Essay on How to Curb Covid-19

How to Curb Covid-19

The entire world is in the grip of the pandemic situation caused by the Covid-19 in the year 2019. Initially, the infection spread like fire. Many of the people in the whole world died due to the deadly virus infection. It is the contribution of technologies and researches that have minimized the intensity of danger. The preventive measures and medicines are hopefully helpful in preventing the infection.

Short and Long Essay on How to Curb Covid-19 in English

Recently the development of vaccines is the result of continuous research in the whole world. It is much necessary to prevent ourselves from the infection. The various ways to prevent the virus from spreading are explained in form of a long essay that might be useful to students and readers.

How to Curb Covid-19 Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Covid-19 is an infectious disease that spreads from one person to another.

2) Only prevention can help us to curb Covid-19.

3) One should avoid going to crowded places.

4) Don’t touch your nose and eyes all the time from safety point of view.

5) Always wear a mask to avoid transmission of the virus during sneezing.

6) You can protect yourself by vaccinating with all the necessary doses.

7) Wash your hands frequently and maximize the use of sanitizers.

8) Maintain social distancing and try to stay at home.

9) You can curb Covid-19 by regular disinfecting the most often touched area.

10) If you feel any symptoms, consult the doctor immediately.

Short Essay – 300 Words


The world is suffering from the havoc situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. All the countries in the world are suffering from the dreadful virus from 2020. The coronavirus is not yet depleted but will be present for years.

There is only one way to protect ourselves from this deadly infectious disease and that is prevention. Recently a huge number of people have lost their lives in the second phase of Covid-19 infection. Preventive measures and vaccination can make us safe from the Covid-19 infection.

Remedies to be safe from Covid-19 infection

  • Frequent washing of hands with soap – We must develop the habit of washing our hands whenever we come from outside. It helps us to prevent the virus from getting inside our bodies.
  • Do not touch the nose, eyes, and mouth without washing hands – We must avoid touching our nose, eyes, and mouth especially when we are outside. This helps in preventing the virus if present on our hands to enter inside our body.
  • Wearing masks and practicing social distancing – Covid-19 infection spreads through the droplets that are released by sneezing and coughing of the infectious people. The act of wearing masks and practicing social distancing helps in reducing the probability of catching the infection and spread of coronavirus. The mask must be disposed of after every use or should be washed, properly dried, and then used.

Avoid going to crowded places – We must avoid going to crowded places and the chance of the spread of infection is highest in these places.


The Covid-19 infection is a severe infection that still does not have proper medication. The vaccination is most essential for everyone to be safe. Vaccination does not mean that we will not have to follow the safety measures. Safety measures are necessary after vaccination also because the vaccine is not fully effective in curbing the Covid-19 infection.

How to Curb the Spread of Covid-19 – Long Essay (900 Words)


The whole world was hit by a pandemic caused due to Covid-19 in the year 2019. The coronavirus is not going to be eradicated or lost soon instead it has become a part of our life. We have to learn to live with the virus and therefore certain precautions have to be taken to prevent ourselves from the infection. These precautions along with protecting ourselves will also help in culminating the spread of the virus.

What is Corona Virus?

Corona Virus consists of huge strains of viruses. The SARS and MERS strains have been reported in past. The new evolved mutant of the corona virus SARS-CoV2 became the causative agent of the Covid-19 disease in human beings. It became the reason causing the Global Pandemic situation that begun in Wuhan in China. The virus affected humans by causing mild to severe symptoms of illness. Millions of People in the world are suffering from the disease Covid-19 and many have lost their life due to severe respiratory infection. The common symptoms of Covid-19 include cough, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, organ failure, and pneumonia in case of severity.

Transmission of Corona Virus

Covid-19 is a contagious disease and the virus spreads from an infected person to others by contact. The infection passes on by the droplets released while coughing, sneezing, talking, and breathing of the infected person. It can also spread by shaking hands or coming in contact with the contaminated surfaces containing viruses.

