Essay on My School Picnic

A school picnic is an event where students go outside with teachers and enjoy the day together.

School life is a happy life not because we don’t have any career pressure but because we have lots of happy memories. Various events, programs, activities, etc make study more interesting and engaging. School is a stair that took us toward a successful life journey. In the busy schedule of studies, the name that turns all of us excited is a school picnic. This word by the teacher is enough to make all of us excited in school. The memories of school picnics are incredible and unforgettable.

Short and Long My School Picnic Essay in English

Here, I’m providing short and long essays on My School Picnic. This topic is useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and class 12. The language is kept easy so that every student can understand it properly.

My School Picnic Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) School picnic is a day when we are free from studies.

2) All the students were very excited about the school picnic.

3) We went to a nearby beach by our school bus.

4) The beach was full of people and we were instructed not to go far.

5) I along with my friends played lots of games.

6) Our teachers also joined us in playing.

7) After playing, we all had lunch together.

8) We enjoyed ourselves at the beach till evening.

9) Then we all moved to our bus for going back.

10) Our school bus took us home and we all were very tired.

Short Essay on My School Picnic (200 – 250 Words)

On the day of the school picnic, we all reached school on time. After attending the school prayer, we went near the school bus. Then we went to an amusement park under the supervision of two teachers. Students were not restricted to wear school uniforms. The school bus was filled with colorful students.

Most of us visited an amusement park for the first time so it was an amazing experience. We were not allowed on dangerous rides. However, we enjoyed roller coaster rides. After a few hours of enjoyment, our teachers called all of us for lunch. We all enjoyed lunch together and then came back to the pool. All the students along with teachers danced together in the shower.   

We didn’t even know how time passed and we were asked to pack our bags. No one wanted to leave the fun and enjoyment of the park. But it was afternoon so we all came out of the pool. All the students then moved back to the bus. We all get back to our respective seats and went back home. We reach school in the evening. The parents of every student were waiting to take us home. I ran toward my father and didn’t wait a while to narrate my experience. My father laughed all the way home. I enjoyed my school picnic very much. 

Long Essay on My School Picnic (500 – 600 Words)


A picnic is an event when people go outside either with friends or family to enjoy the day and location. Schools also organize picnics to take children out so that they feel relaxed from everyday studies. The school picnic is a wonderful experience for both children and students. The school picnic is a break for both students and teachers from the burden of work. It is also beneficial for children’s physical health.

Preparation for School Picnic

Like every year, my school planned a picnic this summer. When our class teacher announced the school picnic, all the students were filled with excitement and started shouting. We started planning for the picnic from the day we heard about it. Out of all the locations, we decided to visit a zoo. We were happy because our favorite teacher is going with us. I packed my bag a day before the picnic. I kept chips and chocolates for my all friends. After several days of preparation, finally, the day came.

My School Picnic to a Zoo

In the morning, we all came to school in time. The zoo was far from our school. We played antaksari the entire route and had chips and chocolates. After a few hours, we reached there. Teachers took the tickets and we all entered the zoo in a queue. There was a crowd and so the teacher instructed us to stay together. We saw many animals there. The first animal we saw was deer. Then we saw many animals like wolf, monkey, elephant, fox, etc. Then we came to the king of the jungle, the lion. The lion was roaring, some of my friends were scared while others started laughing at them. We also saw a bear with his cubs. We were just having fun that it was time for lunch. The teacher collected all the students in the canteen area for lunch. All the students brought their lunch boxes. We shared our food and enjoyed lunch.

After lunch, we moved to the bird and reptile section. There we saw different birds that I was never seen before. All the birds were very colorful and looked so amazing. We also studied the board that described the animals in the cage. Our teacher also gave us information regarding the animals. We saw two peacocks with their feathers open. The scene was really awesome. Then we moved to the reptile section. Most of the reptiles were kept in glass cages while some are kept in soil that is well packed from a safety point of view. Many huge snakes like python and cobra were looking dangerous. I saw all of them from a distance as I am afraid of snakes.

The day ended so soon that it turned evening. The teacher collected all the students near the school bus. The bus was filled with silence, no one was even talking. All of us were very tired. Some students even slept on their seats. The bus dropped us at our bus stops and we reached home.


We collected lots of memories during the picnic. Every year we eagerly wait for the picnic time. It is only one day’s enjoyment but the impact remains for the whole year of our life. On a picnic, every small thing makes us happy. Remembering those days still gives me goosebumps and happiness. I always miss my school picnic and my friends.

I hope the above given essay on My School Picnic will be helpful to write a short and long essay for all the students.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My School Picnic

Q.1 Why picnics are important for schools?

Ans. School picnics are important for students’ physical health and personality development. It gives them a stress-free environment where they can explore many new things.

Q.2 When International Picnic Day is celebrated?

Ans. International Picnic Day is celebrated on 18 June.

Q.3 When was first Picnic Day celebrated?

Ans. In 1909, the first picnic day was celebrated.

Q.4 What is a Teddy bear picnic?

Ans. 11 July is termed as a Teddy bear picnic when people went to a picnic with their family and teddy bear.