Essay on How Is Environment Affecting the World

Essay on How Is Environment Affecting the World

Today we are talking about something that is not happening around so frequently, OUR CHANGING ENVIRONMENT, coming to the point on the environment today we are going to discuss how the environment is affecting the world, but do we ever stop and think a little bit that “We started this game of harming and so we are getting it back”.

Short and Long Essay on How Is Environment Affecting the World in English

In these essays of 100-120 Words, 250 Words, 400 Words, 600 Words, we will get to know how we are affecting the environment and how the environment is affecting us back in the same way.

10 Lines Essay on How Is Environment Affecting the World (100-120 Words)

1) All the living and non-living things around us make the environment.

2) Human activities are damaging the environment which in return affects the world.

3) Environment is affecting the earth by acidifying the oceans.

4) Changing climate also affects the earth in several ways.

5) The Earth is losing fresh air and water due to environmental pollution.

6) The continuous rise in the earth’s temperature is another major concern.

7) The world is also facing the depletion of the ozone layer.

8) The world is also affected by natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, floods, etc.

9) Environmental problems like growing pollution and population are affecting the world.

10) Melting of ice and rise in sea level are other consequences that the world has to face.

Long Essay on How Is Environment Affecting the World (1450 Words)


All the physical things surrounding us consist of an Environment. The entire non-living and living organism living around us comprises an environment. Non-living factors of an environment include the earth’s surface is the lithosphere, the biosphere, and the hydrosphere, and living factors include plants, animals, and human beings.

How Our World is affecting the Environment

Above mentioned line truly describes the changes going all around the world and so does it is affecting us. By polluting our environment we face different kinds of problems every single day. Here are some key points by which we are vanishing our environment:

  • Soil Degradation

If we talk about the first factor of soil degradation, then we should know in today’s age the farming practices that are done for livelihood degrade the quality of soil by the irregular use of fertilizers, pesticides, weeds in rural or urban areas. Poor management of the soil by man practices and many more other points affect the environment.

  • Global Warming

Here comes another big issue affecting directly our environment that is global warming; the term global warming is the long-term heating of our earth’s climate system. Due to practices degrading our environment that are deforestation, soil depletion, improper waste disposal; global warming is getting increased day by day. The gases that are released are harmful to us. This gas includes carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and so on. 53 percent of global warming causes because of the most popular gas carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effect also increases the role of Global Warming.

  • Pollution

None other than the term Pollution which is considered to be the famous factor of Environment Depletion is turning out to be a burning topic these days. The presence of harmful substances in the environment causes this pollution that can be of various types’ noise pollution, air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution.

  1. Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can affect our hearing ability and can damage our ears, long-lasting high pitch of noise which is more than audible range can mutilate our capacity to listen. Life of birds and parasites are getting in danger day by day only with these harmful noises. Recently, a Bollywood movie Robot 2.0 describes the major effect of noise pollution on aerial animals like birds and parasites.

  • Water Pollution

The industry which is working for the welfare of society is somehow harming us in various means like when industry drop their waste materials in the water bodies, the water gets polluted and thus causes water pollution.

  • Air Pollution

Air pollution lowering our breathing capacity and inhalation power, it is the factor that is not hiding from anyone nowadays. The harmful gases released by the factories and industrial workplace vanishing our pure air by mixing toxic gases in it.

  • Over Population

The condition of having a population as dense as it causes environmental deterioration for example the current population of China is 1.4 billion as of July 5 2021 based on the United Nations data. It seems like this country is the best example of overpopulation because it is equivalent to 18.47 percent of the total world population.

  • Deforestation

In simple words, cutting down trees is known as deforestation. People for their benefit, burning and cutting down forests and trees respectively is leading our world to another level of destruction. Without nature, we are zero, whatever we do just come to us back in one way or another.

How Environment is Affecting the World Back

Now coming to the main topic of the essay that’s how the environment is affecting the world, let’s just justify our essay by discussing the following:

First of all, let’s just not forget about the much popular idiom tit for tat, that’s what the environment is giving us back in one way or another. Global environment hazards to the world include:

  • Climate change.
  • Stratospheric ozone depletion.
  • Loss of biodiversity.
  • Changes in hydrological ecosystem.
  • Supplies of fresh water depleting.
  • Ocean acidification.
  • Soil quality, air quality depletion.
  • Arctic likely to be ice free.
  • Frost free season will continue to rise.
  • Changes in precipitation patterns.
  • Hurricanes become stronger and intense.
  • Sea level will rise to 1-8 feet by 2100 this is the result of added water from melting ice and expansion of sea water as it warms.
  • Temperature will continue to rise.
  • More droughts and heat waves, ecological stress caused by the droughts and desertification.

