Essay on Why is Education Important

Why is Education Important

Education is the real wealth for the human being. It never diminishes and is useful throughout life. Education unlike other wealth like property, jewelry never gives you loss in life. Educated people are the real jewels of society and nation. The importance of education must be inculcated in a person right from childhood.

Short and Long Essay on Why is Education Important in English

I will enlighten you on the importance of education through these essays. It will be useful for students of classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and graduate students in getting a general idea and way of writing essays on the topic.

Why is Education Important Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Education is a necessity for all human beings.

2) Education is important for gaining knowledge.

3) Education gives us the power to put our thoughts and ideas before society.

4) A good education helps us to attain a good career in the future.

5) Educated people are loved and respected everywhere by everyone.

6) Education is the strength to bring a positive change.

7) It is important for the development of both people and their country.

8) We can also generate good communication skills through education.

9) It helps us to make correct and healthy decisions in life.

10) Humans can differentiate between wrong and right through education.

Poor Status of Education in India – Short Essay (300 Words)


Education is most important for the development of the entire human race. It develops in us the capability to understand the different phenomenon in nature. Education gives us the power to express our ideas and inculcates decision-making capability in us. The higher percentage of educated people in the nation fosters the progress of that particular nation in the world.

Current Status of Education in India

The status of education in India has greatly improved at present as compared to the past. The literacy rate in the year 1951 was about 30% and that of the year 2017-18 is 77.7%. The female literacy rate is 70.3% and the male literacy rate is 84.7%. There is a significant rise in the literacy rate if we compare it after independence from the present.

The south Indian state Kerala with a literacy rate of 96.2% is the state with the highest literacy rate in India. Andhra Pradesh with a literacy rate of 66% is the state of India with the lowest literacy rate. The most noticeable thing is that the female literacy rate in India is very less than the male literacy rate. Women’s education must be fostered in the nation so that the female literacy rate can also be improved.

Effect of Covid-19 on Education

Education was greatly affected because of the closing of schools and colleges during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is said that adversity gives rise to new things. The online mode of education has emerged as a new method of receiving education during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It facilitates the students to continue their studies at home with the help of mobile phones and internet connection. The offline mode of education has been replaced by the online mode of education during the pandemic situation. It clearly depicts the importance of education in our life.


Education is regarded as the most powerful weapon that can change the life of people and make them knowledgeable. We all must understand the importance of education in our life and try to make aware of the same to others.

Why is Education Really Important for us – Long Essay (1000 Words)


A strong and good foundation is necessary for making a good building and in the same way education is most important for making a person a civilized citizen of society. Education provides us a way of living and teaches us the values of our life. Better education and learning give everyone a better perspective of the world. It is very important for children to understand the importance of education.

What is Education?

Education is a Life learning process. This process begins from birth and goes on till the death of humans. We learn at every stage of life. We attend different institutions to attain a good education. In general, if we talk about education it is simply not about scoring good marks in the examination. It is about what we have actually learned in our life. Education is about gaining knowledge inculcated with good habits and values and skills. It enhances our personality and character and propels us towards becoming successful in our life.

