Essay on What Makes America Great

What makes America Great

We are talking about the nation that holds the honor of being the most powerful nation in the world. No doubt it is America. When we are said to write an essay about a nation that is not the one we are residing in, it seems very interesting. It helps us to know about the culture, tradition and different important things in that nation.

Short and Long Essay on What makes America Great in English

10 Lines Essay on What makes America Great (100-120 Words)

1) America is one of the most powerful countries in the world.

2) The lower corruption rate makes America great.

3) In America all rights are equally granted to the people of the country.

4) As compared to other countries, America encounters a low crime rate.

5) Another specialty of America is that people are not discriminated against on any basis.

6) Developed and advanced medical facilities make America great.

7) America offers a good education system which contributes to the country’s development.

8) America provides people the right to freedom which makes it a great country.

9) America also possesses good tour and tourism spots.

10) America is full of opportunities that make it a great country.

Short Essay – 250 Words


This entire world is composed of different countries. Every country has its own beauty and special attributes. Whenever we compare any nation in the world we mostly compare it by America. America the most powerful nation in the world is characterized because of its greatness. There are some specific features that make America a great nation in the world.

America – A nation having less corruption in power

There is very little corruption in the political system in America. Every scheme and policies launched by the government are very well implemented in the nation. This is the reason for the progress and development of the nation in every field. The funds given by the government are properly utilized in the nation for its betterment. The systematic working of the responsible ministries without corruption is the reason for the progress of the education and medical sector in the nation.

The lessening of poverty and crime rate in the nation

America is stated as a developed country in the world. The people of America get different opportunities without discrimination on any grounds. The nation provides equal rights to its each and every citizen. Every person has the freedom to do anything that he\she desires. Therefore most of the people in the nation are employed and earn a good amount of money. This reduces the poverty rate in the nation. The crime rate is also very less in America as compared to other countries in the world. The less availability of resources, money, opportunities are the main reasons for the rising crime rate in any of the nations. Moreover, women enjoy equal status and opportunities as men in America.


The greatness of America makes this nation a better and safe place for its citizens. It is because of the greatness of this nation that it is a dream nation for many people in the world.

We all are well aware of the wonderful nation called America but when we have to write about its greatness it becomes difficult for many of the students. Here I am describing the greatness of this nation in form of a long essay. I hope that this essay might be an aid to the students to get an idea to express their views on this topic.

Attributes that make America a Great Nation – Long Essay (1100 Words)


We have heard many people and students saying about having a keen desire to shift in America for a bright future. America is a dream nation for many of us. The students are most interested in going to America for studying and making their carrier and future a bright one. It is the greatness of this nation that makes it as a nation we aspire to live.

The Country: America

The United States of America or America majorly indicates about the portion of North America. America consists of both south and north America. It is situated in the western hemisphere of the earth and is occupying the greater part of this hemisphere. The people residing in this nation majorly follow the religion of Christianity. The country attained its independence on 4 July 1776 from Great Britain. Different languages are spoken but Spanish is the most widely spoken language in America.

New York is the largest city and the financial capital of America. It is a country where football, baseball, and basketball sports are played most popularly. The currency of America is Dollar. The nation is provided with diverse types of climatic conditions and the most beautiful landscapes. It is unbeatable in technology and Development by any other nation in the world. Overall we can state that this nation is blessed with unique features that are present in no other nation in this world.

Attributes that make America a Great Nation

There are several specificities of this nation that makes America a great nation in this whole world. Here are some points that will be describing the greatness of this nation.

  • Basic Rights Granted to the people – America is known for its rich history and culture in the whole world. The beauty of the nation lies in the methods adopted after it came out of the chains of slavery and colonist rule. It had a new beginning after the independence and became a sovereign nation. At present, it is the largest democracy in the world. It grants all the rights and equality to its people. The American Bill of Rights in the constitution states the rights of the citizens. The constitution of America grants basic rights to its people.
  • Equality and justice to all – The people of America belonging to different backgrounds caste or religion are equal before the law. They cannot be discriminated against on any basis. People from different parts of the world come here for studies and better carrier opportunities. They are treated as the people of the country only. They are never subject to any kind of discrimination. People can raise their voices and fight for the violation of their rights and discrimination on any basis.
  • Freedom to do anything – The most important greatness of America is the freedom that it provides to its people. Living in America is really a fun and life full of freedom. There is freedom of speech. People are totally free to express their ideas and views on any topic in the nation. This specialty is present in only a few nations of this world and America is one of them. There are such countries in the world that do not give this right to their people.
  • Medical Facilities – As a matter of fact, we know that when the cure of any severe disease is impossible in their own nation people ultimately opt for the choice of developed nations and especially America. This is because America is a nation with the most developed medical facilities in the whole world. The hospitals and medical centers in this nation are equipped with several kinds of health care facilities and the best infrastructure. The people of the nation are provided the health insurance facilities and the best medical services.
  • Education – America is a country that spends a large part of its economy on Education. Education is considered as most important in this nation. The nation facilitates and focuses on not only providing academic education but also higher education. Students from different parts of the world arrive in this nation for getting their higher education. It is obvious because more than 45 top universities in the world are situated in this nation.
  • A great Tourism Centre – The country has been gifted with a wide variety of tourist spots. It is only the reason that the people of this nation do not need to visit other nations for any tour or recreation purpose. America itself is provided with different tourist places and people visit these spots for spending their holidays or quality time with their close ones.
  • Land of Opportunities – America is one of the highest economies in the whole world. It is because the business strategies are most wonderful over there. It is very easy for people to get registered for any sort of business in America. The great sense of freedom to do whatever people wish makes this nation unique in the world. The economy is high just because people do their work happily and sincerely. There is no corruption as the other nations. This totally contributes to the high economy of this nation.

Is America Really the Greatest Nation in the World?

The best ideology and freedom of living differentiates America from the other nations and makes it a great nation in the whole world. Freedom, equality, and justice for all in this nation are some of the most important things granted to the people. The least corruption and faithful jurisdiction is the reason for flourishing businesses, the high living standard of people, millions of opportunities for the youngsters in this nation. The people wear very simple attire and it becomes difficult to distinguish between rich and common people. It depicts the broad mentality of people over there.

The wonderful infrastructure and least use of public transportation give a clear figure of the economy and high standard life of people. People prefer to use their own cars for transportation. Moreover, the Americans are most friendly and generous in nature for their guests and visitors. The rigorous research, innovations, and creativity in people make this nation really a great nation in the world. The achievements of this nation are incomparable in the world.


The term great or is most suitable for a nation like America. At present, it is said that this nation is not great anymore but greatness always lies in the thoughts and the people of the nation. Small conflicts or issues can never reduce the greatness of the nation. The greatness of the nation lies in the respect and safety a nation provides to its people.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Who discovered America?

Ans. Christopher Columbus, an Italian Explorer, discovered America in 1492.

Q.2 Which city in America known as “The Big Apple”?

Ans. New York City in America is known as “The Big Apple”.

Q.3 When was the American Civil War Fought?

Ans. The American Civil War was fought in 1860.

Q.4 How many stripes are there on the Flag of America?

Ans. There are 13 stripes on the flag of America.

Q.5 What was the old name of America?

Ans. The old name of America was the United Colonies that later became the United States of America.