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Books are a collection of various information and facts related to different topics and subjects in written and arranged format. Many of us have a hobby of reading books of our choice, but find one or the other book as our favorite book.

Short and Long Essays on My Favourite Book in English

The following essays may help you to write essays on your own favorite book.

My Favourite Book Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Books are a never ending source of knowledge.

2) I love reading devotional books.

3) My favorite book that inspires me is “Ramcharitmanas”.

4) In this book the characteristics of Lord Rama are discussed in detail.

5) My grandmother always tells me the story of Lord Ram which inspires me to read this book.

6) This book teaches us lots of good things.

7) The happy and sorrowful moment mentioned in this book gives me goosebumps.

8) This book inspires me to follow the footprint of Lord Rama.

9) This book holds great importance in the heart of every Hindu.

10) Reading Ramcharitmanas gives me positive vibes every time.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – My Favourite Book: Panchatantra


Being our best friends, books provide us with knowledge about the whole world. I have read many books. Some of them are my course books and some are the storybooks which my parents have bought for me.

My Favourite Book

My favorite book is Panchatantra. It is written by Vishnu Sharma. The book contains a collection of many stories. The writer has tried to give the moral of life by the activity of animals. I am very fond of reading storybooks and this book provided me with different types of stories.

The story of stork and crab shows the presence of the mind and intelligence of the crab. The stork could not search for his food when he became old and therefore had made a plan. He stood sad and depressed near the pond and when fish and crab asked the reason for his sadness, he made a fake story that the pond will be inhabited by people to grow crops. All the fishes, frogs, and crabs were convinced by his story. Later when it was the chance of crab to be killed and eaten by the stork, the situation was reversed. Crab used his intelligence and could guess the real motive of the stork. He escaped by killing the stork.

The book contains several stories like Monkey and crocodile, Elephant and mice, loyal mongoose, etc. There are many stories in the book and they focus on the qualities like friendship, courage, intelligence, presence of mind, and unity.


The book Panchatantra is one of my favorite storybooks. I was very happy after reading this book for the first time. The stories are fascinating as well as teach us some morals of life.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – My Favourite Book: Mahabharata


There are hundreds of books we come through while reading. Every book provides us with knowledge and interesting facts. There are some books which inspire us and we feel it to be the best book we have ever read.

Elucidation of My Favourite Book

My favorite book is Mahabharata. I did not know anything about this epic before I read the book. I received this book as my birthday gift from my grandparents. At first, when I opened the book, it appeared to be a little boring. I kept the book as it is in my drawer. Later when the serial Mahabharata was casted on television, I started getting interested in the story. Since it was casted a little on one day and I wanted to know about the whole story soon. Therefore I started reading the book.

Mahabharata is one of the major epics of Hindus in Sanskrit. It has been written by Maharishi Ved Vyas. The epic contains 10000 shlokas. The main story depicted by this epic is based on the battle between Pandavas and Kauravas for getting the throne of Hastinapur. The battle was fought in Kurukshetra.

Story in Brief

The book mainly focuses on the story of Kauravas and Pandavas. Dhritarashtra and Pandu were two brothers. Since Dhritarashtra was blind so Pandu became the ruler. Duryodhana was the eldest of hundred sons (Kaurwas) of Dhritarashtra and Yudhistir, Bheem, Arjuna, Nakul, and Sehdev were five sons of Pandu. Duryodhana invited Pandavas to play the game with him. The Pandavas accepted the offer of their cousin’s brother and came to play. They lost the game and also Draupadi called “Panchali”.

As a result, they have to spend 13 years of exile period. After they completed the period of exile, they returned to Indraprastha. Duryodhana refused to hand over Hastinapur to Pandavas. This led them to fight the battle for justice and dharma. Later the Pandavas won the battle by defeating Kauravas.

Bhagavad Gita – Arjun was not ready to fight the battle against his close relatives. The Enlightenment and knowledge which Lord Krishna imparted during the battle to Arjun came to be known as Bhagavad Gita. It is the storehouse of knowledge. It is part of the Great Epic Mahabharata.

It consists of 18 chapters consisting of 700 shlokas. It teaches us spiritual lessons along with important lessons of life.