Importance of Education

  • Education provides us knowledge – We attain formal education in schools. We learn about different subjects, moral values, and other activities in schools. By studying we get a lot of information i.e. knowledge about the different fields and thus our knowledge is enhanced. After we finish schooling the real phase of learning is evolved. Reading and writing are ways to increase our knowledge.
  • Helps in eradicating wrong beliefs – Education is the tool to eradicate the wrong or superstitious beliefs in our society. It broadens our way of thinking. There are many people having less knowledge or illiterate and they focus on false beliefs. They follow everything by closing their eyes. Educations help us to overcome these kinds of false beliefs.
  • Education is effective in getting rid of social evils – Our society is full of social evils like illiteracy, poverty, unemployment, child labor, child marriage, etc. Society or the nation can get rid of these only by getting educated. The educated people must explain to others the importance of learning and going to schools. Education can reduce these social evils and increase the chances of employment hence reducing the poverty.
  • Education leads to carrier Growth – The educated people in our society get good jobs and thus their professional life excels. Any of us with good academic records and knowledge get good jobs opportunities in life. It provides us with a good earning capability. Education helps us to acquire skills. It is much necessary to have good knowledge and skills for getting a good job. The people having the capability to learn, read, write, and possess skills are benefitted from jobs. Thus education is beneficial in overcoming the unemployment problems that greatly exist in our nation.
  • Makes us good citizen – Knowledge is a valuable asset and make us educated. Education enriches awareness in us and prevents us from going to the wrong track. Education inculcates intellect, good moral values, and habits. It gives us a better position in society and the nation. Educated people are admired by everyone. Education helps us in understanding and abiding by the rules, regulations, and laws of the nation by making us responsible citizens of society. It also helps us in understanding our rich culture and tradition along with respecting it.
  • Education Helps in Enhancing Communication Skill – The better we understand the best we can convey. We can only speak up and develop good communication if we have good subject knowledge. This can be attained by learning. Good knowledge about any topic elevates our confidence level and enriches our communication skills. It is not possible to convey any message unless we understand the same.
  • Helps us differentiate between right and wrong – The attaining of knowledge makes us become educated in our life. It helps us to perceive the world in a better way. Education gives us the power to differentiate between right and wrong. It enhances our analyzing power. This understanding prevents us from distractions and doing the wrong things in our life.

Education – Act of Applying Learning into Practicality

We go to schools to complete our initial stage of education. Further, we achieve higher education from university colleges or going abroad. The basic thing we need to understand is the real sense of education. Education is not merely attaining higher degrees from the reputed institution of the nation. It is about putting it into practice whenever needed.

If we simply talk about keeping our area clean by proper waste disposal and do not practice the same. Many times we have seen people even after reading and understanding long chapters of waste management and cleanliness throw garbage and wrappers here and there. This brings a question in our minds that what difference is created after being educated.

Therefore the real meaning of education is proved only when we apply whatever learned in a practical way. This can only bring a change in society.

Importance of Education to Children

Education is crucial for children. It helps them to realize and understand their future goals in their life. A child starts learning immediately after birth. Initially, the parents are the educators of a child. The children must understand the importance of education. It will help them to understand the importance of time and responsibilities in their life. The parents must inculcate the habit of reading in a child from starting as this develops the interest of the child in books and gives them knowledge. Anything, when imbibed from starting, makes the students prepared for the future.

Is Education Really Important for us?

The process of attaining knowledge and becoming educated most probably opens all the doors of success in our life. Life is not meaningful until we have dreams. In order to fulfill our dreams education plays an important role. The education system in India needs to implement some changes and that has been reflected in the New Education Policy 2020. The education of the person should not only be judged by academic records. Skill development must be made necessary. It is not necessary that each one of us is good at studies. Education is not bound to a particular field i.e. studies. It simply means learning about everything. Education is like an investment that always benefits only and does not incur any loss. Thus we state that educated is very important for all of us.


A nation is known always by its people. Education helps people to achieve their aim and understand the world around them. It also sharpens the intellect of people and makes them responsible citizens of society. This in turn leads to the progress and development of the nation. Education can only bring this change in our society and nation.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which type of education we get in schools?

Ans. The education we receive in school is termed formal education.

Q.2 Which country provides free education?

Ans. Germany is the nation in the world that charges no fee up to higher education.

Q.3 How was the foundation of modern Indian education laid?

Ans. The foundation of modern Indian education was laid by the Charter Act of 1813.

Q.4 Who is known as the father of education?

Ans. Horace Mann, an American Educational reformer, is known as the father of education.

Q.5 How is education helpful in reducing poverty?

Ans. Education provides skills that easily open the door of opportunities for people thereby employment helps reducing the poverty.