Essay on Mother

A mother is the female parent of her children. When a baby is born, the first word that he says is “Maa”. No matter how much we grow up, whenever we are in danger, or when we get hurt, the first word that comes out of our mouth is “Maa”. “Maa” is a word that is beyond any definition. No one can define the mother completely. This reflects the importance of a mother in our life. Therefore, today we will discuss Mother in detail.

Short and Long Mother Essay in English

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Mother Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A mother is the woman who gives life to us.

2) She is the living god in the world.

3) A mother is a teacher, who always guides her children.

4) The love and care of a mother is priceless.

5) A mother can do anything to keep her children happy.

6) She is responsible for binding and keeping her family together.

7) She is the one with whom we can share our secrets.

8) She wakes up early and cooks food for everyone.

9) A mother is always ready to help her children.

10) A mother is a pillar and the support system of the family.

Short Essay on Mother (250 – 300 Words)


The most loved person in the world is a mother. “Mother” is a simple word with six letters but its meaning is so vast that you can’t even explain it in six pages also. A mother is not just a lady, she has many forms. Sometimes she can be our friend, sometimes our god, and sometimes a magician that knows what’s inside our mind without saying a word.

Role of Mother

Mother is another way that God gave us life here on Earth. Because of her, a child can see the world. No one cares about us and loves us as much as our mothers. She always forgets her own troubles and thinks about making us happy. From listening lullaby to tales to real-life experiences, our bond with our mother never changes. If you haven’t seen the god, see your mother. The only person who understands what her children feel and want is the mother. She does many tasks from day to night but never gets tired. She always wishes for the well-being and happiness of her children. However, she never expects anything in return.


A mother is supportive, responsible, caring and everything for her children. A child can leave his mother in bad times but a mother can bear any pain to save her children from bad times. She always supports us and helps us in fulfilling our dreams. If we are in trouble or have any worries, just resting in our mother’s lap gives us relaxation. Mother is the best thing that God ever made. We should respect her and make her happy as much as possible.

Long Essay on Mother (500 Words)


A mother is a woman who gives birth to children and takes care of them throughout their lives. The mother is an important part of a child’s development. No matter how old we get, our mother will always think of us as her little child. She worries about us all the time and shows us how to live. No one can be a mother’s replacement. Everyone who has a mother is blessed. We should always respect our mothers and do what we can to make them happy.

Unconditional Love of a Mother

A mother is a true example of what love and care look like. The sacrifice that a mother does for her children is top of the world. Her love for children never fades away, no matter how the children treat her. The mother is there for us when we are happy and when we are sad. When we are sick, she wakes up in the middle of the night and prays to God for us to get better. No one can deny that a mother can remain hungry but can do anything to feed her children. A mother is the only person who can forgive us for our mistakes and show us how to fix them.

Mother – The Living God

It is been said that as god cannot be present everywhere to look after everyone, so he made mothers. Mother is the form of god on this earth. She teaches us how to act and what the real meaning of life is. She loves us and takes care of us from the moment we were born into this world until the day we die. Just like a superhero has many powers, a big heart, and invisibility, our mothers have different powers that allow her to be our best friend, teacher, and mentor. Mothers know what their children need even before they can talk. She is a mixture of love, struggle, and courage that knows no bounds.

Importance of Mother

A mother is sometimes a medicine when we are sick, food when we are hungry, and comfort when we are in pain. She gives us life and is the reason why we are here. Mothers are the backbone of every family. They hold the family together and make it one strong unit. The values a mother teaches her children to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Moreover, what a mother teaches her child will affect the future of society. When we are happy, she is happy. She takes care of every chore around the house without ever complaining.


Today kids became so selfish that they don’t remember what their parents did for them. The sacrifice of the mother to make their children’s lives better is now easily neglected by them. Many older children do not respect or treat their mothers well. However, we can never ever repay our mother for giving us this priceless life, so we should help and love her as much as we can.

I hope the above provided essay on Mother will be helpful in understanding the role and importance of mothers in the world.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Mother

Q.1 How can we keep our mother happy?

Ans. We can keep our mother happy by respecting, caring for, and loving her.

Q.2 Why mothers have been created?

Ans. God made mothers to do the job that no one else could do in the world.

Q.3 What are the other names of a mother?

Ans. We can call mother by different names like mom, mommy, maa, amma, etc.

Q.4 When mother’s day is celebrated in other countries?

Ans. Mother’s day is celebrated on different days in different countries. For example, Russia celebrates on 8 March, Egypt on 21 March, Mongolia on 1 June, etc.