Effective Ways to Curb Covid-19

The Covid-19 infection is dreadful and took away many lives in the world. The only way to save ourselves from getting infected and spread of the disease is to prevent it. The preventive measure must be taken strictly. We should strictly follow appropriate Covid behavior practices that include 15 assurances. It will take a longer time to make the vaccine available for everyone.

  • Practicing Social Distancing – The distance of 6 feet between two individuals must be maintained to avoid close proximity or contact. It will also be better to greet anyone without any type of contact. The practicing distancing between individuals will help us to remain away from any kind of touch or contact or respiratory droplets and thus the transmission of the disease will not be favored.
  • Wearing Reusable Masks every time – The mask must be worn every time to cover our mouth and nose. If we are suffering from cold or cough the respiratory droplets will not be expelled here and there. It will remain in the mask thus helping in stopping the spread of disease by our own droplets and also prevent ourselves from getting infected by outside air. The mask should be disposed of or washed after use.
  • Avoiding needless Travelling – The chances of getting infected increases while travelling. It is the best advice not to travel unless necessary during this time. The safest option is to remain indoors and be secure. Older people, children, and people with existing diseases are not advised to travel during this situation.
  • Washing Hands thoroughly – We must develop a good habit of cleaning our hands with soap before eating or after coming from outside. The hand contains a lot of germs and it might happen that the virus is on hand but if the hands are washed properly and regularly the germs will get rid of from there only. The chances of getting the germs inside our body will be reduced.
  • Cleaning the open surfaces – The open surfaces like latches of doors, windows, doors, and chairs in offices need to be disinfected daily as they are contaminated. The regular disinfecting of these surfaces will help in stopping the spreading of the infection.
  • Restricting Mass gathering and crowding – Mostly we can see that the places where we buy vegetables and grocery stores are highly crowded by the people. We should stop going to these places. The chances of infection increase most at these places as there is no social distancing among people therefore disease will get easy access to spread. The complete lockdown by all the nations in the world has been done to avoid the spreading of viruses and was the major curbing step taken by all the nations.
  • Consulting to the doctor if caught up with any symptom – If the appearances of the symptoms like fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc is felt must be consulted to the doctor. The queries regarding Covid-19 can be easily cleared by consulting the doctor by calling on the toll-free numbers. The anxiety and stress conditions of people due to the fear of the disease can be relieved by taking psychosocial advice.

Is it Possible to Fight the Battle of the Corona by Prevention?

It is always said that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. It is the best option to attain safety measures rather than having the worst experience of the disease. The pandemic has affected the whole world. We have to live with the virus and continue our activities. The global pandemic has led the world to suffer from a havoc situation.

The battle against corona can only be won if we adhere to the preventive measure and follow the guidelines. It will help to stop the virus from spreading. In this way, the strength of the virus will reduce day by day, and finally, it will be defeated. Therefore the preventive methods owe a lot of importance to protect ourselves from the deadly virus.


The medications and vaccines are developed but could not be available to the people of the whole world at an instant. It requires time to make it available to everyone. The precautionary measures are the best ways to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19. Our safety is in our own hands no other person can ensure this.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is Covid-19 called as Novel Virus?

Ans. It is called novel because the genomic sequence of this strain does not match with any existing virus.

Q.2 Who declared Covid-19 as a Pandemic?

Ans. World Health Organization declared Covid-19 as a pandemic.

Q.3 Which organ is affected by the Covid-19?

Ans. The Covid-19 attacks our Respiratory system and affects the respiratory system of the body especially the lungs.

Q.4 Which country announced for making the first Covid-19 vaccine in the world?

Ans. Russia was the first nation to announce developing the first Covid-19 vaccine.

Q.5 What does Covid-19 stands for?

Ans. Co for Corona, Vi for virus and D for disease and the disease outbreak was in 2019 therefore Covid-19.

Q.6 Can Covid-19 infection passed on to a child by breastfeeding of the infected mother?

Ans. No such case has been reported yet, so the infected mother can feed the baby.