Essay on Why Dishonesty Never Pays

Why Dishonesty Never Pays

Human beings have the tendency of both i.e. speaking truth as well as lying at the same time. It totally depends upon person to person that what he/she chooses. Many of us speak lies very often as we fear speaking the truth but dishonesty is a bad habit and is never fruitful in long run.

Short and Long Essay on Why Dishonesty Never Pays in English

10 Lines Essay on Why Dishonesty Never Pays (100-120 Words)

1) Dishonesty is a bad habit that never pays.

2) Dishonesty gives a fruitful short-term result that doesn’t last long.

3) People lie sometimes when they are unable to tell the truth.

4) Once people know your dishonesty, they will never trust you back.

5) Dishonesty always gives guilt and repentance.

6) Dishonesty can ruin your personality and reputation.

7) It can raise misunderstandings and can affect relations.

8) In some cases, dishonesty can ruin a career that can affect our future.

9) Dishonesty seems good until the truth is hidden but later can give consequences.

10) A small lie or dishonesty can give you lifelong wounds and pain.

Short Essay – 300 Words


Everybody in this world craves for good name and fame. The act of telling lies, cheating, deceiving is called dishonesty. Many people follow dishonest paths to attain everything in their life. Dishonesty might help people to attain everything in their life in an easy and quick manner but this success and happiness never last longer.

Dishonesty is not the choice of brave people

The brave and courageous people always chose to speak the truth and do everything in the right way without fearing for anything. There are people who attain success in a short span of time by following the path of dishonesty or deceiving others. Moreover, many students these days want to get attain everything without doing any effort. They take shortcuts in life or speak lies to get success in their life. They always have fear in their mind that their lies are not caught. The people who follow the path of dishonesty are left with nothing but regret after the truth is revealed.

Dishonesty becoming a powerful weapon in modern politics

Dishonesty is becoming more prevalent in modern politics. The political leaders before elections make fake promises to the public. They try to win the public votes by the dishonest method. Later after winning the elections, they do not fulfill any of the promises that they have made earlier with the people.

The corruption in the political system is increasing because of these types of people who chose the path of dishonesty for becoming successful. They just want to fulfill their own motives without caring about the feeling of others. The people who work honestly might need more time to become successful but that success is stable. It is not like the short-time success that is attained by following dishonest measures.


We all must always try to be honest in every situation of life. Dishonesty can only give short-time happiness and might turn into misery in the future.

This is an essay topic in most of the exams and many students are confused as they do not know what to write. Here is a long essay on this topic that might help the students in getting an idea of writing an essay on this topic.

Why Dishonesty Never Pays in Long Run – Long Essay (1000 Words)


Honesty is the most important quality that is necessary for every human being. The act of being untruthful with us and others is dishonesty. We can never be benefitted if we follow the path of dishonesty. No matter how bitter are the results of speaking the truth but we should always be on the path of honesty.

What is Dishonesty?

Dishonesty is a broad term that includes the act of lying, bad behavior, cheating, corruption, deceiving, stealing, etc. The act of dishonesty is painful and hurting for the people. It refers to the murdering of the term called trust. It takes a lot of time to develop trust and dishonesty shatters it in a moment. We can attain a great name and fame by following the wrong path in a dishonest way. This fake publicity and glamour attained by the wrong means will not last long as its foundation is not strong. Dishonesty can never confront honesty as it is most powerful and wins in every manner.

Factors Driving to Dishonesty

There are several factors that make us choose the wrong path in life rather than following the path of honesty. Some reasons due to which people become dishonest are enlisted below:

  • Fear of Handling Truth – People generally fear the consequences of speaking the truth. This fear stops them from speaking the truth and thus they attempt to say lies. Once we develop the habit of a speaking lie this is continued in the future. In order to cover one lie, we have to speak a hundred lies. This totally disturbs the state of our body and mind as we fear that our lies may not get revealed someday.
  • Getting Quick Success and Fulfill our Selfish Motives – We have always seen people taking shortcuts in life to become successful. We all are well aware of the fact that success is a step-wise process. It requires sincere effort and patience for becoming successful. Many of us take the wrong path like cheating, deceiving, etc., and become successful in a short period of time. This type of achievement is not long-lasting. Trust cannot be developed on such kinds of people and thus the downfall is sure.

We can take the example of political leaders and politicians in this generation. They play with the trust and feelings of the people. They do fake promises and assurances just to win the trust and elections. After winning they never turn back to the people. The situation was different in past. The leaders were supported by the masses and people had blind faith in their leaders. They were capable of influencing the masses because they did whatever they said. There was transparency in their words and actions.

  • To Handle Worse Situations – We hide the truth and speak lies many times to handle the worse situation. Later we cannot develop the courage to speak up the truth. It can happen that when the truth is revealed it might be painful and hurting to others. Being honest is also about caring and respecting others and these values disappear when we are dishonest.

Dishonesty in Relationship

The relationship is about the degree of bonding and love. We love our parents, friends, and people in society. We have trust in each other and therefore care about our relations. Dishonesty destroys the trust of our relationships. The people connected to us believe in whatever we say. It is because they trust us. This trust is originated from the act of our honesty. Speaking lies to them will hurt them and is always painful. In many married cases, the matter reaches up to divorce. Once the trust is broken they can never rely on us in the future for anything. Being dishonest lessens the respect in their eyes for us.

Dishonesty – Becoming an Easy Method to Attain Success

The world is mostly crowded with dishonest people. We attempt to speak lie many times in our life. It can be in schools, offices, with parents, friends or close ones. It is very sad the honest people are very few in numbers. As most people are pushed towards the path of dishonesty we can never expect the progress of society and nation. When the people who are dishonest in their words and actions are becoming successful they will develop a world full of corruption. The intense greed for power, money, and position is the major cause for dragging people into the well of dishonesty.

The rising population of dishonest people will make more space for corruption and injustice. This will also encourage the youth generation to divert from the path of honesty and follow dishonesty. It is because in this generation everybody wants to be successful no matter what is the path taken by them. The young minds get molded easily and can easily be driven on the path of fake success by dishonesty.

Why Dishonesty Never Pays in Long Run?

The things that we gain by evil means cannot last long. If the same thing we achieve by our effort and hard work will surely pay. Dishonesty can only be beneficial for a short time of success. It exists until and unless it is revealed. The day when people get to know the truth they cannot believe these kinds of people anymore. I think there is no one in this world who wants to work with fraud or dishonest people. These people can betray many of us. Attaining success by dishonest means can lead to short-time happiness, but it is sure to ruin the state and peace of mind for the whole life. If the same position is attained by honesty and sincere efforts we get proper satisfaction and peace of mind. This achievement by honesty is the real achievement.


We should always be honest in our life as dishonesty is never fruitful. It might give short-time happiness but cannot be continued for a longer period. There are many hardships in following the path of truth but the inner satisfaction is greatest by this. Truth can open all the doors of success for us.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can we recognize a dishonest person?

Ans. The ability to recognize dishonest person comes by experience.

Q.2 Where is Wrongful gain and Wrongful loss defined in the Indian Penal Code?

Ans. Wrongful gain and wrongful loss are defined under Section 23 of IPC.

Q.3 How we define a lie?

Ans. A lie can be defined as speaking of a false statement to deceive someone.

Q.4 What is meant by ‘white lie’?

Ans. It is a lie that is spoken in order to avoid hurting others feelings.