Essay on Climate Change

The adverse change in the temperature and the weather of the Earth is termed as Climate Change.

We live in a world where industries became vital. Our lives get simpler and now we have a more luxurious life than ever before. But this comfort is temporary. For the sake of making life easier and more comfortable, we are ignoring the future of the earth. The growth of the modern era has led to an increase in many environmental issues. One of the most dangerous issues is climate change. Today we are ignoring this issue easily but the day is not too far when we have to pay for it. Therefore, to understand this concern more clearly, we will discuss Climate change in detail.

Short and Long Climate Change Essay in English

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Climate Change Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Climate change is the unusual shift in the climate of the earth.

2) It has an adverse effect on the environment.

3) Human activities like deforestation, pollution, etc can cause climate change.

4) Natural disasters like floods, forest fires, etc are some other causes.

5) It can cause the end of life on earth.

6) It has an adverse effect on the plants and animals around us.

7) Climate change can cause the melting of glaciers and the rise in oceans.

8) It also affects the natural balance of the ecosystem.

9) Climate change is a global issue that cannot be underestimated.

10) To balance life on the earth, we should control climate change.

Short Essay on Climate Change (250 – 300 Words)


Whenever the normal temperature or weather of a certain region changes, we call this phenomenon, climate change. As its effect, humans are suffering unwanted rainfall, hotter summer, and colder winters than ever. When climate change happens, the temperature can rise drastically.

Consequences of Climate Change

The environment on Earth is getting worse because of climate change. If the earth’s temperatures keep going up in the future, all of the living things on the planet will die out. The balance of life and the environment on earth will be disturbed. The various species of flora and fauna will be extinct. Disasters like drought, and flood, will become common. Climate change became vulnerable after the growth of industrialization and modernization.

Causes of Climate Change

The climate is changing quickly because of many different things. A lot of this change has been caused by human actions as well as by natural forces. Some of the man-made activities that are causing climate change are the burning of fossil fuels, pollution from vehicles, deforestation, animal farming, etc. Greenhouse gases are the major source of climate change. Volcanic eruptions, floods, etc are some natural causes that are responsible for contributing to climate change.


Even though natural forces can’t be controlled, people must make sure they don’t do things that lead to climate change. If it will continue, life on the earth will come to a halt. The world would be a safer place to live if everyone will work together to stop most of the climate changes that are happening. Moreover, if the steps are taken properly, and if the goals are reached on time, the future will be better.

Long Essay on Climate Change (500 Words)


Currently, climate change is a big problem for the whole world and this change is making the world more vulnerable. The effects of the world’s climate problems might not be the same everywhere. Changes in the climate can be seen as early as the beginning of the industrial revolution. As we can see, every summer now sets a new record for the highest temperatures ever for that season. The environment and ecosystem are both affected by climate change.

What is Climate Change?

Changes in the earth’s weather and climate are called “climate change”. In other words, changes in temperatures and weather patterns that last for a long time are called climate change. It highlights how the atmosphere has changed over periods that range from decades to millions of years. The weather is getting worse and worse every day due to various internal as well as external factors.

Reasons for Climate Change

There is not only one factor responsible for climate change; many natural and man-made activities can be blamed for the same. Some of the natural causes of climate change may include volcanic eruptions, floods, forest fires, solar radiation, and so on. However, a lot of them have been caused by people. Climate change is mostly caused by cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels, using chemical fertilizers, making the air dirty, letting industrial waste into the air, etc. Because of these things, carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases get into the air. As a result, the world encounters another part of climate change which is global warming.

Effects of Climate Change

Climate change has numerous negative effects on every living thing on earth. This is also bad for the environment. Climate change is causing the ocean level to rise, glaciers to melt, CO2 in the air to rise, forests and wildlife to die out, and aquatic life to be disturbed. It also affects the air, water, and land where we live. It causes things like droughts, heavy rain, floods, storms, heat waves, forest fires, and so on. Due to changes in the Earth’s climate, many species of plants and animals have become extinct.

How Climate Change can be Controlled?

The Indian government has taken a lot of steps to fix the terrible effects of climate change. We should use as few fossil fuels as possible since they are the main cause of global warming. To solve this problem, you need to make people more aware of the issue and take strict steps to protect and preserve the environment. Sustainable development is the way to go if we want to deal with climate change in a good way.


If we don’t do anything and things keep going the way they are now, one day people will no longer be able to live on the surface of the earth. It is not too late to start over and try to fix the damage we have already done to the environment. Therefore, we should try every step to make our mother earth healthy.

I hope the above provided essay on Climate Change will be helpful in understanding the cause, effect, and methods to prevent climate change.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Change

Q.1 Is it possible to control climate change?

Ans. We cannot reduce climate change in a few days but by following proper steps we can control it.

Q.2 Which country has the best climate in the world?

Ans. Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, etc are some of the countries with the best climate.

Q.3 Which is the best climate for humans?

Ans. A moderate climate is the best for humans to survive.

Q.4 What are the climate zones of the earth?

Ans. Tropical, temperate, equatorial, and polar are the four climate zones of the earth.