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A team is made up of a group of people; it can be anyone either a group of co-workers, or some friends, or business partners. People work in groups to achieve success in less time. When you work alone you think and also execute your plan alone as per your own knowledge.

Short and Long Essays on Teamwork in English

Whereas when you work in a group you will get ten more new ideas and thoughts to execute your plan. Find here some nicely written essays on teamwork to get some new ideas about.

Teamwork Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Teamwork refers to when more people work together to accomplish a common goal.

2) Teamwork is the unbreakable strength of every task.

3) Teamwork makes the task simple and reduces the efforts.

4) Teamwork is the necessary pillar of every field.

5) Teamwork is the key to every success and helps in growth.

6) It helps you to achieve a goal that cannot be fulfilled alone.

7) Communication is the most important need of teamwork.

8) While working in teamwork, everyone should be allowed to put their opinions.

9) Teamwork needs proper management to attain success.

10) A good team leader is responsible for the success of teamwork.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – How to Work in Teamwork


When two or more people come together to complete a task then it is termed as teamwork. A team can have endless people but all of them should be focused on the same aim.

Teamwork can be seen in a sport, in-office work, in completing a school project, in dance, choir, etc. I can say that when we can’t complete a task alone, we need someone’s help and together we figure out something best.

How to Work in Teamwork

We can take an example of a school project; suppose you want to make a model within two days. It is quite sure that you will need some preparations and when you will do it all alone there is a probability of forgetting something. And when you do the same task in a group you can distribute the work.

In this way, everyone can have their part of work and they will do it in a correct manner without skipping any step. This will also help you to get good results. So, I can say that teamwork improves our performance.


There are different skills necessary for a good project or to complete a certain task. But the main thing is teamwork; if you have a great team you can execute any of your plans successfully. Whereas a group of fully skilled people without having proper bonding cannot perform teamwork well. If you are a sports lover then you can easily analyze the importance of teamwork, it is not a single good player can win the match, the entire team needs to play well and together they can do anything.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What is Teamwork and How does it Work?


You would have seen many teams with a caption or a person on the lead role, all of the team members work hard for their team to perform well. Although there is a single person recognized as the best one, the fact is they are nothing without the rest of the team, it was their teamwork that makes them perform well. So, when a group of people performs a task then it can be termed as teamwork. Either it was our fight for independence or a simple hockey match. Teamwork is important everywhere.

How Does Team Works?

All of us have different strategies but a team works on the same strategy with some principles and they are:

  • Analyzing the Task: The very first thing is, a team should analyze the task and assign work as per interest. It helps us to know how much time it could take and how smoothly they can work.
  • Motivation: It is not always possible that we may succeed so rather feeling sad and disappointed it is the duty of a team leader to always motivate the team members. When we are motivated or awarded the dopamine (a neurotransmitter) gives positive signals to our brain which directly affects our productivity and creativity. So, motivation is a necessary key to success.
  • Reducing Conflict: A team should not be filled with opposite thoughts and full of conflicts, this will never allow a team to work. So, there should be a team leader and all of the team members should strictly obey him. It is the duty of a team leader to make smart decisions to avoid any kind of conflict among the team members.
  • Frequent Training: A team should be trained at frequent intervals; one side helps the team leader to know the updates and on the other side he can also help if someone is facing any problem in a certain work. Sometimes a team member has a very good idea, then a team leader should organize training for other team members to execute their tasks in a proper way.
  • Independence: Although you are working in a team, each and every team member should be free to think and have their own idea to polish their part of work. This will bring out the best of them and will definitely make your work decent and best.


It is all about how well you can coordinate with others, the better the coordination will be the best the team will be. You would have seen many successful business persons having a wonderful team. The very best example of teamwork is Mr. Narender Modi and Amit Shah. Both are very good friends and have experts in different areas and with their help, they have achieved such a big success in elections. Really a good team wins everywhere.

Essay on Teamwork

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Teamwork: Definition & Some Rules of Teamwork


Teamwork is an important term that tells a lot about how to coordinate with others. All of us can do our work properly but what about when you are asked to pair up with others. It sounds normal but it is really a tough task because when you pair with others, all of us have to maintain respect and stay away from conflicts. It is not all of us have the same patience level. Some would have a dominating nature, where some can be polite enough. But when we talk about a team it should be different personalities with one aim.

What is Team Work?

When we contribute our part to complete a task then it is known as teamwork. All of us have different mental ability and also temperament. Some of us can be of dominating nature so when we are in a team; we should take care of our nature and should never allow our nature to hinder our work. Sometimes due to personal conflicts, we oppose and don’t like to work with others.

But when we work together and learn then we can also grow like a superpower. Teamwork is especially seen in the office, where many of us work on a project. Some of them handle costing, whereas some work on the product, some on presentation, and some on the marketing. When all these things combine together, perfect product launches.

Teamwork is very important sometimes because we get a time limit and it is not possible for a single person to do all such things at a time. And a team works together and can complete it as soon as needed. A very good example of teamwork can be seen in the construction industry. You would also have read these examples in your Maths book as there are 5 workers and they complete a task in ten days and when we increase the number of workers the time automatically decreases. Here, the workers work in a team.

Some Rules of Teamwork

There are certain rules that should be followed by everyone in a team, they are;

  • Discipline Must Be Followed: There is always a time limit for a task and when you are in a team you should take care of the time and should complete your task accordingly. Apart from the time, there is also some other disciplinary task, that should be followed. We should respect our team leader and other experienced workers because experience speaks more than knowledge. You might be having a lot of knowledge but practical knowledge is something that can save you from failure.
  • Good Communication Skills among Team Members: Suppose there are five members in a team and all of them just follow their leader or senior. But there should also be freedom of expressing your thoughts and views, a team does not mean just following the orders but they should also be free to express their thoughts and ideas. This makes a good team and all of the members feel that they are really important and they perform in a very good way.
  • Clear About Your Goal: It is the responsibility of the team leader to make sure that all of the members should know first what the project is. What they really have to do? And what else new they can add? All these things will help others to think in the right direction, otherwise, when a team is not clear it cannot produce new ideas and ways to complete their task.
  • Keep Your Ego Aside: When you are working in a team you should always take care that your ego should not clash with others because everyone has some ego but they keep it apart when they are working in a team. This is one of the basic rules of a team. Otherwise, a team cannot generate profitable ideas.
  • Work Should be Assigned as per Interest and Ability: All of us have different abilities and should be given work as per interest for good results. We should keep on learning but when there is a time boundation, we should work smartly for good results.


Working in a team also helps us to learn new things and helps us to maintain the same decorum in our day-to-day life. It helps us to opt for a habit of obeying others and this develops as a habit which is definitely a very good thing.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by teamwork?

Ans. Teamwork means working together with all the members of a group to achieve a common goal.

Q.2 What things are essential for good teamwork?

Ans. Good communication, focus on goals, and good leadership is essential for good teamwork.

Q.3 Why is teamwork good?

Ans. The work gets divided among the members of the team and thus gets completed in an efficient and faster way.

Q.4 What is the strength of the team in teamwork?

Ans. Every member of the team itself is strength of a team in teamwork.

Q.5 Who gave the concept of teamwork?

Ans. Bruce Tuckman gave the concept of teamwork in 1965.

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