Essay on How Animals are Useful to us

How Animals are Useful to us

Have you ever thought about the role of animals in our life? If it is so, then you must be aware that animals are very important for the survival of human beings either directly or indirectly. Many of us have animals as pets in our houses as our best friends or companions.

Short and Long Essay on How Animals are Useful to us in English

Students are often asked to write an essay or make an assignment or project describing how animals are useful to human beings.

10 Lines Essay on How Animals are Useful to us (100-120 Words)

1) Animals are important for the survival of humans in many ways.

2) We get milk, meat, food, etc from animals.

3) Some animals are used for carrying heavy loads from place to place.

4) Animals are important for balancing the ecosystem.

5) Animals like dogs are used to guard our houses.

6) People can also connect with pets emotionally.

7) Animals are also used as a transportation medium.

8) Leather, wool, etc are obtained from animals.

9) Animals are also used for entertainment purposes.

10) Animals and their dung are used in agriculture.

Short Essay – 250 Words


Every organism present on earth has a significant role in balancing the ecosystem. There are different types of animals present around us. They have been benefiting human beings from the initiation of civilization on the earth.

The bond between human beings and animals

The bond between human beings and animals is from years when civilization has started. This mutual relationship is beneficial for the existence of both human beings and animals. The animals serve different purposes as human beings. They help us by providing milk, food, meat, clothing material, etc. Many animals are also utilized by human beings for the lifting of heavy loads, guarding the farms and houses. Human beings have also developed an emotional and physical attachment with many of the animals and raise them as their pets. Therefore it can be stated that animals along with helping human beings in their different work also prove themselves as the good friends of human beings.

The role of animals during the Covid-19 pandemic

Many animals like dogs, cats, parrots, are kept as pets by human beings. Animals kept as pets are able to understand our emotions. They were of great help to human beings during the Covid-19 pandemic. We all were frightened and were greatly stressed during the pandemic situation. The companionship of pets has helped many of us to come of that stress. They also helped in reducing our loneliness during the lockdown. The happy moments that they gave to us by their funny acts made us forget the situation that was prevailing at that time.


The act of development and human activities are continuously resulting in the habitat loss of different animals. We must try our best to reduce these activities and help in conserving the animals from getting extinct.

I have also provided the details of the topic in form of a long essay. I hope it will be a helping aid to students and reduce their difficulty in writing about this topic.

Long Essay on How are Animals Beneficial for us (1050 Words)


Our planet earth consists of several living organisms that are mainly grouped under two categories. The one category is of plants and the second of animals. It is quite surprising to learn that human beings are also a part of the animal kingdom but they differ due to their exceptional qualities in them. Plants, animals, and human beings are equally important on this planet and for supporting the ecosystem.

Animals – Essential for the Survival of Human Beings

The word ‘animals’ brings the images of several animals in front of our eyes. Some of these might be the ones that we have seen in reality in the nearby areas while others in books and movies only. The existence of animals on this planet is since the evolution of human beings. They have accompanied human beings since long when life came into existence on this earth. There are different varieties of animals present on this earth. They are grouped according to their characteristics.

The animals form an important part of the biotic components of the ecosystem. Every species of animals are equally important along with other biotic components for maintaining the equilibrium of the ecosystem. The plants, animals, and human beings are interdependent on each other for their survival. The absence of any one of them would create an imbalance in nature. This will further become a great issue for the existence of other living beings.

How are Animals Beneficial for us?

We cannot deny the importance of animals in our life. Isn’t it true? They have been providing us with food, shelter, companionship, entertainment, etc. Although we do not recognize the importance of different animals unless we read about them but it is true that they have been playing a major role in the survival of human beings for since long. The different ways in which the animals are useful to us are enlisted below.

  • They act as best companions in form of pets – Animals have been the companions of human beings since the time of early man. The loyalty of animals made them all-time favorite companions of human beings. Today also we can see animals, especially dogs living along with the people in the villages. Many of us love animals and keep them as pets in our houses. The animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, etc. can be kept as pets. They are intelligent enough and can understand the emotions of human beings. Therefore it can be said that animals are useful to us as our companions or friends. It is because of the developments and technological advancements that are creating a boundary between us and the natural world with animals.
  • Used for transportation – Animals have been used by human beings to reducing their workloads either in farm fields or to carry loads. The animals like oxen, camels, horses, elephants, donkeys are used by us to carry loads and perform different tasks that make the work easier for us. They are thus referred to as Beast of Burden. They are used as an important means of transport in mountainous or desert areas. Nowadays the development of different types of machines has reduced the work of animals but still, they are being used by people in different parts of the world.
  • Provides us clothing materials – The skin and fur of many animals having fur like sheep, goats, minks, foxes, buffaloes, kangaroos, etc. are used to make leather and woolen clothes. We also obtain silk fiber from animals that are further woven into fine clothing material.
  • Animals provide us food and meat – Since ancient times man has been domesticating animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, etc. for getting milk and meat. They also helped people in doing other farm works along with giving milk. Milk is an important constituent of a healthy diet and that too is provided to us by animals. This indicates the benefits that animals provide to us.
  • Used for Guarding and Entertainment – Dog is considered the most loyal to human beings in ages. People mostly keep dogs as their pets as dogs are good at guarding their masters. They help in maintaining the security of the place at any cost. Many animals like bears, monkeys, lions, dogs, etc. are trained to provide us entertainment by dancing or showing tricks in circuses or zoos.

Apart from these animals like dogs are trained and used in solving different criminal cases. There are some animals that are also used by the farmers in farming to get rid of certain pests that may destroy crops. In this way, we can observe that animals are really beneficial to us in our life. Their existence in the ecosystem is very essential for our survival.

Are the Activities of Human Being a Major Cause of the Extinction of Animals? 

The answer to this question is absolutely ‘Yes’. We human beings have forgotten that there are other creatures also living on this earth. They too have an equal share of the resources present on the earth. But it saddening that animals are devoid of their habitats because of the immense greed of human beings. Our several activities have led to the habitat destruction of different species of animals. This makes them prone to become extinct or endangered species.

We cannot imagine our life without animals. Every living organism on this earth has its distinct role and that is most important for maintaining the food chain and equilibrium in the ecosystem. It is difficult to imagine the existence of life without the presence of animals but the present scenario is totally indicating the same. We human beings need to realize our mistakes or it shall be too late. Recently we have been experiencing the outbreak of the Pandemic Covid-19 and that is also said to be one of the punishments to human beings for their negligence towards nature and its creatures.


The different varieties of animals are important for us in different ways. Apart from several benefits that we obtain from the animals, they also teach us important lessons of life like respect, compassion, teamwork, smart work, etc. The main issue lies in the protection of the animals from becoming endangered or extinct. It is our responsibility to protect the animals and help in creating the earth as a safe place for their survival.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which animal is called as the most intelligent animal on earth?

Ans. Dolphin is termed as the most intelligent animal on earth.

Q.2 How many hearts does an octopus have?

Ans. An octopus has three hearts in its body.

Q.3 Which mammal on this earth does not have vocal cords?

Ans. Giraffe is a mammal that lacks vocal cord.

Q.4 What does a panda eat as its food?

Ans. A panda eats bamboo as its food.

Q.5 Which animal has the longest gestation period?

Ans. Elephants have the longest gestation period of approx 95 weeks.

Q.6 When was the first livestock census conducted in India?

Ans. The first livestock census was conducted in India in year 1919.