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Apple is a famous and beneficial fruit. We all know that a healthy life is totally dependent on a healthy lifestyle. Also the main part of a healthy lifestyle is having a healthy diet. Fruits are very important part of a balanced diet. There are different fruits with different tastes and different nutritional values. One of the most important fruit for good health is the apple. Today, we will discuss Apple fruit in detail.

Short and Long Apple Fruit Essay in English

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Apple Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Apple is a fruit that can be red or green in color.

2) It is sweet and sour in taste.

3) In India, most of the apples are grown in Jammu and Kashmir.

4) Different recipes can be prepared from apples.

5) Apple has a lot of health benefits for people of all ages.

6) Ambri apple, Fuji apple, Opal apple, etc are some varieties of Apples.

7) Apple originated in Asia and is now available in every country.

8) It helps to control massive diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

9) Winter season is suitable for growing apples.

10) Eating an apple every day is very good for your health.

Short Essay on Apple (250 – 300 Words)


Apple is the fruit that people consume most of all fruits. It is both nutritious and delicious. Apple is a seedy fruit that can be re-grown with its seed. The scientific name of apple is Malus. Apples can be eaten fresh or prepared in a variety of other ways, such as in a salad, cake, or other baked goods. Some people peel it for consumption but for more benefits, one should eat it without peeling it off.

Health benefits of Apples

Apples have numerous other health benefits, including helping people to lose weight and maintaining a healthy heart. Because of its delicious, sweet, and nourishing features, it is able to prevent a number of diseases, including apnea, diarrhea, indigestion, persistent fever, anorexia, anemia, headaches, forgetfulness, liver, and kidney stones, as well as headaches. Apples have a high amount of vitamin C, which has been shown to both reduce the risk of tooth decay and clean teeth.

Varieties of Apples

An apple tree can live for almost 100 years, but as it gets older the production of apples can be decreased. There are 7,500 different types of apples that can be found in different parts of the world. Some well-known apple varieties that can be found in India are Granny Smith Apples, Gala Apples, Ambri Apples, Fuji Apples, etc. Apples are native to Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Arunachal Pradesh in India.


Apple is also famous as it is the fruit that was fall on the head of Newton and the world got a new theory. The Mountain region with a cold and light summer climate is well-suited for the cultivation of apples.

Long Essay on Apple (500 Words)


Since childhood, we have heard the famous proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. It reflects the benefits of eating an apple every day. The apple is a famous fruit that is high in nutritional value. It is sweet and delicious in taste. Apples are typically available in red and green colors. However, green apples are considered raw and people mostly prefer red apples for eating. People also prepare different dishes with apples like apple pie, apple cake, apple juice, caramel, etc. Apples are grown on the apple tree that needs suitable weather conditions to grow.

Origin of Apple

The term “apple” originates from the Latin word “pomum,” which simply refers to the fruit. The apple is a delicious fruit that was first cultivated in Asia. Apples are typically grown in mountainous regions throughout the winter months. Jammu and Kashmir account for almost 80 percent of India’s overall production of apples. The apples grown in Kashmir are among the highest quality apples with a sweet taste.

There are around 7500 different types of apples in the globe, and India is home to 20 of those varieties. The cultivation of apples has a history that dates all the way back to 100 BC. According to the data, in 1632 it arrived in Agra, which is located in India. After nearly two millennia, Apple was introduced in the United States.

Uses of Apple

Apart from being consumed as raw fruit, it can be used to prepare different recipes. Apples are an essential component of a wide variety of sweet treats, including apple pie, apple crumbles, apple crisp, and apple cake. Apple juice is also consumed which is good for health. All the part of an apple is consumable except the seed. The seeds of apples contain poison.

Benefits of Eating Apple

Apples are beneficial to everyone in multiple aspects. It is a fruit that is abundant in minerals and proteins, such as iron, calcium, and others. Scientists believe that the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics that apples possess reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. In a similar vein, it is beneficial for diabetics because it does not cause an increase in the amount of insulin that their bodies produce.

When an individual who is ill or sick is given apple juice, it strengthens their immune system, which in turn eliminates the weakness in their body. Apples have been shown to be effective in flushing harmful substances out of the blood and other organs. Apples have long been used as a remedy for a variety of skin conditions, including itchiness and wrinkles. Consuming apples on a regular basis can help reduce the risk of developing joint and knee-jerk problems.


To maintain a healthy lifestyle, each day we need to consume at least one apple. However, today to increase production and profit, people are using unhealthy means to grow fruits. This affects the health of humans in many ways. Therefore, we should need to be careful while buying apples.

I hope the above provided essay on Apple will be helpful in knowing more about this famous fruit.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Apple

Q.1 What is the best climate for apples?

Ans. Apples grow best in places with cold winters, not too hot summers, and medium to high humidity.

Q.2 What are some best varieties of apples in India?

Ans. Granny Smith Apples, Opal Apples, Cameo Apples, Gala Apples, etc are some of India’s best apples.

Q.3 Which country is the largest producer of apples?

Ans. China is the largest producer of apples in the world.

Q.4 Which is the most expensive apple in the world?

Ans. The Black Diamond apple is the world’s most expensive apple.