Essay on Summer Camp

Summer camp involves loads of fun activities for the children as well as elders. Activities may differ for them both, but the fun quotient is very high in both cases.

Short and Long Essay on Summer Camp in English

In the essay, we will go through the advantages of summer camps and various types of summer camps among other relevant topics. Here we are providing Essay on Summer camp for students of class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and class 12 in English in 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 500 words. Also find short Summer camp essay 10 lines.

Summer Camp Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Summer camp is a planned supervised program during the summer.

2) It is organized for children to learn while enjoying.

3) Summer camp helps to develop social skills among children.

4) Children enjoy playing with new friends.

5) A camp can be a sports camp, yoga camp, theme-based camp, etc.

6) Summer camps are organized away from home making children self-reliable.

7) It also helps in developing the overall personality of the children.

8) Summer camps are a good way to boost confidence in children.

9) Sports, sand art, tent stay, etc activities can be included in a summer camp.

10) Summer camp is a unique experience that every child should enjoy.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Importance and Types of Summer Camp


Summer camp is an outdoor activity that is organized during the summer vacation. It is undertaken to utilize the long vacation and to learn and play instead of wasting it on other insignificant things.

Importance of Summer Camp

The following bulleted points specify the importance of summer camps –

  • Students learn new skills like craft and art.
  • Playing make the children physically and mentally active.
  • Development of social skills in the children.
  • Making new friends and understanding their views and concerns.
  • Independence away from home makes the children self-reliable.

Types of Summer Camps

Various types of summer camps are as given below-

  • Sports Camp

These camps are sports-centered and involve several sports for the children to take part in.

  • Yoga Camp

These camps are centered on teaching the yoga skills to the young ones.

  • Nature Camp

Nature camps take the children close to nature, acquainting them with several plants and animals.

  • Themed Based Camps

Theme-based camps are organized around a specific theme such as an art or craft like sand art, papercraft, etc.

  • Day Camps

Day camps long for only a day, unlike other longer duration camps. Though, short, day camps can also be fun.


Summer camps are very popular, not only among the children but the elders as well. Elders also love summer camp activities like dancing, river, rafting, hill climbing, etc. Nevertheless, the enthusiasm for going on a summer camp is the same for the children and elders.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Summer Camp: A Magical Experience for the Children


Summer camp is an outdoor activity that includes several recreational activities for the children during the summer vacations. The summer camp is often organized in a location away from home, where students from different backgrounds take part.

A Magical Experience for the Children

The experience of summer camp is extremely beneficial for the students and other participants. Children love to be away from home and in the company of their classmates or to be friends. They are constantly engaged by various fun activities one after another. They didn’t get any time to feel homesick. What could be better for young children, than to just play and be happy? Beside they learn new skills and also develop general knowledge over a number of issues. Summer camp is a magical experience for the children and they just love to be free and learn new things at the same time having fun.

A Difficult Decision for Parents

Often, summer camps are organized away from home, requiring the children to stay away from their parents for a couple of days. The decision might be challenging for the parents to take, who worry about the safety of their wards and other concerns.

But, sending their child on summer camp will ultimately for his/her own benefit and personality development. Though it might be difficult to take the decision, nevertheless, it has to be taken for the overall benefit of the children.

Why is Summer Camp Good for Us?

Summer camps give us an opportunity to see the world from an entirely new perspective. We get to exercise our own independent will and foresee the consequences. We are free to make our choices during a camp and learn to take care of ourselves. We also make new friends and learn how to maintain social relations. Apart from that, through sports and other fun activities, we learn new skills and sports. Several competitions and games make the children competitive All in all; the summer camp is a fun activity that teaches several new things to the students. Summer camps are extremely beneficial for the skills of the students and their overall personality development.


Children love summer camp for its sheer pleasure and learning activities involved in it. They make new friends and play to their full capacity. Besides, there is a certain amount of adventure involved in a summer camp which makes it all more interesting for the children.

Essay on Summer Camp

Essay 3 (600 Words) – Fun Activities at Summer Camp


Summer camps are organized for the students during the summer vacations. It mostly includes outdoor activities away from home, under the guidance of trained professionals and teachers. The motive of the summer camp is to involve children in extracurricular activities and help them learn different skills.

Summer Camp Fun Activities

Summer camp may include several physical, mental, or skill-based activities. A description of the activities is described below-

  • Sports

Summer camp may include indoor games or outdoor sports. Indoor board games like chess, carom, etc. are the most common. Outdoor games like football, badminton, volleyball are also encouraged during the summer camp.

  • Competitions

Events like painting competition, sprint race, rope jump, treasure hunt, balance beam, etc. are organized for the participants. These competitions provide physical exercise to the students as well as improve their skills.

  • Tent Stay

Tent stay is one of the most exciting activities loved by children during a summer camp. It involves staying in tents, in the lap of nature. The experience of staying close to nature is one of a kind and a memory to remember.

  • Bird Watching

Bird watching is another common summer camp activity these days. The advantage of this activity is that students can take part in it, even in their respective hometowns. Many non-government organizations and those concerned with wildlife, organize bird camps for children in major cities.

  • Sand Art

Sand art is an activity that involves making different figures from the sand. This activity is largely performed while camping near coastal areas. Children love to make castles, palaces and other structures from the sand.

Advantages of Summer Camp

Summer camp is very advantageous for the children in several ways. Some of the advantages of summer camp are described below.

  • Develops Skills

Summer camps help develop several skills sets in the children. They learn papercraft, sand craft, waste management, making articles from trash, etc. They also get to learn swimming and several outdoor as well as indoor games.

  • Social Development of the Children

Summer caps are very important from the point of view of the social development of children. They make new friends and learn to live in a group. They also learn to work in a team and respect individual views.

  • Makes Children Active

Summer camp helps the children stay both mentally a physically active by continuously engaging them in several activities. It is very important for the children to stay active during the long holidays, to keep their mind and body fit.

  • Induces Self-Confidence

Several activities undertaken during the summer camp induces self-confidence in the children. When they take part in various competitions and learn skills, their self-confidence is boosted to a new level. Also, admiration from fellow campers and teachers adds to their confidence.

  • Develops Respect for Nature

During a summer camp, children get away from their homes and close into the lap of nature. They learn new things about nature and its creatures. They get to know the significance of nature and admire its beauty. When these children grow old, they become nature-loving and sensible citizens.


Summer camp is very important to improve the overall personality of the students and to make them competitive by developing skill sets. Involvement in extracurricular activities other than the course curriculum makes the children active and healthy. Without summer camp the long summer vacation would become too boring and useless, without any objective and motivation. Every student must actively take part in the summer camp and actively get involved in several activities without any fear or inhibition.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is a summer camp?

Ans. A summer camp is a program organized during summer vacation for both children and adults.

Q.2 What are students called who attend the summer camps?

Ans. The students who attend the summer camps are called campers.

Q.3 What is the name given to the summer camp leaders?

Ans. The leaders of summer camp are called camp counselors.

Q.4 What do children do in summer camps?

Ans. Children enjoy participating in different group activities in a summer camp.

Q.5 How are summer camps beneficial?

Ans. Summer camps are beneficial because children learn to live independently and gain new skills.

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