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Motivation is a word which itself carries a positive vibe and one should really have some motivation infrequent intervals. All of us have different sources of motivation and sometimes we have our role models as our source of motivation.

Short and Long Essays on Motivation in English

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Motivation Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Motivation is a process that encourages people to achieve their goals.

2) Motivation emerges from the word motive meaning desire or aim.

3) Motivation helps us to be more focused on our work.

4) It is necessary to be motivated for achieving success.

5) Intrinsic and extrinsic are the two major forms of motivation.

6) Motivation is a positive vibe that gives us confidence.

7) People can get motivation from other people, books, videos, nature, etc.

8) Motivation adds the capability of thinking and generating ideas.

9) People can remain motivated by following the person or thing that encourages them.

10) Source of motivation varies from one person to another.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – How to Get Motivation


Motivation is defined as a state of mind when everything seems positive and we have a different kind of enthusiasm to complete our work. It is good in many ways and adds confidence to us. It is not every time we are successful but to start a new phase, we need some motivation. Once we are motivated, we start with new energy and hope. Motivation works like glucose and gives us energy.

What is Motivation and How to Get It

It is just a feeling and it can be anyone the source of motivation for you, either a person, a book, a celebrity, a teacher, parents, your dreams, etc. The source which inspires us to perform best and achieve our goals are our source of motivation.

The way our teachers inspire us to get good marks. Our parents inspire us to try and learn new things; all are different sources of motivation.

It was my father who taught me how to ride a bicycle. But when I fell for the first time, I just refused to learn. But my father motivated me as a result it is an easy task for me today.

So, watching videos and talking to motivational speakers are not only the sources of motivation but you can learn from anything and from anywhere.


We have different feelings and all sum up and make your story of life. The way we laugh, cry, feel sad we also need motivation sometimes. There is always a time in life when we start feeling lost and hopeless and some people also tend towards some unlawful activities like suicide. So, always have a source of motivation in your life, it will not only polish your activities but will also help you to be creative.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – What are the Sources of Motivation


The word motivation has been derived from the word motive and it is similar to inspiration. All of us need motivation at different stages of life. Sometimes we need the motivation to fulfill our goals whereas sometimes to live a peaceful life. Either it is a child or a grown-up person all of us need it.

Sources of Motivation

It can be anyone either your school teacher or your mother itself, depending on who really understands our situation.

From People: It is our mother the best coach in our life, but sometimes some other people understand our goal and target more clearly, so they work as a motivator for us. In research, it has been found that when we talk to our mother, our brain releases oxytocin in a good amount and it automatically makes us feel good and we start feeling better and motivated.

Famous Personalities: Our favorite people like a film star, a sports person, a president, or anyone can be your inspiration. When we like to become like someone, we start following them and they become our motivation.

From Animals: There are many animals which keep on motiving us like a dog, which never feels sad and always makes his owner feel happy. An ant, which keeps on falling still starts its journey again and teaches us that we should not stop at our failures. Similarly, there are many more animals that teach us a lot, just keep your eye open and analyze your surroundings.

Nature: Nature has many example-like seasons, it is not every season we like, and still we survive and understand the importance of a good one. Another good example is a river, how it flows and makes its own path from above the mountains up to the sea. It is really inspiring and teaches us to face every problem in our life.

Books: One of the best sources of motivation, there are many books available having wonderful experience shared with some beautiful stories. Books are our best friends and the best motivators.


It is not only you who may feel low or sad sometimes it happens to everyone and people meet different people and also reach the above-mentioned sources and get motivated. Motivation works like an energy drink and we start feeling more focused and inspired. So, always have your inspiration with you because it will help you to achieve your goals.

Essay on Motivation

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Motivation: Types; Importance and How to be Motivated


Motivation is simply a word but it can simply change your life from normal to an amazing level. A motivated person is also energetic and filled with positivity. When we talk to such people, we start feeling motivated too. It is a feeling which fills us with joy and new hope and hope helps us to achieve our goal and inspires us to try again and again.

Types of Motivation

It can be differentiated into two types, the first one is Internal and the other is External motivation.

Internal Motivation: The feel comes like an internal voice, for example, if your handwriting is poor and you want to improve then you will work hard of your own to change your handwriting. There is an internal pressure that will provoke you and encourage you to become the best.

External Motivation: Sometimes we feel criticized and we have to improve our performance then we don’t feel motivated to do something for our purpose. This is an external motivation, it can be your teacher or parents motivating you to improve your handwriting and you will try but not in such a way as your internal motivation works.

Importance of Motivation

  • Motivation helps us to achieve our goals.
  • It fills energy which encourages us and makes our path easy.
  • Motivation fills hope and if a person is hopeful, he can do anything and will fill a different level of confidence.
  • A motivated person is always optimistic and will never feel depressed. An optimistic view is very necessary to live a peaceful life.
  • A motivated person carries positive vibes and people love to be around them.
  • The effect of motivation is different for different people because it helps students to get good marks, youth to achieve their goal, and workers to perform well at their workplace, in general, to live a healthy life.
  • A motivated person has the ability to generate new ideas and thoughts.

How to be Motivated

Watch Movies: There are many movies that have been especially based on some motivational stories. When we watch a movie or a video, we can automatically relate it. Watching a video has a very quick effect on our mind that’s why movie directors give a message through their movies.

Watch Inspirational Videos: There are many famous people who had struggled a lot and when you listen to them, it really inspires us to work hard. There are more than thousands of videos on YouTube. You can also follow your role models because it needs lots of effort and labour to become successful.

Motivational Speakers: If you are demotivated in life and feeling lost then you should definitely listen to some motivational speakers. There are many famous names who especially give a motivational speech on different topics.

Bhagwat Gita: It is not just a Hindu scripture but it is a wonderful book with near about 700- verse. It is really inspiring and motivates a lot. It contains the solution to every problem in life. Although it is a holy book it deals with day to day things and does not promote a particular religion.

Other Books: There are many other books and motivational storybooks available and we should really read them. They give us instant power and help us to perform our tasks in a better way.


It is all about our inner conflict, once you are clear about your thoughts and goals, no one can stop you and these motivational sources work like a power booster. It is good to be optimistic because it helps us to achieve our goal and adds peace in our life. It is not always a successful person is the happiest one; a person should also focus on internal peace. It can be attained by being optimistic and optimism can be gained by being motivated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is motivation important?

Ans. Motivation is important as it saves people from being distracted from their aim.

Q.2 What gives rise to motivation?

Ans. Needs or desires give rise to motivation.

Q.3 Is motivation a skill or value?

Ans. Motivation is a skill that can make us successful in achieving our goals.

Q.4 What are three important factors of motivation?

Ans. The three important factors of motivation are intensity, direction, and patience.

Q.5 How can we stay motivated in our life?

Ans. We need to remember about our goal in mind to stay motivated in our life.

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