Essay on a Strange Dream

Stange Dream

It is quite common that people have dream, we still don’t know why we see dreams. They are illusions of brain and a story of creature that we see in life. The dreams are sometimes soothing and make people feel happy and energetic. But sometimes the scenario is different. Some dreams can be so terrifying and can lead to issues like tension and depression because of their strange nature and some unexplainable terms.

Short and Long Essay on Why Did I Have a Strange Dream (Strange Dreamscape) in English

Here are some essays that mention stories of explaining about a strange dream.

10 Lines Essay on Why Did I Have a Strange Dream (100-120 Words)

1) Yesterday when I was sleeping, I saw a strange dream.

2) In my dream, I found myself in an unknown place.

3) It was very dark and I was unable to see anyone.

4) I started running and came to a garden.

5) There I saw a color-changing fruit and decided to eat it.

6) As I ate that fruit my height decreased.

7) I became so tiny that nobody could find me.

8) I was so afraid and cried loudly.

9) As I shouted, my parents came and they woke me up.

10) I narrated my dream to my parents and we all laughed so much.

Short Essay – 300 Words


Tonight when I was asleep, I had a very strange dream. I don’t know what exact things were but I remember much of the details. It however haunted me but I tried to cope up with it. Some of the characters in the dream are not even known to me. The dream was so strange that I woke up immediately.

The Strange Dream

It might be around 3 AM in the night when I suddenly woke up and was trying to figure out what actually happened with me. It was a silent and a dark place where I was there went with my two friends Rahul and Arun. We saw a broken car which was shaking continuously, we decided to go there. When we went there, there were smells that was making the place so weird and uncomfortable to go. We still went and suddenly we saw a big creature running away from the car. We were horrified. We decided to go back by running on the way back to home while running the same creature came with a speed and attacked us and I woke up.

Effects of my Strange Dream

I was terrified as the creature was unknown and was horrible. I woke up with suddenness and had a glass of water. The dream was so strange that I didn’t want to stay alone even in the daylight. I couldn’t sleep for weeks with lights of in my room for weeks. I used to think twice before going to some places in night. It created a place in mind for a while.


I was in immense fear and sometimes I slept with my mother father. To overcome the fear I started chanting Hanuman Chalisa and started doing meditation so that I can feel positive. Although, I have overcome with the fear but in some cases whenever I remember that night I get goose bumps.

Here is another essay which is longer in format and has explained a story of a strange dream with different points in an elaborated way. These resources may provide students with ideas for essays, projects, and assignments.

Long Essay – 1200 Words


Dreams can be good and bad. We see a lot of dreams and it is a creation of our brain. Some dreams are strange and suspicious which can totally take place in anyone’s brain which can affect anyone in many ways. Here is a story of mine where I had a very strange dream. I have mentioned this as an essay with numerous points telling different aspects of a strange dream that I had in my past. I hope you to take this as a positive message because negative things can stay long but positives take time.


Back in 2015, it was summer holidays of class 10th. We were at my mom’s uncle’s house. It is situated beside a big farm or we can say field. We always used to go to the farm because it was a lusty green farm and was so clean. We even used to play cricket in that farm. As it was summer, all the gents were used to sleep in the open area of the house or we can say the gallery or veranda. I was sleeping on my bed and soon after midnight we started feeling cold and the weather automatically changed. We were having thin blankets which we used. Since it was a rural area, the visibility is very low at night and at that time, the rural areas were not getting sufficient amount of light.

I was having a great sleep as I played whole day and was tired a lot. I had a problem of waking up with a mere movement and my cousin brother Rohan who was sleeping beside me was having problem of speaking in dreams. To deal with this I got away from him and chose a place away from everyone. In the middle of night I saw some scenes that horrified me and made me wake up.

What was the dream?

