Essay on the Day I will never Forget in My Life

The Day I will never Forget in My Life

Our life is a mixture of good and bad experiences. I think there must be something in everyone’s lives that is unforgettable. It can be either a good one or a bad one. This experience never gets deleted from our memories and remains alive throughout our life. It can also be a life-changing event for many of us. I am sure that every one of you would have a day or memorable event in your life that is difficult to forget. I also have few such memories in my mind but one among them is something that I can never forget in my life.

Short and Long Essay on The Day I will never Forget in My Life in English

10 Lines Essay on The Day I will never Forget in My Life (100 – 120 Words)

1) Some days either happy or sad leave a lifelong impression on our minds.

2) The day I will never forget in my life was when I left the city where I was born.

3) My father was transferred to a different city.

4) I was very sad on that day to leave my house.

5) The last goodbye to my friends was very painful.

6) I missed everyone very much along the way.

7) The feeling of seeing this surrounding for the last time made me sad.

8) I didn’t even take lunch that day.

9) I cried very much and asked my parents not to leave the place.

10) By remembering that day I still become sad.

Essay 1 (250 Words)


Life is full of different types of experiences. Everyday passing in our life is not the same. Moreover, is not possible for us to remember every day of our life but there are days or moments of life that are memorable. It is not easy for us to forget that day or the event. The happening of any beautiful or sad event makes that day to be unforgettable from our memories.

The day could be a life-changing moment

There are special moments in everyone’s life. These moments make the day to be the one that we could never forget in our life. These moments could be a bad or good experience. These moments are life-changing moments in the life of many people. We have heard people saying that this incident changed my life totally. It could be something good like getting success, being awarded, finding love, marriage, or bad like death, accident, getting to know about some incurable disease, etc. The reason can be many but the effect of that incident is long-lasting and that day cannot be wiped out from our memory easily.

Complete lockdown due to the outbreak of covid-19 – A day that I could never forget

The days were passing and we were busy in the preparation of the festival of Holi in March 2020. Suddenly there was news shown on the television that state lockdown has been imposed for two days. Later this lockdown was converted into a nationwide lockdown on 25th March 2020. I never had experienced the lockdown before this happened. Everything was stopped in a moment and this kind of situation has never happened before. Therefore this day became an everlasting memory in the life of many people among us.


We cannot go back to the past and live any moment that we want. The memories of these days help us in remembering the same and making that moment alive for us.

I have provided the experience of the never forgetting day of my life in the form of a long essay below. I think it might give you an idea about writing an essay on this topic.

Essay 2 (950 Words) – Unforgettable Moment in My Life Essay


Days and times fly by so fast. Every day in our life is not alike. If we think about our past days it is not easy for us to remember every past day. There are some days that we cannot forget easily and it becomes an everlasting memory for us. We either get excited or depressed when we remind ourselves of the everlasting event of life. It depends upon our experience.

What is an Unforgettable Memory?

I hope nobody in this world has ever thought that any normal day will become an everlasting memory for them. This is such a moment of our life that remains in our memories till we are alive. It can be a good or bad memory. If it is a happy memory we want it to be continued throughout our life ever while if it is sad we never want it to happen again in our life. In both cases, the event becomes unforgettable for us. When we ever face the question about explaining a day that we can never forget, this is the event that first comes to our mind.

My Experiences: Unforgettable Days in My Life

I want to share with you the memories of a day that I can never forget in my life. I really wish this didn’t happen to anyone else in this world. I really become sad whenever I recall the incident. It was a normal day like other days in routine life. I woke up early in the morning and was ready to go to school. Everything went in an easy way as usual. My classes were over and after spending some time with my friends I returned back to my home. I did not go to the coaching classes on that day as I was a little tired and was not feeling well.

In the evening, I was having tea-time with my family. Suddenly someone knocked on my door. She was an aunt in my neighborhood. She told me that one of your school students has committed suicide and the case has come under my husband’s supervision for the postmortem. I was a little sad after hearing this news but continued my activities further.

The Shocking News – There was a phone call on my father’s mobile phone at that time as I was not having my personal mobile phone. I was shocked by what I heard. The student that had committed suicide was none other than my best friend. I really could not understand what to do at that time. Even I could never believe what I heard. Every time I remembered about the afternoon time that we spent together. I never thought that this was the last time I was meeting with her. I could not cry at that moment as I was shocked after hearing this news. I was not having the courage to visit her house or see the dead body. Since it was suicide it became a police case. We have been questioned two or three times in our school premises by the police officers in the investigation of the case.

Later it was confirmed that she was suffering from depression. I knew about this but never thought that she would take the decision of ending her life. She was a meritorious student in the school. There was one day holiday as condolence for her soul. Not only that day but the whole month has been very bad for me. I could not sleep peacefully for many nights.

My friend committed suicide just before one day of her birthday. I was very depressed and sad because I lost her and at the same time was very angry also. I never thought of her to be such a coward to commit suicide. Later I tried to console myself by the thought that it was destiny and could never be changed.

Effects of that Day in My Life – It is because of that day in my life I never tried to make anybody my best friend in my life. It is because everything happened suddenly and I was shocked from inside. Moreover, a fear of losing someone precious from my life has developed in my mind from that day. I think I cannot give her place to anyone in my life. She is still and always will be with me in my memories. I find it very hard to remove the memories of this day in my life.

Are Unforgettable Memories Special for Us?

Man is the most blessed form of the creation of god on this earth. It is because we have been provided with the brain that has a memorizing capacity. The event that we remember becomes happy or sad memories for us. The memories are always special either it is happy or sad because it makes us think about our past events of life. It may happen that some of them would cherish us with a smile and some may bring tears to our eyes. The most important thing is that it connects us with our past events and people that had lived in our previous life experiences and thus these memories are special for us.


The death day of my best friend is a never forgetting memory in my life to date. I cannot forget this because this happened suddenly. This is the day when I realized the value of a friend especially a best friend in my life. I hope that she would be happy wherever she is now and god may give a lot of courage to her parents to endure this loss and pain.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is meant by memories?

Ans. It is the diary of past experiences of life.

Q.2 Why are some events remembered by us throughout life?

Ans. It is because they have perceived perfectly by our senses.

Q.3 What happen to our memories while sleeping?

Ans. The memories while sleeping gets more powered and stable in our mind.