Essay on How Pollution is Negatively Affecting Humanity

How Pollution is Negatively Affecting Humanity

Pollution is the major emerging problem that is being faced by the entire humanity. Everybody is very well aware of this term and its consequences. It has become a burning topic of discussion at different forums in the world. Pollution is rising in such a way that this problem will become a great question for the existence of humanity in the future.

Short and Long Essay on How Pollution is Negatively Affecting Humanity in English

Students are often asked to write essays, prepare assignments, or deliver speeches on how pollution is negatively affecting humanity. I have provided essays that may be helpful for the students of schools and colleges to get an idea of writing an essay, assignment, or speech on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on How Pollution is Negatively Affecting Humanity (100-120 Words)

1) Pollution is making human survival worst.

2) Increasing pollution is a threat to the balance of the ecosystem.

3) Changing climatic conditions are also a major concern for humans.

4) Due to pollution we don’t have pure and fresh air to breathe.

5) Drinking dirty water majorly affects humanity.

6) Humans can suffer several health-related issues due to pollution.

7) Pollution is the major cause of the increasing death rate today.

8) Many other living organisms are dying due to pollution.

9) Pollution also leads to increase natural disasters.

10) Consequences of pollution result in major threats like global warming, acid rain, etc.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Pollution has become a serious issue in the entire world. Human activities are majorly responsible for the rise in pollution rate. The rising rate of pollution is mainly affecting the quality of air, water, and soil present around us. There is a dire need to save our earth from this significant problem and make it a better place for the survival of humanity.

Pollution disrupting the balance of the ecosystem

All the living organisms and environment are interdependent on each other and this forms an ecosystem. Human beings have an important role in the ecosystem. The balance in the ecosystem is necessary and this is maintained naturally. This rising pollution rate is the main cause of disrupting the balance in the ecosystems. The development works result in excessive cutting of forests and clearing of vegetation. This directly affects the air, water, and soil quality of that place and this becomes a great problem for all the organisms residing there. These changes are a major threat to the existence of human beings as well as different species of animals.

Pollution- A major cause of climate changes

The release of different kinds of chemicals pollutants is the most significant reason for the rise in air pollution. It makes the air around us dirty to breathe. This rise in air pollution level is directly responsible for climatic changes and global warming. The change in climatic conditions is very harmful to the existence of human beings and different species on earth. It results in causing the change in the weather patterns that is harmful to the existence of human beings and different species of animals. Moreover, the change of climatic conditions also causes different disasters like floods, drought, heat storms. These disasters have negative effects on humanity and increase the chance of spreading several deadly diseases.


We need to take proper steps for reducing the rate of rising pollution otherwise it will become the greatest problem for the existence of humanity.

Long Essay on Pollution – a Major Threat to the Existence of Human Race


It is well said that everything in this world has two aspects. One is the positive and the second is the negative aspect of that thing. In the same way, the modernization of human beings and technology on one hand has opened the door of several possibilities for us. Pollution that is the negative aspect of this revolution has greatly affected humanity.

What is Pollution?

The lines of Mahatma Gandhi that “Nature that provided us enough for man’s need but not for the man’s greed” is absolutely true for defining the pollution. This greed is only the thing that is responsible for environmental pollution. Anything, when taken more than the required quantity, becomes poison. Isn’t it true? In the same way, pollution is also the result of overexploitation of the resources in nature.

Pollution can be defined as the deterioration of the quality of the environment. This deterioration leads to several changes in the environment by altering the environmental factors. This abrupt change adversely affects the whole human race. It is becoming a more serious issue day by day. Human activities are greatly responsible for causing various types of pollution.

Types of Pollution

Pollution is a small word but has a broad meaning. There are various types of pollution that are adversely affecting the entire human race.

