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Reading is one of the best activities that anyone can enjoy in life. The main thing is developing the habit of reading in us. There are many people around us who become really passionate about book reading or newspaper reading on daily basis. Reading helps in building our knowledge and clear concepts along with making us better people.

Short and Long Essays on Reading is Good Habit in English

These essays on this topic may help you to understand better how reading is a good habit.

Reading is Good Habit Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Reading is a good habit that every student should adopt.

2) Habit of reading boosts our knowledge.

3) It also helps in developing good communication skills.

4) While reading you learn new words which is helpful to enhance vocabulary.

5) Reading keeps us entertained and relaxed.

6) Reading also develops good creativity and imagination power.

7) A good habit of reading boosts our intelligence.

8) It is also helpful in developing a good personality and moral values.

9) Reading magazines and newspapers give us information about the world.

10) Reading improves confidence and enhances our decision-making power.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Reading is a Good Habit


There is no doubt that none other than books are our all-time best companions. It is advised to have a friendship with books as they are always with us and help us whenever we need them. We can say that reading books, newspapers, etc on daily basis is indeed a good habit. We should inculcate this habit in ourselves. The habit of reading helps us in getting a good knowledge of the world.

Pleasure of Reading

Reading books makes us feel relaxed. If we have the habit of reading regularly we are benefitted from different ideas, facts, and knowledge. While reading, one may get lost in the book itself, so we can say reading helps us in building our concentration. Reading helps us in lowering our pain and stress. A good vocabulary is the result of a good reading habit. Reading helps us get in touch with several new words.

When we read any storybook or novel, many times we start living the character that we are studying and get impressed with. Reading helps us in developing imagination power and creativity in us. It enhances our personality and helps in overall development. The people who are having a habit of reading are quite intelligent. They answer any of the questions in a brilliant way.

While reading we come across several new words, which we have not been familiar with before. Therefore the addition of new words to our own vocabulary is facilitated with the reading habit. There are many people who are fond of reading during their journeys.


Everybody must develop the habit of reading and especially students. Reading has its own importance and pleasure. It makes our mind and body relaxed.

Essay 1 (400 Words) – Reading is a Good Habit for the Overall Development of Children


Reading makes a person knowledgeable. The habit of reading increases the ability of understanding and problem-solving. Reading provides peace to our minds. Many of us love reading as their hobby, but all of us must possess the habit of reading. Generally, I have to study my subject books but I love reading novels, storybooks, and comics in my free time.

Reading is a Good Habit for Overall Development of Children

Children must develop the habit of reading. The habit of reading makes them get to know and understand different aspects. Reading helps in building vocabulary and improves language skills. Reading makes a child develop a fantasy for the character they are fond of. Children develop good imaginative power through their reading habits. They start the imagination of their own world. This helps them in the realization of their goals. In this way, they can do much better.

Reading helps the students to become more confident and frank. Reading books of moral values helps in making the student learn about good manners and values. Reading provides enrichment of our minds with good thoughts.

Reading books develop positivity in us. It helps us in relieving the stress by giving us an optimistic approach to anything in life. We get motivation by studying the life histories of successful people and are inspired to do hard work. Reading is necessary as it helps in the growth and development of an individual.

The Emergence of Technology is Changing our Reading Pattern

The emergence of the internet and several devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers has reduced the use of books for getting information. Earlier when we have to search for any topic or clear our doubts we usually took the help of books but at present, the scenario has changed.

Every doubt gets cleared with just one click. Reading and getting information online have become the favorite choice of people. No one wants to search for books in the libraries for getting information and studying. A day will come that the students will carry tablets and laptops in their bags instead of books and will be unaware of the concept of books. The books will become a past for those children. The pleasure of reading is immeasurable.


Reading is an art. It gives rise to several imaginations, fantasies, and creativity. The people who have the habit of reading can only feel the enjoyment of reading. The habit of reading must be inculcated in children from starting.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Reading is Good Habit: Advantages


Man is born with an innate tendency to learn and it continues from birth till death. The reading habit provides a great benefit to learning. Reading helps in getting knowledge about different subjects. The deeper knowledge about anything comes from reading and that makes us more confident.

Encourage Reading Habit in a Child from Very Young Age

Small children are filled with immense curiosity to know about everything. Good reading habits must be inculcated in a child from a very young age. This makes the children understand the world around them in a better way. Reading gives a vision of the future goal. Reading develops the capability of thinking and analyzing in a child.

Parents are the first teacher of a child. They should motivate their children to develop a good reading habits. They should also involve themselves in making children develop a habit of reading. Kids enjoy reading and listening to stories. Parents and teachers must have a good interaction with children, providing them with colorful books, making them more curious to know about different things, and providing them with enough resources are some small efforts which must help to develop the habit of reading in a child because both, Parents and teachers, play a very important and uncountable role in shaping the future of children.

Advantages of Reading

Reading is a habit that comes with regular effort. It is required that one should go for it once a day and then only it becomes a part of our life. There are several benefits of reading which are enlisted below.

Develops in us the Ability to Understand and Analyse When we read about anything thoroughly, we grasp the concept in our own way. Reading makes us present the thing in our own way. It develops the power of analyzing which makes us figure out right and wrong.

Enhance our Communication Skills – Reading makes us learn different words daily. These words can give a better sense of the sentences we speak. People are mostly influenced by the way we speak; therefore reading is an aid to make our communication skills better.

• Build up our Vocabulary There are many words that we have never heard. There are several words that we learn while reading. This helps in building our word dictionary of the mind and makes us learn different new words.

Becoming a Better Person by Attaining Several Qualities – The autobiographies and life histories of many great personalities helps to learn good lessons from them. We can get different ideas, values from the life history of the people, and implement the same in our life to get success and become a better person in our life.

• Helps in Relieving Stress – Reading is the best way of making our mind relaxed from the stress and tension of life. We can make ourselves comfortable with a story or inspirational books that help in changing our mood and reducing stress.

Develops Good Writing Skills – The person who is a good reader can have better imagination power. This develops creative writing skills in a person.

Helps in getting out from Loneliness and becoming Bored – Books are our best friends. They are our best companions when we are lonely and depressed. We can entertain ourselves by reading some wonderful storybooks, science fiction or novels and can save us from being bored.

Reading is a Good Exercise of Mind and Body – Regular reading makes our mind to develop and get sharper. The more we read; the more perfection we gain. The body is also relaxed by making reading our regular habits.

Increases our Concentration – Reading helps in developing the power of concentration in us. As reading requires full attention and it takes us away from the real world. The ability to concentrate takes us closer to achieving our goal in life.

• Helps to Boost-up our Knowledge – Reading helps us to gain a better knowledge of science, art and culture, social studies, current affairs, etc. It helps us to collect several information and facts from different fields by different books we study.


Reading is fun. We should try to develop in us the habit of reading. It takes little time to make ourselves comfortable, but slowly it will get into our practice. Reading has no substitute and it should be carried on with interest, not taken as a burden.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When did reading evolve in the world?

Ans. Reading emerged around 4000 BCE.

Q.2 Who invented reading books?

Ans. Reading books was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1450.

Q.3 What is meant by silent reading?

Ans. The process of reading without producing sound in reading the words is called silent reading.

Q.4 How is reading healthy?

Ans. Reading is a healthy habit because it instills positivity in us and helps in relieving our stress.

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