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Parsi New Year

Parsi New Year or Navroz is a festival that marks the start of a new year in Parsi culture. Parsi people celebrate their new year with joy. On this day, the Sun passes simply over the equator. In the event that the Parsi New Year is determined by the Christian schedule, it is commended each year in mid march. The day is celebrated by the Zoroastrianism people by following some rituals and rules to please their god and take blessings from them.

Here is a long essay mentioned that deals with the explanation of Parsi New Year.

Short and Long Essay on Parsi New Year in English

10 Lines Essay on Parsi New Year (100-120 Words)

1) The Parsi community celebrates New Year as Navroz.

2) On this day, the sun passes through the equator and the day seems equal to the night.

3) Zoroastrian followers celebrate Parsi New Year.

4) Globally, Navroz is celebrated in the month of March.

5) Indians follow the Shahenshahi calendar and observe Navroz in the month of August.

6) Parsis meet and greet their people on this day.

7) On this day, people worship God for good health and happiness.

8) Parsi people clean and decorate their houses and surroundings for this festival.

9) On this day, people offer prayers to the temples in their traditional attire.

10) Navroz is the main festival of Parsis and they celebrate it with great zeal and excitement.

Long Essay on Parsi New Year: Meaning, Significance and Celebration (1000 Words)


In Parsi Religion or community, New Year is celebrated which is called as Navroz. According to numerous space experts, the Parsi New Year begins with Ikkinax, which means “something similar”. It’s just over the equator on this date, so the day is roughly equal to the night. The day is enjoyed with zeal and joy among their community with following the different traditions and cultures which are mentioned in their scriptures.

Significance of Parsi New Year

As Parsi texts explain, King Jamshed is associated with the Parsi New Year, Naoroj. During a harsh winter, Jamshed was credited with sparing humanity from extinction. Jamshed is credited with founding Nauroz in Iranian mythology. Gems were encrusted on Jamshed’s throne, according to the scripture. A Parsi New Year celebration is held by those who belong to the Zoroastrian faith. Zarathustra was a prophet who taught a religious system. As an expression of gratitude for all that he has offered to the world, he adopted the name Naoroj on this day.

In the Iran calendar section, one will find a listing of several Iranian celebrations including Nowruz, Idh, Tirgan, Mehrgan, The Six Gahambars, Farvardigan, Bahmanja, and Esfand Armaz. A number of festivals are mentioned in Greece, the Middle East, the Arab world, and other nations in addition to the Iranian calendar. Navroz is also called as Jamshed-I-Navroz and is celebrated globally in the month of March but in India it is celebrated in the month of August.

In India, the Shahenshahi Calendar is followed by Parsis whereas in the world the Hijri-Shamsi calendar is followed. This is the reason why the Navroz is celebrated 200 days later than global Navroz.

How Parsis Celebrate their New Year?

Parsis enjoy their new year with great zeal, joy and happiness. They love to spend their times among their families and relatives. Since, their community is very small, they take care of each other to take care of each other and show kindness whenever they meet. Everyone eats and watches the fireworks together on this day. Every month, meetings continue until the 13th or until the end of the month.

A term used in religion is Khourdad Sal. Gatha made up of the remaining five days of a year in Parsi. Gatha is the day for commemorating ancestors. We celebrate this holiday during the final few days of the year. Nowadays, people of faith worship their ancestors through a special form of worship that helps them find self-peace. The holy things that are kept on this day are candles, candles with incense, glass, incense sticks, sugar, and coins. By doing this, it is believed that happiness and prosperity will increase within the family within the Parsi community. Each family member visits the prayer places on the day of Navroz.

Prior to the festival, the devotees of the Parsi faith begin making preparations; all religious people clean their homes, businesses, and surroundings. Decorations inside and outside will make the party more festive. There are flowers garlands and chalk powder used to beautify the door of the main house to welcome guests. A scenic view is included in the decorations. A sprinkle of rose water welcomes the guests.

How Different Countries celebrate Parsi New Year

Parsis in the world share very less percentage in world’s population. They merely manage to cover about 100000 mark in the world. In the condition where people are very less in numbers, it is a responsibility to nurture and cherish what culture they posses. Statistically, 65 thousand Parsis live in India alone, while the remainder of 35000 live in other parts of the world, such as the United States, Persian countries, New Zealand, etc.

Here is a list mentioning how Parsis celebrate their New Year in different countries in the world.

  1. India – India is the biggest Parsi populated country in the world. In the state of Maharashtra, Parsi people observe their new year in their traditional and cultural style. They greet each other and have their prayers in temples after breakfast.
  2. Afghanistan – In the Mosque naming Mazir-I-Sharif in the city of Kabul, people travel from different parts of the world to observe Parsi New Year. The plains neighboring the Mazir-I-Sharif get bloomed with the Red Tulips.
  3. Armenia – In the small country of Armenia, Albanian Parsis celebrates their new year on 22nd March every year. The day marks the death of Ali Ibn Talib who was cousin of Prophet Muhammad.
  4. Bangladesh – Neighboring to India, Bangladeshi Parsis gather to seek God’s Blessings. The day was earlier celebrated by the Nawabs of Dhaka. Candle lights are flown in the night as in Zoroastrianism fire is considered sacred.
  5. Pakistan – People in Pakistan celebrates their new year in the areas of Gilgit Baltistan. They also gather to celebrate the day near the border of Afghanistan. In a recent scenario, Iranian government also contributed in the celebrations in Pakistan.


The Parsis are very small community and it is important for them to keep themselves protected and grow them. To achieve this, they admire their culture a lot. Their new year brings joy and happiness among them and they enjoy it with enthusiasm. This day for them is special and reflects their dedication towards their culture which they boast with joy and happiness.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 According to which calendar Parsi New Year is celebrated?

Ans. According to Hijri Shamsi calendar Parsi New Year is celebrated.

Q.2 When is Parsi New Year celebrated?

Ans. Parsi New Year is celebrated in Mid March.

Q.3 What is the other name of Parsi New Year?

Ans. Nevruz or Naoroz are other names for Parsi New Year.

Q.4 Who is the prophet in Parsi?

Ans. In Parsi religion Zarathustra (Zoroaster) was a Prophet.