  • Air Pollution and its impacts – The vehicular emissions, dust, chemical aerosol particles, smoke from industries, etc. are depleting the quality of the air around us. These air pollutants that are resulting from human activities are making the air impure to breathe. Moreover, the bad quality of air is also harmful to the other living organisms on the earth.
  • Water Pollution and its impacts – The chemicals like pesticides, industrial effluents, heavy metals, sewage, etc. when mixes in the water bodies lead to the depletion of the water quality. The depleted quality of water is greatly affecting aquatic organisms and human beings. The contaminated water is having less dissolved oxygen that is not fit for the aquatic organisms. We all are well aware of the fact that the percentage of fresh water on earth is very less. The effect of human activities is leading to the contamination of this freshwater too. The day is not far when there will be another world war for water. The scarcity of this natural resource will threaten the existence of humanity.
  • Soil Pollution and its impacts – The use of chemical fertilizers for getting a good yield of the crops has led to the deterioration of the quality of the soil. This makes the soil deficient in the essential nutrients and changes its structure. The crops that grow in such contaminated soil lack nutrients. Thus soil pollution is also negatively affecting humanity.

Pollution is Negatively Affecting the Humanity – How

Pollution is the root cause of major problems like Global warming, forest fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, flood drought, climate change, etc. These problems cause major destruction and serious problems for the entire human race. The different types of pollutions are resulting in causing various disorders and diseases in human beings. We have seen many people suffering from serious respiratory disorders due to the rise in air pollution levels. Contaminated water is also not safe for drinking for human beings and animals. The food that we consume is also nutrient deficient due to contamination of the soil. These all problems have resulted due to increasing pollution levels. The different diseases caused by various types of pollution are leading to the untimed death of many people.

Plastic pollution is also a major concern nowadays. Plastic cannot be degraded easily and remains as it is for hundreds of years. The burning of plastic waste releases a toxic gas called dioxin that is injurious for health. Many animals and birds consume plastic by mistake along with food. The plastic chokes their food pipe or windpipes and this result in their death. Plastic pollution is also affecting negatively marine organisms too.

Ways to Curb Pollution

The use of alternatives and significant methods to reduce the pollution level is the utmost need of the time. The situation of the earth is becoming alarming one day by day. It is the social responsibility of every person on the earth to contribute their best for the existence of humanity.

  • Realize the importance of natural resources and limit their use.
  • Using low Sulphur content coal as a fuel for burning.
  • Use bicycles for transportation.
  • We must adopt the car-pooling strategy.
  • Segregate the waste as wet and dry before disposal.
  • Adopting 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  • Stop wasting the electricity by switching off the lights and appliances when not in use.
  • Raise awareness in people regarding different types of pollutions and their impacts.
  • Plant more and more trees as they sequester the greenhouse gases.

Is Pollution a Major Threat to the Existence of Human Race?

It is no doubt that if the pollution level would increase in this manner it will be a great threat to human existence. The drastic change in the climatic conditions due to increased global warming levels in different nations is worrying. The occurrence of natural disasters is an early sign of destruction. If human beings do not realize their mistake as soon as possible there will be no option left rather repent. The factors like industrialization, population explosion, urbanization, deforestation have led to the overexploitation of resources. Every ecosystem on this earth has its limited carrying capacity. The overuse of resources due to increased population-level leads to the diminishing of resources. In this way, the other organisms have to suffer because of human activities.

Moreover, the melting of ice and a significant increase in temperature levels on the earth is the adverse impact of pollution. It is not good news for humanity. Recently the world has been suffering from the pandemic Covid-19 that is considered as the punishment that has been given by nature to human beings. It is a small warning to the human being that nature has the capability of taking revenge and heals itself.


Every nation in the world is suffering from the serious impacts of Pollution. Several initiatives have been adopted by the governments of different nations for reducing the effect of pollution. It is necessary for every one of us to step forward to fight against this issue. The greater participation of people from every level will surely help in reducing the consequences of pollution and make our earth a safer place for humanity.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which disease was caused in Japan during 1956 by eating contaminated fish?

Ans. Minamata disease was caused by eating fish contaminated by methyl mercury.

Q.2 What are the major constituents of acid rain?

Ans. The major constituents of acid rain are SOX and NOX.

Q.3 What are Primary Pollutants?

Ans. The pollutants that are directly released into the environment are Primary pollutants.

Q.4 How does CFCs effect the environment?

Ans. The CFCs is air pollutant and cause damage to the ozone layer of the earth.

Q.5 Which color indicates about the unhealthy Air Quality Index (AQI)?

Ans. The red color indicates about the unhealthy AQI.

Q.6 Why is color of Taj Mahal turning to yellow from white?

Ans. It is because of the higher concentration of Sulphur dioxide in acid rains.