Essay on Why do We Fall Ill

“It is health which is the real wealth and not the pieces of gold and silver.” These beautiful lines uttered by Mahatma Gandhi have true relevance in everyone’s life. We all have heard and seen many times in our houses and surroundings about the illness of people and family members. If you want to attain something in your life the most important thing that you need is to take care of your health. If your health is good you can certainly fight from every difficult situation in your life.

Short and Long Essay on Why do We Fall Ill in English

‘Why do we fall ill? Can we prevent ourselves from becoming ill? These questions would have come several times in your mind. We all have different perspectives regarding these questions. In this same reference, I am providing essays that might end your curiosity for this question. I hope it might help the students of different classes in getting an idea to write an essay, assignment, and project on this topic.

10 Lines Essay on Why do We Fall Ill (100-120 Words)

1) People who have low immunity frequently fall sick.

2) Improper and unhealthy diet makes us fall sick.

3) Falling sick is majorly affected by our busy lifestyle.

4) The growing pollution makes us fall sick and causes many diseases.

5) Poor sanitation is the home to many diseases.

6) If you don’t want to fall sick then maintain proper personal hygiene.

7) The poor and unhealthy condition of the house also leads to several illnesses.

8) People can also fall sick due to some genetic disorders.

9) Improper time management for a long time can also lead to mental illness.

10) Practicing unhealthy habits regularly makes us fall sick.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Falling ill is becoming very common these days. People with low immunity are more prone to fall ill frequently. A healthy and fit body can help us get rid of this problem up to a greater extent. It can prevent us from getting infected by different diseases and falling ill in a frequent manner.

Consciousness about our health and diet prevents us from falling ill

Physical and mental well-being is necessary to live a happy life. Our lifestyle has a major effect on our health and fitness. A poor lifestyle results in causing various types of illnesses in us that might become fatal as time progresses. It is therefore advised to us that we must never neglect our health take good care of it.

This can be possible by regular exercise and intake of a healthy diet. Moreover, it is also important for us to have good mental health along with physical health. We must consult the doctor immediately when we have any health issue instead of avoiding the same. It is we who can save us from the trauma of getting sick every now and then.

Pollution is becoming a major cause of health issues

Pollution that is responsible for the deteriorating environmental condition is becoming the major cause of health-related issues in us. Pollution has lead to the contamination of air water and soil. The intake of contaminated air, water, and food reduces the efficiency of working of different organs in our body. The reduced efficiency of the different systems in our body makes us fall ill or feel tired. The reduction in pollution level is only the way to get rid of this problem.


Falling ill frequently reduces our efficiency of working and becomes a great hindrance to our success. We must try to take good care of our body and mind to be free from these issues.

Why do We Fall Ill – Long Essay (1100 Words)


Good health is the most important factor for leading a happy and peaceful life. People who have a lot of money, luxurious things, and every facility but lacking good health can never be happy in the real sense. We can easily fall ill if we do not take proper care of our health. It is difficult for us to manage our daily routine activities if we are feeling unhealthy.

What is Illness?

Illness is the deterioration in the health condition of a person. It may be a condition when the body is suffering from mild or severe disease. It leads to great discomfort and pain that can be mild or severe. Prolonged illness may lead to abnormal functioning of different organs inside the body that sometimes result in death. Therefore we are always advised to take good care of ourselves by eating healthy food, exercising, resting, and maintaining adequate sanitation around us. The act of carelessness towards our health may lead to some bad or fatal results.

Factors that make us Fall Ill

Illness is the abnormal condition of the body that is caused because of certain factors. These factors are responsible for making a person ill. Some of the most common factors that make us fall ill are enlisted below.

Inadequate Sanitation – Good sanitation is most essential for maintaining good health. Poor sanitation habit is the cause of several diseases in human beings. Open defecation may lead to the transmission of several diseases in human beings that ultimately affects our health and makes us fall ill. It is more observed in poor societies of developing countries. The use of toilets for defecation may prevent the contamination of soil and water. In this way, we can practice good sanitation habits.

