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A teacher is a person who is responsible for educating and teaching pupils. We all know that the most powerful weapon in this world is education. It is the only tool that can be used to win every race and do well in life. It is the medium to get rid of ignorance and darkness. If education is this much important to us then from where we will get this? The major source of education is teachers. No one achieves success without the help of teachers. Therefore to highlight the importance of teachers in society, today we will discuss teachers in detail.

Short and Long Teacher Essay in English

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Teacher 10 Lines Essay(100 – 150 Words)

1) A teacher is a person who gives us knowledge.

2) Teachers help us in learning new things.

3) They are our second parents.

4) A teacher not only builds a student but the whole society.

5) Apart from academics, they teach us moral values and ethics.

6) A teacher is responsible for converting a student into a good human.

7) Teachers should hold friendly behavior toward the students.

8) They teach us the difference between right and wrong.

9) It is impossible to achieve our goals without a teacher.

10) We should always respect our teachers for what we are.

Essay on Teacher (250 – 300 Words)


Teachers are highly respected members of society. He is responsible for shaping the country into its best shape. Teachers help kids develop their skills and abilities and get them ready for the future. He is not just there to teach them academics, but also to shape their habits, traits, and personalities.

Importance of Teachers

A teacher is someone who makes a big difference in the lives of their students. They are the role model and inspirations of many students. A teacher is an ocean of knowledge; we can collect as much knowledge as we can. The bond between a teacher and student is unmatchable. Without teachers, life will become directionless.

Role of a Teacher

The proper guidance and support that is needed to accomplish success in life are provided by teachers. A teacher can be anyone, who gives us the best life values and lessons. They give us selfless knowledge without any partiality. They motivate and inspire us to work hard. A teacher has extraordinary skills that can turn a boring subject into an interesting one. A teacher should have good communication and understanding. Teachers look at their students’ strengths and weaknesses and help them learn how to do things the best way.


Teachers are the most important people in the lives of their students. However, a teacher is important not only in the student’s life but in all aspects of life. When we are sad, they become our friends and care for us like our parents. Just as air is important to breathe, a teacher is important to reach the goal. We can never be free from teachers’ debt. We should always be thankful to them for making us better humans.

Long Essay on Teacher (500 Words)


Among the many people a student encounters, a teacher is the most significant. Through his knowledge, patience, and love, a teacher gives a student’s whole life a strong shape. As a respected profession, education holds a high status in Indian society. People call him the “Guru”. The ancient history of India shows the importance of teachers in a student’s life. The incredible bond between a teacher and his student is highly commendable. There would be no way to learn without the teacher. A teacher is a speculator, a friend, and a leader.

Teacher – The Nation Builder

God is the one who made the whole world, and a teacher is the one who is responsible for making a whole nation. The teacher makes both the present and the future for the kids. No one can grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally without a teacher. They teach students and make them better people.

Teachers are like the second parents who help kids figure out how to balance their lives and have as much fun as possible as kids. A teacher through the magic of education, work to improve the lives and minds of the average person. They are making sure that our country has a great future.

Qualities of a Teacher

A good teacher has many skills that can help his students to do well in life. He must keep learning new things and giving their students good answers. One of the most important things a good teacher needs to have is a friendly attitude. A teacher should be like a friend with whom we can share everything. Communication skill is the most important quality of a good teacher.

A good teacher doesn’t just care about how well we do in school; they also care about how we grow as people. Kindness is another important thing a good teacher should have. A good teacher has the magic to make a boring subject interesting. He should introduce students to real-world learning.

Role of a Teacher in Student’s Life

There are many important ways in which teachers make a big difference in the lives of their students. A teacher gives us academic knowledge, teaches us right and wrong, and inculcates in us moral values that help us become better people. When a student makes a mistake, the teacher shows them what they did wrong and teaches them a lesson. They encourage us to do great things in the future. A good teacher gives good education and sets up good habits. They are responsible for making us who we are and how we act.


Proper education is the only way to get rid of social problems, corruption, and other things that hold a country back from real growth and development. Teachers are very important in the field of education because they teach their students well and help them become good people with good values. A teacher knows a lot, and we should learn as much as we can about a subject.

I hope the above provided essay on Teacher will be helpful in understanding the role and importance of teachers in our life.

Essay on Teacher

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Teacher

Q.1 When was Education Commission established?

Ans. The Education Commission was set up on February 3, 1882, with Sir William Hunter, a member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council, as its first chairman.

Q.2 Why Teacher’s Day is celebrated?

Ans. Teacher’s Day is celebrated to respect and honor teachers for their priceless contributions to society.

Q.3 Who is the best teacher in India?

Ans. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is considered the best teacher in India and his birthday is celebrated as teacher’s day.

Q.4 What is Gurukul?

Ans. In ancient India, Gurukul was an education system. In this system, students stayed with gurus to gain an education.