Essay on What I Learned During Lockdown

What I Learnt During Lockdown

The term lockdown was new to me as I heard this term the first time after the world was suffering from the global pandemic. Everything happened suddenly and nothing like this has been experienced before. It is said that after every 100 years a pandemic arrives. The same happened and the world was hit by Covid-19 in 2019. The Covid-19 is a contagious disease and therefore lockdown was imposed by many nations of the world to stop the virus from spreading. Many of us say that lockdown was beneficial and many say it was wasted.

Short and Long Essay on What I Learned During Lockdown in English

We will be discussing different things that we have learned during the lockdown in form of short and long essay. It might give an idea to students about the topic and method of writing too.

What I Learned During Lockdown Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Lockdown was a new experience that I faced during the Corona pandemic.

2) Initially it was terrifying but later I utilized it well.

3) During lockdown I learned cooking from my mother.

4) I love reading novels so I finished many of them during the lockdown.

5) I also learned how to study online by attending my online classes.

6) During this period I also learned gardening from my father.

7) I utilized lockdown by improving my existing skills.

8) I also learned Kathak online during this time.

9) Lockdown taught me time management and its proper utilization.

10) During lockdown I learned many life lessons and the importance of family.

What I learned During Lockdown – Essay 1 (250 words)

Lockdown is the emergency protocol in which the movement of people gets prohibited. The Lockdown of 3 months last year was the time that totally changed the way of our living. The movement was restricted and therefore we had to remain indoors. The news of the spreading of the Covid-19 infection was really dreadful. This inculcated fear and depression in many people.

Lockdown was very boring for me initially but slowly I started enjoying it. It is because I started doing those things that I desired to do in my spare time. Lockdown to me was like an opportunity to learn different things, that are:

  • Online Classes – Earlier we never knew about online classes but during the lockdown, I learned the way of attending the online classes.
  • Learned to Play Guitar – Singing songs is my passion and for a long time wanted to learn to play a musical instrument. It was the best time I had got to learn to play the guitar.
  • Developed a Small Garden – I love gardening and therefore I had planted few trees in the backyard of my house. This has now turned into a small garden.
  • Importance of Family – I was very happy that I had got a lot of time to spend with my family.
  • Learned Cooking – I learned to cook several recipes from my mother during my spare time in the lockdown.
  • Reading Novels – It was the best time I had got to read my favourite novels. Reading provides me great pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Importance of Regular Exercise – I started doing exercise daily during the lockdown. This helped me in reducing my weight as well as keeping me healthy and fit.
  • Managing in fewer Resources Availability – During the lockdown, there was a financial crisis and everything was not available easily. It taught me to manage our living during difficult situations.

Lockdown was a boon in my life. It made me realize that we have several capabilities in us but we need to recognize the same. Lockdown holidays provided me the chance to learn several new things. These activities made my lockdown to be an interesting phase of my life.

Life Lessons during Lockdown – Essay 2 (1000 Words)


The lockdown for different periods of time was imposed by many nations to curb the spread of Covid-19. India was under a strict Lockdown for a period of 70 days and that is more than 2 months and it was followed by Unlock in a phased manner. The period of lockdown had passed for everyone with some bitter and sweet experiences.

What is Lockdown?

Lockdown is the Protocol imposed by the government in the nation. It states that a person will have to stay where he/she is at the time of lockdown. It is advised to stay indoors safely. It prohibits the person to leave that area and move somewhere else. During the pandemic, restrictions were imposed by the government on different services as well as the movement of people. The people were allowed only for the essential services and all other non-essential services were closed for the period of lockdown in the nation.

Life Lessons during Lockdown

During the lockdown, everything changed in moments. We had to pass from situations that never happened before. Initially, everything was upsetting i.e. no outing only indoors. Moreover, the news of the virus spreading to a greater extent left us with total depression. Slowly and gradually everything started appearing good and enjoying. Some of the important lessons we got from the entire lockdown are expressed below.

