Essay on How Population Control Bill Help or Harm a Society

Essay on How Population Control Bill Help or Harm a Society

A very common topic of the human population that remained not so common in today’s era. The increase in the population of humans results in the soaking of natural resources and the growth and development of our country and various states. To evade and escape from this parlous situation that is also engulfing Uttar Pradesh’s state. A bill of population control by the state law commission of Uttar Pradesh is getting introduced in front of people.

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Moving forward to this bill we will get to know about what is there in this bill, why this population bill is necessary, how it will help in sustainable development etc. There are so many things that are needed to understand. Let us take a concise view of this upcoming bill.

10 Lines Essay on How Population Control Bill Help or Harm a Society (100-120 Words)

1) Growing population is a major concern in some states of India.

2) To manage the growing population, a population control bill is proposed.

3) Uttar Pradesh population control and stabilization welfare board suggested this bill.

4) A.N. Mittal, Chairman of the Law Commission drafted this law.

5) This law is released by the state law commission of Uttar Pradesh in 2021.

6) Family planning and the two-child policy were enforced under this law.

7) Increasing population is directly related to increasing poverty.

8) Population Control Bill will help in the economic development of the country.

9) This bill will help to empower women in various ways.

10) It will also help in reducing unemployment and increasing available resources.

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According to census 2011, Uttar Pradesh with a population of 20 crores, is supposed to increase to 24 crores by the 2022 census. To become an ideal state, a kind of revitalizing efforts are needed. As a result of population growth that is continuously expanding daily and to stabilize the arising population growth, a draft of a population control bill was proposed by the Uttar Pradesh population control and stabilization welfare board. Let’s discuss the point related to this population control bill.

What is Population Control Bill 2021?

On World Population Day 2021, the state law commission Uttar Pradesh has released a draft bill on population control. This bill is prepared under the supervision of the Chairman of the Law Commission A.N. Mittal. This act shall be called the Uttar Pradesh Population (control, stabilization, and welfare) Act, 2021. This bill is mainly introduced to promote the two-child policy, family planning, and control the expanding population day by day.

Its mainstream policy is introducing two-child norms within the state. The Law Commission is working mainly on “Hum Do Hamare Do” policy. The bill has several other conditions involved in this policy relating to two children, one child, and no child. The bill will get implemented on both the public servants as well as the general public.

This bill is effective after one year, only when a draft of the population bill will get a green signal and will be enacted as a law. This bill has several terms and conditions which are needed to understand deeply by the citizens of Uttar Pradesh.

Why Population Control Bill is Necessary?

This bill is introducing a two-child policy that aims to cease population growth and achieve a goal of sustainable development.

There are limited resources in Uttar Pradesh both ecologically and economically at hand. Basic needs of human life which include affordable foodstuffs, housing, safe drinking water, good quality education, livelihood opportunities, electricity consumption, etc. are needed to be equally distributed among the citizens. For equal distribution of this stuff, these resources should be accessible. For accessibility of these resources, we should stop increasing the growth in the human population.

If there is more population and fewer resources, it is impossible to equally distribute the stuff among people. Less production and more consumption will become a problem for the state to survive. Applying this bill one can get the benefits given by the Government more effectively.

It will be easy for the Government to distribute materials efficiently which are made for use of citizens. If we look upon the demography of Uttar Pradesh, the population of Uttar Pradesh is on the fifth number after the world’s top 4countries’ population. It is clear with this data that now if we can’t stop our growth rate, things will be difficult to manage in the future. Secondly, we should not only think about ourselves but we should think about our future generations also because if all the resources are distributed to us only, resources will become inadequate for them, how will they survive if resources are insufficient for them.

The Situation is becoming irresistible day by day. To overcome this huge problem of population growth and attain a goal of sustainable development population control bill is necessary.

How Population Control Bill Helps in Sustainable Development

The sustainable development goal 3 of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development is to ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all of all ages. If we do a small change in family size, there will be a big change in the future population and hence we are able to attain sustainable development. There are a number of reasons which need to explain that how this bill helps in sustainable development.

Key points that are important for consideration and by application of this bill the chances of attaining these goals will be easier. You will get to see a change in the following points after the application of the population control bill:

  • Wide changes in gender inequality.
  • Clean water and sanitation will be available.
  • Better implication of Quality education.
  • Good health and well-being will be provided.
  • Affordable and clean energy will be available.
  • Peace and harmony will increase.
  • Justice and strong intuitions.
  • Less population will get sufficient and responsible consumption and production.
  • Sustainable cities and communities.
  • Unemployment will be reduced.
  • There is more good innovation and infrastructure.
  • There will be better economic growth and work will be available.
  • Poverty will be reduced.

Application of the population control bill is necessary to attain these goals and attaining these goals sustainable development will be achieved.

How Population Control Bill will Help or Harm a Society?

The population control bill has no such harm for society. This bill is introduced to attain the sustainable development goals which are very much needed in the present situation we are facing. In simple words, this can be explained by discussing some of the points related to it.

The high fertility rates will lead a country or state to poverty. According to the World Bank, poverty is not going to decrease in 2021, and thus there will be low economic growth in affected countries or states. Now if we only count the population of Uttar Pradesh itself it has a large population growth; around 20 crores. There are half of the resources available in this state in comparison to the population growth of this state. Considering this point if there is large family size, poverty will often go hand in hand.

People without family planning have to face problems like they cannot invest more in their child, hence they can’t afford much on their education and many other things are there which somewhere creating problem in SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). The population control bill helps to overcome these problems. It will lead people to stop and think about the reality of today’s world in which they are living and the need of the present situation. If there is less production and more consumption situation will become scary in the future. This bill will help to evade this situation.

Secondly, Investment in quality education is the main key to discard poverty, reduce unemployment, and end population growth. Good quality of education will be provided if there is less population, for example in case of a girl child who is often deprived of education will get chance to empower themselves their family, state and the nation as a whole. Having fewer children will give a woman to empower herself through various means. All these problems are needed to stabilize and it is only possible when the right law or population control bill will be implemented for population growth and thus it helps the society.


To the maintenance of the production and consumption and for the sake of future planning, it is necessary to implement a law on expanding population thus only problems like unemployment will be reduced and there will be a better scenario for jobless people. If there is less number of people, more adequately the produce will be distributed. Consumption and production will be in stabilizing ratio. So overall it turns out to be a good deal.


Q1. When is World Population Day celebrated?

Ans. It is commemorated on July 11 every year.

Q2. What is the ranking of India in the world in terms of population?

Ans. India holds the second rank in terms of population after China.

Q3. What is the rank of Uttar Pradesh in India in terms of population?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh holds the first position of the most populous state in India.

Q4. Name the state’s where Population Control Bill has already been applied?

Ans. Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan are the states where the population bill has already been applied.

Q5. Under whose supervision the Population Control Bill was drafted?

Ans. The chairman of the State Law Commission A.N. Mittal has drafted the bill.