Environmental Condition – The clean and healthy environment is essential for our healthy wellbeing. The poor environmental conditions caused by pollution are responsible for causing various types of air-borne, water-borne diseases. The increased air pollution levels in many cities have deteriorated the Air Quality Index of those regions. Several respiratory problems have been reported in the people living in these areas. Moreover, water-borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, malaria, are very common these days.

Genetic Disorders – There is some illness that is associated with the genetic disorder in people. These types of illnesses are carried on from one generation to other. People need to take enough safety measures and proper medications to avoid the discomfort of falling ill due to these types of disorders.

Unhealthy Diet – Burger, pizza, chow mien, Maggi have become an important part of the diet in today’s generation. People love eating junk food even after knowing its side effects. We all know that our body requires proteins, vitamins, etc that can be obtained by eating healthy food grains and green vegetables. If we do not follow a healthy diet it is sure that we may fall ill. The deficiency of some essential vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc will make our body weak and we may suffer from weakness and illness.

Busy Lifestyle – People nowadays are only behind making a lot of money as they consider it the most important thing in life. They spend maximum time working and rarely care about their health. This carelessness of health may make them ill. It is required that every one of us must care about our health. We need to take adequate rest and eat food timely. Moreover, an unhealthy lifestyle will certainly give rise to several health issues that may be fatal if ignored.

Poor Houses – There are many houses that are not built according to the criteria of a good house. These types of houses lack ventilation measures. The people living in these types of houses may face several health problems as sunlight could not reach there in a proper way and ventilation is also not proper. In metro cities, we have seen that a large number of people live in very small houses. This is also an example of a poor housing condition. It may lead to mental sickness and depression in people living in these types of houses. Therefore it can be said that poor housing conditions are also responsible in making us fall ill.

Personal Hygiene – We all know that there are millions of pathogens everywhere on this earth. It is our responsibility to maintain our personal hygiene so that we may protect ourselves from falling ill. Washing our hands before eating and after using toilets, eating fruits and vegetables after washing, and bathing every day, etc are the ways of maintaining our personal hygiene. Pathogens can easily find their way to enter our body if we are careless. We must be careful otherwise that may make us fall ill.

How can We Prevent Ourselves from Falling Ill?

It is always said that a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. The act of carelessness towards our health may make us fall ill. Illness makes us weak that hinders us from doing our studies and other routine works. If you fall ill you need time to recover from that illness. In this way, you lag behind in your studies.

The same can be avoided if we take good care of our health we will not have to suffer from any type of illness. We must include green vegetables, fibrous food, cereals, and fruits in our daily diet. This will boost our immune system. The habit of washing our hands before eating and cooking is most essential. Regular exercising makes our body fit and healthy. We should never skip our sleep because our body and mind needs rest. If we follow these habits we can surely prevent ourselves from falling ill.

We have been noticing that since last year the entire world is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic. The most appropriate way to prevent ourselves from falling ill due to this virus is to take essential preventive measures. Moreover eating healthy food enhances our immune system that helps our body in combating the virus in its initial infective stages.


Good health condition refers to the wellbeing of both body and mind. It is essential for us to be mentally and physically fit and healthy for leading a good and happy life. Healthy lifestyles and regular exercise with optimism will never make you fall ill. Healthy people can easily focus on the goal and become successful in their life.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How can we maintain good health?

Ans. The habit of exercising regularly, taking good nutrition, and staying away from bad habits helps us in maintaining good health.

Q.2 What is the sign of a healthy body?

Ans. The proper functioning of body and mind with no body discomfort is the sign of healthy body.

Q.3 When is World Health Day celebrated?

Ans. World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th of April.

Q.4 What is meant by acute disease?

Ans. The disease that lasts in our body for shorter time period is called as acute disease.