We need to understand it in different words to make it simpler to you that how does environment affecting humans and the world. It is difficult to estimate the extent of environmental migration. One of the burning topics of the environment affecting the world is “Environmental migration”.

Over 20 to 50 million people may get affected by environmental degradation. It is shocking for us to know that these refugees are not getting the attention that is required by the most powerful country USA also, they called them migrants who change their place for their livelihood and betterment of their lifestyle but this is a half-truth, the bitter truth is that these migrants got affected by global environmental changes which are a result of developing industrialization worldwide. About 20 to 150 million were affected by 2021.

Global Warming caused by industrialized nations hits the poorest nation most. Small scale farmers somehow also got affected by environmental change. The past year 2020 has proved to be one of the deadliest years to be alive.

Let’s discuss some natural disasters affecting the world in a wide way:

  • Flash Floods

Indonesia got heavy downpour affecting over 4 lakh 66 demise and tones of destruction. Flash flood is defined as a sudden flow of water caused by heavy rain.

  • Cyclone

A cyclone named Yaas turned the head of the people living in India.

A cyclone named Amphan is the strongest, deadliest, and costliest storm recorded in the Bay of Bengal.

  • Australia’s Black Summer

Bushfires came as a natural disaster in Australia and shook the affected area, this bushfire is also equivocally known as black summer. In October 2019, 18 million hectares burned over 9000 buildings 400 deaths were caused by the bushfires, which is a kind of nature warning that we are getting one by one in different ways.

  • Beirut Explosion

In August, a large amount of ammonium nitrate stored at Beirut port in Lebanon exploded causing at least 204 deaths, thousands of injuries, and over three lacs of people left homeless.

  • Corona Virus

Dec 2019 – if we say it is a black month of the world doesn’t seem to be wrong. A virus sucked the whole world, millions of death happenings and many more destruction caused by this virus first emerges in Wuhan city of China.

  • Swarms of Locusts

It can eat up to the food of 35,000 people, damaging the agriculture practices done by the farmers.

  • Earthquakes

China, India, Iran, the Philippines, Russia, and Turkey got hit by the earthquake. There are many deaths and losses due to this natural disaster.

  • Assam Floods in India

This flood affected Assam causing damage to 128 villages over there and 5 districts.

  • Volcano Eruption

In the Philippines, there are over 20 active volcanoes in this country, the second most active volcano Taal volcano erupted after a long period of 43 years in January 2020, the Philippines is still trying to heal and cope up with the effects of this volcano.

According To Published Evidence

Over All the World is somehow paying for the failures of developing industrialization, almost two billion people in the world today depend upon the fragile ecosystem in arid – semi-arid areas. 90 percent population in the developing world lives threatening livelihoods.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, taken as a whole the range of published evidence indicates that the net damage cost of climate change is likely to be significant and to increase over time.

According to Newton’s Third Law “To Every action, there is equal and opposite reaction” the way we are treating the environment is pathetic and unacceptable that is why today we are facing this huge level of global environmental change.


Our natural environment makes human and human life possible. The use of environmental management should be practiced to avoid problems in a proactive rather than reactive way. After all, the environment is very essential in every aspect of life; so, we should try to balance our Needs and Greed.

FAQs: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on How Is Environment Affecting the World

Q.1 What things does the environment include?

Ans. The environment includes the sun, air, water, soil.

Q.2 What are the two important factors of the environment?

Ans. Abiotic and Biotic factors are the two important factors of the Environment.

Q.3 “World Environment Day” is celebrated on which day?

Ans. Every year it is celebrated on 5th June.

Q.4 What are key practices that man do to degrade our environment?

Ans. Disposal of waste into the river and inappropriate place, soil degradation, deforestation and pollution are the key practices done by the man degrading our environment.

Q.5 Who is a female Activist involved in the saving the environment campaign?

Ans. A 13-year-old Girl Greta Thunberg from Sweden.