By the time I was in deep sleep I experienced something uneven. I was automatically going away from everyone. It was like someone is sliding me towards itself. I am shouting but no one is able to listen. Suddenly the sliding stopped and I reached to a house where everything was white and the house was big. The house was some touch of my own home in city but it was big and had a lot of rooms. I went in and tried to explore the house. When I entered the house I saw some beautiful ancient things which can fascinate any historian. They had some weapons used in the world War and war against the Britishers. Later I moved to a room where I saw Sameer who was saying asking me to close the door. I don’t know what he was doing there.

Then when I moved to other room I was happy as I saw my father who was sitting on a chair and reading his favorite book. I was happy as I saw him after 2 weeks. He asked about my health and told me to focus on studies as boards are coming. He then told me to move to the kitchen to have some food.

When I moved to kitchen, I met a house care taker Bhaiyalal. I asked him about his health and he gave me my food. He then warned me not to go to the room at the last. I asked him why I shouldn’t go there, he then said you just don’t need to do go there. I said ok and moved ahead. I was so mischievous that I decided to go to that room and I saw that the room was dark and was not looking welcoming. I still went in, turned out my mobile phone’s flash and found out that the room was not cleaned for ages.

There were things broken and rodents made home there. I then discovered a carton which was filled of books and had a lot of dust which I removed. I opened a book which had some unexplained drawings which I couldn’t figure out. Soon I opened the last page I didn’t know what happened and I woke up immediately. The place I was sleeping was started feeling uncomfortable, I was a bit afraid, I woke up my brother, told him about everything and he stood awake with me to heal me. Later, we both slept.

After Effects of the dream

The dream had its effects for a while which had problems of making me think about the house continuously. I was trying to figure out who was Bhaiyalal and why Sameer was there and what had the book. Also, I was not able to go to that place where I changed to sleep. I even felt uncomfortable while being alone. I believe that it was a nightmare that haunted me.

The dream also led me think a lot, probably thinking issues. These thinking issues led me to a state of mind where I reached sleep paralysis. In sleep paralysis I was not able to move my body for a while and even can’t speak. It felt like someone is there in my room and is staring at. These situations didn’t harm my body but was affecting me mentally and it occurred at a regular intervals.

Even, I stopped going to play in the farm for some days. However, I remember very less about the dream in the morning but the scenes that always bothered are still in my head which still sometimes affect me. I was not able to have good sleep resulting in the situation where I couldn’t sleep for couple of days until I firmly decided to overcome the fear.

How did I cope up?

The fear was not able to make do alt of things. I also watched some horror movies earlier and every time I go to sleep or sit alone I immediately connect it with that dream and made me think about the dream. Then I decided to move further and get rid of this. I started to go to nearest temple once a week and started worshipping god. Also, I changed my routine to wake up early so that I can do mediation.

To take the thoughts away from the dream I focused on my sweet memories and goods that happened to me and what are my plans for future. Whenever, we clean something it leaves a lot of stain, same happened in my case during the time of healing and intoxications, I was having sleep paralysis for about thrice a month. This series of event conducted for 3 months until I overcome the issues. I build up concentration which later led me to overcome my fear within a month and I was happy with that. I still follow the routine as it makes me feel positive.


Some dreams are horrifying and it is also common that people get involved in the dream a lot. A movie called nightmare of the Elm Street is based on this issue which can terrify anyone. It is important to keep concentrating on our work and all I can conclude is having meditated body and positive vibes can make you feel good and make you overcome fears. These strange dreams can be devastating so we should make a positive aura around us so that no negative thoughts can harm us at any point.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What can be side effects of a strange dream?

Ans. Strange Dreams can affect mental health.

Q.2 What is a sleep paralysis?

Ans. Sleep Paralysis is a condition when someone is awake but can’t move their body and feels someone’s presence.

Q.3 How can we avoid strange dreams?

Ans. We can avoid strange dreams by thinking positive and good.

Q.4 What is a good sleep?

Ans. A good sleep is considered to be a sleep without any dream.