Lord Krishna says that it is the body only that dies not the soul. The soul leaves one body and occupies a new body. It has been explained in Gita that one should be hard working without thinking of the results. There is no substitute for hard work. The life of man is full of struggles and men should face all these with a firm determination.


I love the story of Mahabharata. This book helps us in solving the problems of our life. In the story of Mahabharata, every character has an important role and we can learn different things from their life.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – My Favourite Book: Ramayana


Reading books is a good habit. It inculcates knowledge and moral values in us. Every one of us should have a good reading habit. Books are like our companions. Books are the storehouse of knowledge and we can obtain the knowledge to develop a passion for reading us.

I have read many books. I am very fond of reading novels and storybooks. My favorite book is Ramayana. It is the greatest Epic after Mahabharata written by Rishi Valmiki. It is the holy book of Hindus.

Story of Ramayana

The great epic Ramayana illustrates the story of Lord Rama. He was the son of Ayodhya King Dasharatha. King Dasharatha had four sons from his three wives namely Ram, Lakshman, Bharata, Shatrughan. There was a lot of love and affection between the brothers.

All four of them left Ayodhya the first time to gain an education. They completed their education and returned to Ayodhya. Further, they all were married. Lord Ram was married to Sita. Lord Ram has to leave his family and go to exile for a period of 14 years, following the orders of his mother Kaikeyi. He left to spend his exile period with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

In the jungle, Sita was kidnapped by the Demon King Ravana. Lord Ram defeated Ravana and rescued his wife back to Ayodhya. Then only Ram was conferred as King of Ayodhya. He saved the lives of many saints by punishing the evil characters. He was the ideal king for his people of kingdom Ayodhya. He took care of his people and sometimes went into the public by changing his identity to know the real scenario. He would hear to everybody in his kingdom and did justice.

Lesson from the Life of Different Characters of Ramayana

  • Lord Ram – He was an ideal son for his father, mother, and country, ideal husband for his wife Sita, an Ideal brother, and Ideal king for the public of his kingdom.
  • Lakshman He was an Ideal brother and took care of his elder brother Ram. All of the brothers had a lot of love and affection for each other.
  • Bharata He was an ideal brother. It has been stated that when Lord Ram went to exile for 14 years, Bharata has kept the slippers of his elder brother on the throne and did not accept the throne as a king. He also had sacrificed the pleasures of the palace and resided in a small hut. These things represent the respect and love of a brother.
  • Sita – Lord Ram was married to Sita. She was an ideal wife. She went along with Lord Ram for the exile period. She stated that – How could a wife enjoy all pleasures of life when the husband has to go for exile period? She always stood with her husband in good or bad times of life.
  • Shabri – Her character is also an important character as a great Devotee of Ram. She spread the flowers and selected berries daily to welcome Lord Ram and finally her wish was fulfilled. In the same way, we should not lose hope till the end and try our best.
  • All other characters were also great like Hanuman the greatest devotee of Lord Ram, all the mothers of Lord Ram, wife of all four brothers, Jatayu, etc.

Moral Derived after Reading the Book

  • We must be brave and courageous in our life with a high spirit.
  • Life has both phases i.e. happiness and grief. We must be readily accepting both phases of life.
  • This epic teaches us to respect our elders and teachers. We should listen and follow what they say.
  • We learn that evil or wrong deeds never give a better result. We should use our energy in a positive direction to achieve success. As the demon Ravana took away Maa Sita by betrayal, therefore, was punished. Instead of being a person with intellect, he did not use his mind and energy in a positive direction.


Ramayana is an epic with immense knowledge and principles of life. This book can be found in every house. I love reading this book again and again. People who do not have this book must bring and read the book as it is filled with spiritual and moral lessons.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is the root word of the book?

Ans. The word book has been derived from the old English word ‘boc’.

Q.2 Which was the first printed book in India?

Ans. The Compendio Spiritual Da Vide Christaa was the first book printed in India.

Q.3 What was the name of the first book in the world?

Ans. The name of the first book in the world is Gutenberg Bible that was printed in 1455 in Europe.

Q.4 What is the name of the oldest religious book?

Ans. The name of the oldest religious book is ‘Rigveda’.

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