Essay on Impact of Cinema in Life

All of us just like watching movies and some of us are just crazy about a new release. It is one of the best sources of entertainment and we prefer watching movies on our weekends. Somehow it affects our life as well as society in many ways.

Short and Long Essays on Impact of Cinema in Life in English

Find here some essays to know more about the Impact of Cinema in our Life.

Impact of Cinema in Life Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Cinema is a great source of entertainment for humans.

2) It plays an important role in bringing different cultures together.

3) Different issues of society can be raised through cinema.

4) Some movie inspires us and provokes us to achieve our goal.

5) It helps us to know many unfamiliar incidents and information.

6) It also helps in reducing stress and improving mood.

7) Many science fiction movies positively affect children.

8) Cinema also shows bad things like alcohol, smoking, etc which negatively affect children.

9) Cinema is also responsible for promoting vulgarity, which is not good for youths.

10) All types of emotions are shown in the cinema, therefore, we need to select the appropriate one.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Impact of Cinema in Life


Cinemas are not only the best ways of entertainment but they also teach us and we learn a lot from them. Either it is a good habit or a bad one because they show everything and it is up to us as what we choose. I can say that it has really affected us and its impact can be easily seen in our society as well as on us. All of us love watching movies and really can’t imagine a life without cinemas.

Impact of Cinema

It will be not wrong if I say we have developed a lot and one of the best ways to analyze our development is cinema. You can watch a 90’s movie and then watch the latest release and the difference will be just in front of you.

Impact of Cinema on Students

Students learn things quickly and whenever a character gets popular; its dialogues and name get automatically popular among students. Some movies are all about imagination and a writer writes a story and a director makes the story survive in the society in the form of a movie. Sometimes they also make movies on science fiction and this helps students to enhance their imagination and create something new. I can say that students get affected a lot with these movies, they lean all good and bad habits from it.

Impact of Cinema on Normal People

They show different types of social issues in a movie and it directly affects people. It helps them to think and take some action. One of the very best examples is our police, past in the history police had a very bad image of taking a bribe or behaving like a don, etc. But thanks to movies the image has changed and now people know that it is not every police officer the same. Due to some people, the whole system was degraded.


It shows that movies play a very important role in our life. People easily get the effect with them and get manipulated with movies. This is the reason why some movies get banned and some of them are strongly opposed. Overall, I can that they are good and one should really learn from them.

Essay 2 (300 Words) – Some Positive and Negative Aspects of Cinemas


I love watching movies and sometimes a thrilling story brings goosebump whereas sometimes it also makes me cry. Depending on the story, directors make it look real and that is called a cinema or movie. Movies are of different types some are carton movies whereas some are real story-based, etc. We can relate some of the stories with our day to day life.

Positive Aspects of Cinemas

Many movies or stories are inspiring and they affect us in many ways. We learn a lot from it; actually you can say that movies are the mirrors of society. Sometimes the stories inspire us whereas sometimes it also fills with happiness.

  • We learn new ideas from movies because they show some virtual technologies which inspire us to make them and give us new ideas.
  • We also know the latest trend, either it is fashion or something else, it is very first seen in movies and then it goes viral.
  • Some movies inspire us a lot and sometimes it also changes our lives and fills us with new hope.
  • Some movies are made as a satire on the taboos in our society which helps us to change our mentality and bring a change in society.
  • Movies are also known as stress busters because we just forget our own stuff and live in another story, which sometimes also makes us laugh as well as sometimes makes us cry.

Negative Aspects of Cinema

There is no doubt that movies are good in many ways still there are some factors which affect us and our society directly, I have mentioned some of them below;

  • Some people get addicted to movies and this is not a good thing because everything should be in a limit. Overdoes of anything is harmful to health.
  • They show everything in a movie like Drugs, Alcohol, etc; sometimes youngsters and students get prone to these things and it badly affects their life.
  • Movies are of different categories and some adult movies badly affect children. So, parents always have to keep an eye on children to be safe.


Nowadays moves are not only just a medium of entertainment but they also educate and bring change in our society. There are thousands of movies that have helped people and have also filled new hope in them. Really our film industry is doing a very good job and we should respect them.

Essay on Impact of Cinema in Life

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – What is a Cinema and How it is Affecting Us?


There are different mediums of entertainment in our life, sometimes we like to read a book whereas sometimes we watch a movie. Movies are one of the best and never-ending fun for most of us. We like spending our time watching a movie.

What are Movies and How it Came into Existence?

Movies are short stories dealing with some people. Sometimes they are based on some true stories whereas sometimes they are simply based on imagination.

It was Roundhay Garden Scene the first motion picture ever made in the year 1888 and it was Raja Harishchandra which was the Indian movie made in the year 1913. We can easily see the impact of our society in the movies of that era.

Movies can be termed as the mirrors of society and they show what’s going on in society. Some movies are satires on some bad cultures or something wrong happening in our society; whereas some movies are simply directed to entertain us.

How Movies Affect our Society

Movies play a very important role in building our society; there are many movies that reflect what’s going on in society: the caste system, dowry, killing of the girl child, etc. Many movies were made to teach society and really, they helped a lot to bring some change.

When people see, feel, and understand, it automatically helps them to change. Today there is a drastic change in the ratios of the girls’ literacy rate, the killing of a girl child, etc. Movies have played a major role in abolishing these taboos from society.

How Movies Affect our Youth

Movies have also played a very important role in changing our mentality. Our youth is fastly adopting western culture, attire, we can say everything. Nowadays movies are the main source of knowing other cultures. Hollywood movies are so famous in India and we also want to be like them.

So, I can say that our youth is fastly accepting another tradition and it is not a good thing. Everything should be in a limit; one should not forget his roots and traditions. Our youth should understand the importance of their own culture.

It is good to learn new things but one should also think about his own culture. Our youth is orienting towards the west and movies have badly affected our culture. For example, if there is a tradition of opening shoes out of the home means one should understand the science behind it. Actually, our shoes carry lots of bacteria with them so it is a better option to open them outside.

How Movies Affect our Life

It is human nature that we don’t like to follow a strict rule; we try our best to figure out an easy way of doing a particular work. As a result, we are skipping some of our rituals.

Electronic media has played a very important role in developing our society either the growth is social or personal. We have changed a lot and day by day learning new things just because of these mediums. These mediums have made easy access to movies as a result anyone can watch a movie anywhere.

We have developed technologies, and also want to look smart and sophisticated. The new hairstyle or hair colour gets viral within a day and people rush towards the shops to buy similar things. I can say that this was never seen before. This is the impact of cinemas in our life.


It is quite good to change but one should not forget his own tradition and culture. Our moves should also promote our tradition. Movies have both positive as well as negative impacts and we should teach our children to learn good habits.

FAQs: Frequently asked Questions

Q.1 What is the simple meaning of cinema?

Ans. Cinema literally means a place where films are shown.

Q.2 When did cinema come into existence in the world?

Ans. The cinema came into existence in the world in 1895.

Q.3 When did cinema begin in India?

Ans. Cinema begins in India in 1913 when the first silent film Raja Harishchandra was made.

Q.4 Who is called the father of Indian cinema?

Ans. Dhundiraj Govind Phalke is known as the father of Indian cinema.

Q.5 What was the name of India’s first talkie film?

Ans. The name of India’s first talkie film was Alam Ara.

Q.6 What is the impact of cinema on youth?

Ans. The youth tries to implement the same in their life whatever they watch in the movies.

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