Essay on Morning Walk

A morning walk is a practice of maintaining good health by walking in the morning. As compared to the past, this generation is suffering lots of health issues. The most common and dangerous issue in the modern world is mental disorders. The main reason for this is high competition and rush. Some people’s lives are like a mad rush from one job to the next with no breaks. Today, people put money and luxury over their health. For this busy schedule, one thing that will really help you to remain fit is a morning walk. On seeing the importance of a morning walk in our life, today we are going to discuss the morning walk in detail.

Short and Long Morning Walk Essay in English

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Morning Walk Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Going for a walk in the morning is termed a morning walk.

2) It is a common kind of physical activity.

3) Morning walk is good for people of all ages.

4) Morning walk is a good way to start your day.

5) It keeps our mind and body refreshed and boosts metabolism.

6) Morning walk is usually advised by the doctors for good health.

7) It also helps in increasing concentration levels.

8) Morning walk is a good way to watch the beauty of nature.

9) It is good for the proper functioning of all the organs.

10) It is the easiest method to remain fit and fine.

Short Essay on Morning Walk (250 – 300 Words)


A morning walk is just going for a walk in the morning. Morning walks are often relaxing and enjoyable because the air is cool and fresh and there aren’t many people around. Both the sound of birds singing and the sight of the sun coming up are very soothing. Seeing beautiful nature makes our eyes feel better. It improves the overall well-being and energy of our body.

Morning Walk: The Natural Medicine

It has several uncountable benefits in our life. Getting out for a walk in the morning keeps you happy. Our metabolism speeds up when we take a morning walk, which is a sign that our bodies are getting healthier. We feel less stressed when we walk in the morning, which has a big effect on our mental health.
A good walk in the morning seems to help many people sleep better at night. A morning walk gives you energy, keeps you from being lazy, and puts you in a good mood. Morning walk does not cost anything instead provides huge advantages to people of all age groups. Everyone should practice it daily to live a happy and healthy life.


The best time to go on a morning walk is right after waking up. Walking is good for your heart and lungs, but unless you walk very quickly or for a long distance, it won’t burn many calories. Walking only works on the muscles in your legs. However, incorrect walking for a long period of time can be harmful. Therefore, one should follow the proper method of walking daily.

Long Essay on Morning Walk (500 Words)


Walking is something that everyone needs to do. Walking is a form of physical activity that can help improve mood and reduce stress. Taking a walk in the morning is a habit that can help us in many ways. One of the best ways to kick off the day is with a morning walk. A morning walk is a great way to get in shape. There are many ways to work out, but walking is one that everyone can do and is easy to do.

Benefits of Morning Walk

Morning walk helps keep our body and mind in balance, makes us feel healthy, and relieve stress. It helps us clear our minds, plan for the next day and pay attention to anything and everything. This can also help us sleep better at night and be more awake during the day. Morning walk also makes bones stronger, help people lose weight, promote healthy aging, and help keep diseases away. It helps keep the body’s most important organs in good state.

Impact of Morning Walk

Morning walk makes a lot of good things happen in our everyday lives. During the walk, you can meet a lot of new people which makes you feel better. In the morning, the surrounding is free from dust and dirt. The cool breeze, the birds chirping, the stream moving peacefully, etc make the day beautiful. All of these activities have positive effects on one’s mental and spiritual health. A morning walk helps everyone stay happy and healthy all day.

Correct Method of Morning Walk

Walking is best in the early morning. Most people think it’s healthier to get up at 4 a.m. and go for a walk. The best time to walk or do any other kind of exercise is between 5 AM and 7 AM. When you walk in the morning, wear shoes of good quality and comfort. Also, the walk should take place in an open area with lots of trees and fresh air. The walk shouldn’t be done too quickly or too slowly. Morning walks should be done in the correct method to avail all of their benefits.

Disadvantages of Morning Walk

Morning walking has lots of advantages in our daily life but if practiced incorrectly it can cause some disadvantages. A morning walk is considered a low-intensity workout, and it doesn’t help you burn many calories. If you walk wrong or do too much of it, you can also hurt your knees and joints. When you go for a morning walk before eating anything, your blood sugar level drops, which can affect your blood pressure and heartbeat.


People of all ages can find treasures on a morning walk. Everyone, whether they are young or old, should try to take a morning walk every day. For people who can’t do things like jogging or run, a morning walk is the next best thing.

I hope the above given essay on Morning Walk will be helpful in understanding the benefits as well as the correct method of doing it.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Morning Walk

Q.1 Can we drink water before morning water?

Ans. Yes, drinking water is good to keep our body hydrated.

Q.2 What should be the duration of the morning walk?

Ans. According to many studies, you get the best results when you walk for 20 to 30 minutes or more.

Q.3 Does a morning walk help in losing weight?

Ans. Morning walk helps in burning calories and therefore can help in losing weight.

Q.4 Is sleeping after a morning walk harmful?

Ans. It’s fine to sleep for 20 minutes after a morning walk. This helps your muscles relax and gives you more energy.