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The rural areas of the country are considered as villages. We all live in a country but it is again divided into two sections. One is loaded with high technological advancement while the other section requires development. Although the village area lacks development and technological advancement, it has several other benefits. The peace, environment, purity, satisfaction, and simplicity of villages are unbeatable. Villages are the ideal place for healthy living. Lucky are those who have their roots in villages. Therefore, today we will discuss My Village to highlight the beauty of villages.

Short and Long My Village Essay in English

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My Village Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) My village’s name is Heerapur, and it is located in Haryana.

2) My village is small but the people living here have big hearts.

3) There are two schools and one hospital in my village.

4) Facilities like electricity and transportation are not good here.

5) My village is free from unwanted pollution and noise.

6) All people of the village work hard to carry out their living.

7) People of my village are very helpful and down to earth.

8) Villagers celebrate all the functions together.

9) All the people live happily and peacefully in my village.

10) My village is very beautiful and I love it.

Short Essay on My Village (250 – 300 Words)


My name is Anjali and my village is Dhamtari. My village is very beautiful and incredible. We often visit our village at festivals. It has all the major facilities which make it a better place to live. There is no pollution, no noise, and no rush. The fresh air is blown with the sounds of birds chirping.

My Beautiful Village

My village has some 100 to 150 families. All the houses are mainly surrounded by greenery. There is one lake near my village. Agriculture and fishing is the main occupation of my village peoples. Many people have domesticated cows in their homes.

Another thing I love the most in my village is sleeping on the terrace. I love counting stars in the clear sky. The cool breeze at night is far better than air conditioners. All the people of my village are very kind and helpful. I have so many friends there and I play with them all day. There is a small temple in the center of my village. All the villagers gather there at every festival and celebrate the moment together. People usually grow vegetables on their farms. Others have to go to the nearby grocery shops for buying things. There are only few shops selling only basic things. For more amenities, people have to walk to nearby markets.


The roads in my village have many potholes and are very narrow. There are only a few means of transport available to travel to nearby places. There is one government hospital and one school. However, in case of serious issues, they have to go to the city for treatment. Although it lacks many facilities, still people live happily in villages.

Long Essay on My Village (500 Words)


Villages are referred to as the rural portion of the nation. India has many small and big villages. Almost everyone comes from a village, and we always have connections to our villages. The beauty of villages attracts people to them. Living in a village has a lot of good points. But some important facilities are missing in villages as well. Due to this many people don’t like to live in villages. However, villages play an important role in supporting the economy of the nation.

My Beautiful Village

Hello, I’m Rohan and I usually visit my village in my holidays. My village is situated a few kilometers away from the city of Ghazipur. My grandparents live there alone. I feel very excited when we prepare to go to our village. We usually go there by taking a local bus. When we enter the village the pleasant surrounding and the fresh air welcomes us. Whenever we arrive in our village, our neighbors and other people come around to greet us. I really enjoy this moment. The peaceful surrounding of my village feels very satisfying and relaxing.

Facilities in My Village

Today the government is trying to make all facilities available in villages but my village still lacks many of them. There is no proper road in my village. In fact, there is no facility for transport. People have to walk on foot from the road to the village to reach their respective houses.

However, electricity comes for a short period of time. There is only one nearby school where all the village children go. It is a government school with a mid-day meal system. Students have to go a few kilometers away from the village for higher classes. There are also no taps just like in cities. There is no hospital located near the village. People have to go far for medicines and checkups.

The environment of My Village

The environment of my village is very pleasant. There are trees everywhere. Almost all families are engaged in agriculture. People who live in villages are more dedicated to their work than people who live in cities. They also have more strength and capacity than city dwellers. They work throughout the day on farms and return home in the evening.

Due to the good population of trees, the atmosphere remains cool throughout the day and night. Most of the houses are made up of mud and grass. The whole village lives in peace and harmony, and there are no conflicts of any kind. Villagers help each other when they are sad or happy, and they are very friendly.


Life in a village is totally different from that in cities. Since village people lack certain facilities and luxuries of living but they are blessed with the pure nature. They stay away from the pollution and greed of the cities. They live a simple but happy life. People should visit their village and enjoy its beauty.

I hope the above provided essay on My Village will be helpful in understanding the scenario of my village and the life of the people living there.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on My Village

Q.1 Why villages are important?

Ans. The village is crucial for maintaining the ecological balance of the environment and serving as the main source of agricultural production.

Q.2 How many villages are there in India?

Ans. India currently has more than 6 lakh villages.

Q.3 Which Indian state has the most villages?

Ans. Bihar in India has the most villages.

Q.4 Which is the cleanest village in Asia?

Ans. Mawlynnong is a village in the North East Indian state of Meghalaya which is the cleanest village in Asia.