pleasure makes them happy.

2) Listening to music makes me happy.

3) I love music and also sing very well.

4) Music gives me peace and relaxation.

5) When I feel bored or alone, music becomes my partner.

6) Music soothes my mind and improves my mood.

7) I feel energetic on listening to my favorite music.

8) Music is a great way to keep me motivated.

9) Music makes me happy even when I am full of anger.

10) Music and musical instruments give me internal joy and happiness.

Short Essay – 300 Words


Happiness is referred to as a good state of mind and body. People often smile, sing, and dance when they are happy. The perspective of happiness is different for everyone in this world. We all must try to find out and note down the things that can make us happy. We can do those things for getting happiness whenever we are in a bad mood or sad.

Happiness lies in enjoying small things in life

It is presumed that happiness lies in doing big things. Many of us think that earning a lot of money and holding a nice position is necessary for getting happiness. It is true that success brings happiness but it does not mean that it is only the way to be happy. In reality, happiness lies in enjoying small-small things in our life. The happiness that we get by doing these things is a very beautiful experience. I feel happy when I help my mother in her kitchen work, water the plants, eat my favorite dish, go for a walk, listen to music, play with pets, spend time with family, gossip with friends, etc. We need to find ways of getting happy instead of waiting for it to come by itself.

The beauty of nature and melody of music enhances the feeling of happiness

We must try to listen to music or feel the beauty of nature when we are happy. Happiness is enhanced when enjoyed in nature with the melody of music. Music has the power to reduce the pain of sadness. We have often noticed that people listen to music when they are very sad or depressed. It helps them in ending the pain of their sorrow and makes them feel better.


The best way to keep ourselves stress-free is to be happy. Therefore we must try to find ways to be happy and make others happy too.

In the long essay, I will be sharing some important things in my life that provide happiness to me. I hope that you all would be having such experiences in your life too. This essay will be an aid to the students in getting an idea about writing an essay, assignment, or project on this topic.

Essay on Things that make me Happy – Long Essay (1000 Words)


Life involves both, sometimes happiness and sometimes sadness. One can never be always happy or sad in their life. Happiness is always followed by sadness. Becoming happy is not very difficult but depends totally upon our perceptions. We can be happy by a number of activities like traveling, reading, shopping, cooking, etc. Our mind is full of excitement and satisfaction when we are happy and this really gets depicted on our faces.

What is Happiness?

Happiness is about getting inner satisfaction and well being of body and mind. Happiness is certainly a great feeling. It is expressed in the form of joy, excitement, pride, gratitude, etc. We all are doing some or the other thing in our lives. Everything we do in our life is only to attain happiness. I think nobody ever does anything to be sad or unhappy. When we are happy everything around us seems to be happy with us. Nothing in this world can be as beautiful as we feel when we are happy. This happiness can be gained because of numerous things in our life.

Happiness makes us optimistic as the negativity in our mind is the exchange by positive thoughts. This positive attitude makes us more enthusiastic and determined for our goals in life. Happiness is also a key to good health and success in our life.

Things that make me Happy

I strongly believe in the idea of simple living and high thinking. When it comes to the question that what makes me feel happy I am really confused. It is because I find my happiness in very small-small things in life. It will be very difficult to enlist those entire things that make me happy but I will be enlisting few important things that provide greater happiness to me.

  • My Family – Our Parents are the most precious gift by god to us on the earth. According to me, I have never seen god and therefore my parents on this earth are the form of god for me. The quality time that I spend with my family members makes me feel most happy. The intense care and love they provide us are incomparable to anything in this world. Many of the time when my parents are facing some problems or are tensed, it is also depicted on my face too. The smiling faces of my parents make me happy.
  • Some Voluntary Deeds – I used to feed dogs when I was 5 years old. Since then it came into my habit to feed the dogs and cows roaming on the roads. The day I could not feed makes me sad and worried. I find great pleasure in feeding them. I also keep some grains and water in a small bowl on my roof every day to feed and quench the thirst of the birds. This deed makes me happy and I love doing this daily.

I along with some neighborhood friends teach the poor students living nearby our colony. We teach them free of cost. I have learned about this thing from my school. In my school, some of the teachers were said to take evening classes for the poor students without any fee and therefore I thought of starting this work near my house too. This work gives me inner satisfaction that I am going a good job. The happiness that I get in this work cannot be expressed in words.

  • The Beauty of Nature with Music – I love enjoying the beauty of nature with music. The trees, birds, small animals, and their activities make me happy. Music is something that heals my every pain of life. During the morning and evening walks, I feel very happy as I am connected with nature along with the music. It is a great joy to watch the activities in nature with the melodies music. As I am fond of singing so many times I sing because of joy and excitement in my garden. I have visited and love going to the places like waterfalls, wildlife parks, and sanctuaries, and to my village. These places make me closer and connected to Mother Nature and provide immense happiness to me.

Is it Necessary to Gain Wealth and Success to be Happy in Life?

Happiness is about the feeling or emotion of the mind. We can be happy with different things in our life. It is totally a misconception that wealth and success are necessary for being happy. If it would be true then the richest people in this world would only be the happiest ones. We can find happiness in our daily routine life with very small things. It totally depends upon us to search out reasons for becoming happy in our life. Happiness arises from the things that we love to do in our life. It can never be bought with money as many times we see that even after having everything in life people are not happy. It is because they are not having those things in life they love to do or far from things that provide them the happiness.

We can find happiness in every moment we live our life. We can say that when we are happy it is easy for us to be directed towards our goal and get success in life. As positive thoughts will make you more enthusiastic and determined for your aim. It will drag every type of negativity from your mind. Success and wealth are about what have we achieved in our life but happiness is something that is felt.


Happiness lies in accepting the truth of our life and living it most gracefully by enjoying every moment of life. There will be some moments created that will make us feel happy. We love and like to live our life by doing the things that make us happy or reside with ones that make our lives a happier one. It helps in getting a peaceful mind and a healthy body. We are also enriched with positive thoughts when we are happy. It is the most beautiful feeling in this universe.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions

Q.1 What does it mean to be happy?

Ans. It simply means getting rid of sadness and gaining the satisfaction of mind and body.

Q.2 What is the most powerful emotion?

Ans. The most powerful emotion is love that ultimately makes us happy.

Q.3 Which country holds the honor of the happiest country in the world?

Ans. According to the World Happiness Report 2020, Finland is the happiest country in the world.

Q.4 When is the International Day of Happiness celebrated?

Ans. The International Day of Happiness is celebrated on 20th March every year since 2013.

Q.5 What is the ranking of India in World Happiness Report 2020?

Ans. India is ranked at 144th happiest country among 156 countries in the World Happiness Report 2020.