Essay on Is Moral Courage Important than Physical Courage

Is Moral Courage Important than Physical Courage

We all have heard about these lines in the advertisements that “Dar ke aage jeet hai”. Have you ever thought that what is the thing that brings victory after the fear? It is the courage that fosters us for getting victory over our fears. Without being courageous we cannot avail that victory. In the advertisement, the role of courage is compared to the soft drink. In real life, it is the physical and moral courage that makes us successful.

Short and Long Essay on Is Moral Courage Important than Physical Courage in English

Short and long essay provided below will help you in understanding courage, the importance of physical and moral courage. This will enable you to make out the difference between moral and physical courage. I hope that these essays might be beneficial for students and readers.

10 Lines Essay on Is Moral Courage Important than Physical Courage (100-120 Words)

1) We all know that moral courage is more important than physical courage.

2) Physical courage has only limited application.

3) Mental courage is more powerful and impactful than physical courage.

4) Mental courage can help you to fight even if you are having a bad physique.

5) People with great mental power can achieve moral courage easily.

6) Moral courage makes you stronger from the inside.

7) Moral courage helps you to make decisions wisely.

8) People with moral courage are respected everywhere.

9) Great fights and wars can be won through moral courage.

10) Moral courage gives us the power to distinguish between right and wrong.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Courage is defined as the power in us to overcome any kind of fear. It inculcates in us the ability to stand for something that is right and oppose wrong deeds. Physical and moral courage are the two types of courage that are possessed by human beings. Both types of courage are important and have their own significance.

Moral Courage is scarcely used

Physical courage means that courage that is represented by the body. It is the power of the people who have great physical strength. They try to defend themselves by using their physical strength. The use of physical courage is not good every time. It results in war, bloodshed, and destruction. Moral courage is mainly the strength of people who have wider thinking capability. This is the virtue of wise people who live their life according to their own principles and values.

Moral courage instills power in us to oppose any wrong deed. We have observed that people mostly apply physical courage to tackle difficult situations in life. It is because this seems easy to make others fearful by our physical power. The use of moral courage by people is very rare in the world. People are easily involved in fights and taking revenge rather than thinking of solutions to any of the problems by using moral courage.

Physical strength loses when the body is weakened

Physical courage is developed by strengthening our body while mental courage is attained by exercising our mental capability. Physical courage declines after the body strength are weakened in old age while this is not applicable to moral courage. Moral courage never declines and remains with us till death.


Moral courage is therefore regarded as more important than physical courage. The use of moral courage can only ensure the peaceful living of human beings on the planet.

How Moral Courage is Important than Physical Courage – Long Essay


The word ‘courage’ is about doing anything bravely. Courage is an important virtue that is required by us to tackle different situations in our life either it is physical or moral courage. It totally depends upon us that what we have to apply at that time. It is the potential of doing something rather than boasting. There are very few people in this world who opt to show this virtue.

What is Courage?

There is a word called fear. I hope that every one of us experiences this at different times in their life. The power to overcome this fear is called courage. Courage is an ability that instills in us to do something that is difficult for us but is right. It is the quality of brave people as everyone does not have the power to show this quality.

It is an attribute that develops willingness in us to do something to protect our interest. Courage is the power that prevents us from doing those things that pleases someone and provides us discomfort. It is a quality of facing any distressing situation in life. It is a virtue that brings us into action and stands for anything wrong. We can say that it is the potential to stand for the right thing and prevent the happening of anything wrong.

Physical Courage v/s Moral Courage

Have you ever felt the difference between physical and moral courage? Yes, these are the two different types of courage.

  • Physical Courage – Physical courage as the name itself implies that it is related to physical strength. This type of courage depends upon strengthening of the body that is possible by strenuous exercises. It is courage that is represented by a strong body. It can be attained by everyone by becoming them strong physically. The sportsperson, wrestlers, boxers, soldiers, etc. are the examples of possessing this type of courage.

Physical courage is required at different times to fight from the difficult situations of life. The wars by the people in history for getting their rights are a great example of using physical strength. This strength has its limited application as it does not work well in every situation in our life.

  • Moral Courage – Moral courage is the virtue of the people who have great mental strength. It is the quality that is irrespective of body strength and can be possed by anyone who has great mental power. There are very few people who have strong moral courage. They are a source of inspiration and respected by everyone in society. The people abiding the moral values and some principles in life show the moral courage in them to speak for protecting their moral values from being violated. It is an act of thinking wisely about the consequences before acting.

We have seen people following their leaders or higher authority in different sectors even if they are wrong. They are ready to accept anything that is said by the boss. It may because of the fear of losing a job or reputation. Moral courage is most required at that time to face the situation by overcoming our fear. It is then we are respected by others because of our courageous behavior. Moral courage requires great power to support the right thing and stand against the wrong irrespective of the consequences.

  • Physical v/s Moral courage – Physical courage cannot be applied every time in our life. Moral courage is required most of the time to tackle the problems. But it is sad to state that moral courage is lacking in our society and everybody needs revenge. Suppose there is a war declared between two countries. One is having a sufficient number of soldiers to fight the war while the other is devoid of the number of soldiers. The only way to get out of this problem is to apply moral courage and find out the solution to get rid of the idea of war. The physical courage in this situation will only lead to destruction and pain.

How Moral Courage is Important than Physical Courage?

Physical and moral courage are two types of courage possed by human beings. It depends upon the situation that which type of courage has to be used. Moral courage is not the virtue that can be possed by all. It is the quality of people who abide by some values and principles in their life.

There are very less people in our society with moral courage. It is the power that helps us to speak us for anything wrong with us and of course every one of us does not have this courage. It is the virtue of people who does not have greed for the wealth of powerful position in life. The main thing they care is of doing the right thing in life. They are the great souls with a great potential to forgive instead of taking revenge. One can take the help of physical courage to get a high position in life but would not be able to attain the same and respect for longer duration without applying moral courage.

The great examples of people with moral courage are Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, etc. It was because of the moral courage that Mahatma Gandhi was able to make India free from British rule. He fought bravely against them without the use of any weapon by presenting great moral courage. In this way, he also became a great exemplar for the people of the whole world. It is not that we remember Gandhiji because of his body or beauty. We remember him because of the great ideas and principles of his life. He always stood courageously for making his principles never go down. The potential of showing moral courage has the power of changing the world. Even the application of physical courage requires the use of moral courage before acting. Thus moral courage is considered more important than physical courage.


Moral courage makes us stronger and enriches us with the ability to stand for anything that harms us. Physical courage is easy to attain and there are many people that are having physical courage but at the same time, moral courage is also necessary to distinguish between right and wrong. We must try to develop the power of moral courage that will surely help in ending injustice and wrong and grant us a better world.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is courage in simple words?

Ans. It is a potential to withstand fear and difficulties.

Q.2 Which animal is a symbol of courage and strength?

Ans. Lion is an animal that represents deathless courage and strength.

Q.3 What is an example of courage?

Ans. The ability to do something that is full of risk or doing anything for the first time is an example of courage.

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