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What will our Earth look like when there will be no trees? The clean and green planet, Earth will then appear dull and lifeless because trees are the lifeline of the Earth. Imagining this picture of Earth is so terrifying. If the picture is this dangerous then what would be the results? A threatening environment will put the lives of all living things in danger. Trees are the only hope that can keep the environment in a normal state. And the environment is all we need to live our life. Today, we will discuss the importance of trees in balancing the environment.

Short and Long Save Trees Save Environment Essay in English

Here, I’m providing short and long essays on Save Trees Save Environment in different word limits. This topic is useful for all the students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 including higher classes. The language is kept easy so that every student can understand these essays properly.

Save Trees Save Environment Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Trees are the heartbeat of our environment.

2) Trees are responsible for supporting a healthy environment.

3) Trees purify the air and give us fresh air to breathe.

4) Trees help bring rainfall.

5) Trees are responsible for balancing climatic change in the environment.

6) Trees also hold spiritual value in the Hindu religion.

7) Trees protect the environment from the threat of pollution.

8) Trees enrich the quality of soil and protect it from erosion.

9) A wide variety of flora and fauna is supported by trees.

10) Saving trees are necessary for protecting our environment.

Short Essay on Save Trees Save Environment (200 – 250 Words)

A green and clean environment can only be possible with trees. The three essential things that support human life are air, water, and soil. All these things are well preserved by trees. If there will be no trees, we do not get fresh air to breathe, fresh water to drink, or soil for farming. Trees are responsible for making our environment as well as our life healthy.

The major threat to the environment is pollution and trees are good in reducing pollution to a great extent. Trees also help in balancing other environmental factors like climate change and rainfall. Many species finds food and shelter on trees. To protect their habitat, protecting trees is necessary.

Man depends on trees as much as he is not on anything else. Trees give us many things like fruits, vegetables, medicines, timber, rubber, wood, flower, paper, gum, etc. Trees in the park or ground with birds chirping make the environment pleasing and relaxing. Trees also help in reducing noise pollution and thus give a peaceful life.

Trees make life possible on the earth. They don’t expect anything in return but serve humans with a lot of benefits. Just like our life needs a healthy environment to survive, the environment needs a healthy quantity of trees for their existence. Therefore, saving trees is very important for saving the environment.

Long Essay on Save Trees Save Environment (500 – 600 Words)


Since childhood, we are taught that as good human beings we should always repay those who do many things for us. Many of us follow this concept for humans but they forget about other living things that make our life happier and easier. One of them is trees. Trees give us most of the things to live but in return, we cut them. If we can’t pay them back at least we should not take their life. Humans sometimes forget humanity and harm those who are our basis for survival. However, this brutal act of humans will result in several difficulties and it will be none other than humans who will suffer the most.

Environmental Value of Trees

All the factors that are responsible for maintaining a healthy environment are either directly or indirectly linked to trees. Trees are responsible for providing oxygen so that humans can survive. It also reduces the excess amount of carbon dioxide that is harmful to the environment. The three main factors of the environment that is air, water, and soil are dependent on trees for their healthy existence.

Trees are essential for purifying the air. Trees are the major contributor in reducing pollution spread across the environment. The roots of trees are also responsible for binding the soil and protecting them from soil erosion. Dry leaves are later converted into manure which in turn enhances the quality of the soil. The roots of trees are also responsible for holding water. This helps in recharging groundwater and reducing floods. By managing the effect of rain, sun, and wind, trees help in balancing climate change and rainfall.

Every organism has a different role in the environment. Together they maintain the environmental cycle. Herbivores animals are dependent on trees and leaves for food, also forests are their home. Disrupting trees will affect the environmental cycle and disturbs the life of these animals.

Economic Value of Trees

Apart from commercial and basic requirements, trees have great economic value. According to the survey, large trees are more beneficial than small ones. Trees help us in conserving our environment by reducing electricity consumption. Saving electricity is directly linked to saving the environment. A house under the shade of a large tree can save a good amount of electricity. The air from trees is much more soothing and beneficial than those artificial mediums of cooling.

Spiritual Value of Trees

Trees are the best thing to get attached. All of us have some memories of trees in our backyards or nearby areas. Areas with more trees are relaxing and pleasurable. Different varieties of trees have different shapes and colors. Some trees are evidence of our long life journey. There are many oldest trees that represent some stories. In India, some trees hold spiritual value and are worshipped by people. According to Hindu mythologies, in some trees like Banyan, Peepal, etc god resides. India also observes many occasions and rituals when trees are worshipped like a God.


We study and say that trees are our best friends but we never treat them like a normal friend also. The friendship between trees and humans is entirely one-sided. Trees give us everything and we cut them blindly for our profit. The excess cutting of trees will disrupt our environment. Our environment can only be saved and secured if there will be a healthy number of trees. The only way to save the environment is by saving trees.

I hope the above provided essay on Save Trees Save Environment will be helpful in understanding the importance of trees in conserving our environment.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Save Tree Save Environment

Q.1 Which city is renowned as the “Tree City of the World”?

Ans. In 2021, Hyderabad is considered the “Tree City of the World” but this year Mumbai also joined the list.

Q.2 Which type of pollution is more dangerous?

Ans. The most dangerous type of pollution is air pollution.

Q.3 Which trees help to reduce noise pollution?

Ans. Evergreen trees like Leyland Cypress help in reducing noise pollution.

Q.4 Which trees are best for the environment?

Ans. Plants with broad leaves are extremely helpful for the environments like oak, maple, beech, etc.