Essay on Career

A career is the future of our job or education that later determines our success.

Who doesn’t want to have a luxurious life, who doesn’t want to be rich? Who doesn’t love to be famous or to be liked and respected by society? Everyone loves this stuff and wants themselves as well as their family to be happy and prosper all time. In order to achieve all these things, everyone works hard to make a better career. Life wouldn’t be complete without a career. Since childhood, every child thinks of what he wants to become in the future. Today we will focus on the career in detail.

Short and Long Career Essay in English

Here I’m presenting long and short essays on Career for students. This topic is useful for students who are at the stage of choosing their careers.

Career Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) A career is a journey that a person makes through learning, work, and other aspects of life.

2) Career will help to turn all dreams into reality.

3) Choosing a career is the most critical task of our life.

4) Career should be chosen according to our interests.

5) Students can make their careers in many fields like medical, engineering, teaching, art, etc.

6) Hard work, confidence, and determination are important to achieve good career goals.

7) One should choose a career that gives joy and pleasure.

8) Students can make their careers according to their skills.

9) A good network and guidance will lead you toward a good career.

10) Students should take help from their parents, elders, teachers, and well-wishers while choosing a career.

Short Essay on Career (200 – 250 Words)

Everyone has a dream to have a luxurious lifestyle full of comfort. To enjoy this lifestyle we have to make a good career. Developing a career plan is an integral part of managing personal development and learning. Anyone can set themselves up for a fruitful, fulfilling career if they put in some hard work, do some planning, and conduct some serious self-reflection. Choosing a career involves a number of factors like future scope, skills required, etc. These factors have an impact on a person’s final decision. Before selecting a career, it is important to identify the areas of interest.

It is well known that academic studies lead to a wide range of careers. One needs to study hard for better career prospects. A hobby or thing that anyone loves to do can easily be turned into a career. A number of hobbies correlate well with actual career positions.

Like, if anyone enjoys drawing or arts, a career as a graphic designer is ideal, or if he likes sports, he can choose his career as an athlete or a sports trainer/coach. However, one should also think of the future aspect of that field. A career is an important factor that enhances your societal importance and relationship. Do not give up on your dreams, choose your career wisely.

Long Essay on Career (500 – 600 Words)


When we take admission to school we don’t have much idea about our future. We generally concentrate on our studies. We enjoy this stage very much. Later when we are promoted to a higher standard, we understand the importance of studies. After a few years when we are at the ending stage of our school days, we realize the importance and meaning of a career. At this time we really have the pressure of choosing a good career. A career is a future path that leads us toward the path of success.

Importance of a good career

A career plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. From childhood, we are instructed to study hard and score good grades. We are told to work hard to make a better career. A good career leads to a good life. A career is important to attain success in life. From personal to professional life everything is affected by a career. A good career develops your personality and quality of living.

Society also respects people who have a good career. Your lifestyle and future also depend on your career. A career affects your entire life and hence it is considered important to choose your career wisely. Many students aim to become a doctor, engineers, teachers, etc in the future. To attain this profession first we need to study hard.

Choosing your career

Choosing your career is a very critical decision. There are many factors that affect the decision of choosing a career. The first thing that we should consider is our area of interest. Students should make their careers in the field they are interested. Our interest makes us more perfect in our job. Another thing is the future prospect, students should also take care of future opportunities. The field you are opting for must have a good future scope so that later it gives you fruitful results. Everything in the world is continuously changing. So keeping this in mind is very important when choosing your career.

Other things like working environment, salary, extra benefits, etc should also be concerned. One must feel satisfied with their career. You rarely get a chance to correct the mistake you have taken while choosing a career. Therefore, students should think twice before proceeding toward the future.

What helps in making a good career?

A career cannot be built overnight, you have to focus on it beforehand. The below given factors will help you to achieve good career goals.

Hard work: Nothing can be achieved without hard work. Continuous hard work and studies will help you to achieve your career goal.

Confidence: Today, confidence is important in both personal as well as professional life. Confidence will give you the power to show your skills and also help you to do well in your career.

Determination: Determination toward your work will always give you a profitable result. One should never lose hope and always remain determined.


We have to take many decisions in life but the most critical decision is to choose a perfect career. The option to choose a career comes only once in life. Therefore, we should start thinking about our career way before so that we do not make any mistake. We can also take help from parents, elders, teachers, and relatives. Today, we have the internet, the solution to all the problems. Students should collect proper knowledge and choose a career that suits their interests and future.

I hope the above provided essay on Career will be helpful for every student in making their career decisions.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Career

Q.1 What is the main difference between a job and a career?

Ans. A career is a long-term goal while a job can be done for earning money.

Q.2 Who is known as the “Father of Guidance”?

Ans. Frank Parsons is considered as the “Father of Guidance”.

Q.3 What is career planning?

Ans. Career planning is a process that helps in choosing the best career that matches your interest, skills, and talent.

Q.4 What job does a career counselor do?

Ans. A career counselor helps you in choosing a career. Doesn’t matter whether you are new or working, you can take help from a career counselor to build a good career.