  • Importance of Time – After the lockdown was over and things started changing to normal I realized that much time has passed out. Many of us have planned for many new things but due to this situation, they could not complete the same and have been delayed. The people suffering from different critical diseases could not get proper cure and treatment during that period and have died. It simply shows that time was important but everything was disturbed. They could have been saved if they were provided with proper treatment at that time. Secondly for the Covid Patients too time was an important issue. Many of us have not reported the symptoms on time and that made the infection become more severe.
  • Courage – The news channels were continuously telecasting the updated news of the Covid cases reported daily. Every day the death or Covid positive news of the friends, neighbors, or known people shook us from inside. The days were passing somehow with fear and depression of the future. We have developed courage and followed preventive measures and therefore are courageously fighting against the dreadful virus. The adverse situation gives us the courage to fight and win.
  • Healthy Living – I started utilizing my one hour of morning and evening in doing exercise. In this way, I made my body fit and also understood the importance of exercise and fitness. During the pandemic, we were advised to take an immunity-rich diet and supplements. This improved our immune system. Moreover, the market food at that time was not available therefore we ate healthy homemade food.
  • Financial Management – The lockdown was the immediate decision of the government. We were left with limited financial amounts. Many of us have not received salaries during this period and many became jobless. We have learned to manage our expenditure and learned wise usage of money in critical situations.
  • Protect our Nature – During the lockdown the activity of people had reduced to a larger extent. The number of vehicles on roads reduced to 25%. Thus the emissions also reduced which was very helpful in reducing the air pollution level. Nature healed itself during that time as the activities of human beings were suppressed. It gives us a lesson that we should not exploit natural resources and understand our nature for granted. It is the habitat of the other living organisms. If the same has been done before then the situation would not become like this.
  • Understanding the Importance of Family – Most of us have spent the duration of the lockdown in our houses with our family. We got enough quality time to spend with our family members. I could the hard work is done by my mother the whole day. The time made us understand that family comes first than other things in life.
  • The New Way of Learning and Education – The schools, colleges, and all the educational institutions were shut down in India after the lockdown was imposed. It was very difficult to open schools and continue the normal routine studies. Therefore the online teaching and learning program evolved and was much beneficial than sitting idle and waiting for the reopening of classes. This never happened before at this level but due to the pandemic crisis, a new method of education has started. It shows that if one door is closed several other doors are open and we should never give up.
  • Better Planning and Management – The lockdown taught us to plan and manage our things during that time. We were not having the availability of all the things during lockdown but have learned to manage our resources in such a way that they last longer.
  • Best Utilization of Time – Never before the Lockdown, we have been granted spare time for about 2 months. I love gardening and therefore in taking good care of my garden planed few new plants. I also read some novels as reading helps me in improving my vocabulary. I helped my mother with her household works and that gave her a bit of relaxation.

Was the Lockdown Period Useful?

The initial days of the lockdown appeared as worst and boring. After a few days, I started waking up early in the morning and exercising. Every day I tried out some new things to do. Slowly I was in love with the lockdown holidays. I could do more works and help my parents too. Secondly, this time taught us to live in adversities. The condition was very pathetic during that time and it was felt that it is very difficult to survive in such a situation. Hope, courage, and willpower made us conquer the situation. It gave us the lesson that every time cannot be the same and therefore we should always be ready for any uncertainty.


The pandemic crisis due to Covid-19 has changed the whole world. The lockdown period has given us many important lessons in life. Darwin’s theory states- “Survival of Fittest”. We must learn to cope up with different situations in our life and then only survival is possible. The pandemic and lockdown helped us to develop our capability to learn from adversities.

Essay on What I Learnt During Lockdown

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How has the way of working changed in Lockdown?

Ans. The lockdown has made people in offices and students work from home in online mode.

Q.2 How was learning new course possible during lockdown?

Ans. There are many online courses that require no physical classes and can be completed via online mode.

Q.3 Was lockdown a good or bad experience?

Ans. It was a mixture of good and bad experiences and helped us to enhance our capabilities.

Q.4 Which state in India at first imposed lockdown due to Covid-19?

Ans. Rajasthan was the first state in India to impose lockdown due to Covid-19.

Q.5 Who initiated the concept of ‘StayHomeIndiaWithBooks’ during the lockdown?

Ans. It was initiated by National Book Trust and it gave the facility of free downloading of books.