Essay on Forest: A Precious Gift of Nature

Nature is the beautiful gift of God bestowed upon human beings. The beautiful sky, rivers, ponds, forests are the part of nature and enhance the beauty of Nature. Forests are providing beauty to our mother nature along with essential services.

Short and Long Essays on Forest: A Precious Gift of Nature in English

Find here some well-written essays to read and understand the value of the forest and know, how forests are called the precious gift of nature.

Forest: A Precious Gift of Nature Essay 10 Lines (100 – 150 Words)

1) Forest is a precious gift of nature that makes our survival easy.

2) All the living creatures are dependent on the forest for food and shelter.

3) Forest comprises trees and plants that give us oxygen to breathe.

4) Forests are also used for obtaining medicines.

5) Forests are a great source of fuel and timber.

6) Forests also contribute to reducing the environmental pollution.

7) Other necessities like rubber, resin, paper, etc are fulfilled from the forest.

8) Forest maintains the proper balance of the eco system.

9) Soil erosion can also be controlled with the help of forests.

10) Forests are home to many living organisms that needed to be protected.

Essay 1 (250 Words) – Forest: A Precious Gift of Nature


Forests are a precious gift of nature to us. Several kinds of trees and plants together constitute a forest. They provide us with many services. Forests play a major role in making our environment clean and green. Trees in the forests absorb the unwanted gaseous pollutants. They are natural air Purifiers.

Why Forests are Precious?

Earlier Forests were only the home for our ancestors. The Services and products provided to us by the forests are valuable and have no substitute. Some of them are enlisted below:

  • Forest provides shelter to various animals, organisms, and also human beings. These organisms live in the forest and obtain their food from there only.
  • We obtain wood and timber from the Forests.
  • Forests provide us with air to breathe, fuel, fruits, timber, medicine and shade.
  • Forests are helping in reducing air and noise pollution.
  • They help in regulating the mechanism of the water cycle.
  • Forests are providing us with several products like paper, rubber, resins, drugs, etc. These forest products are of much importance for trade purpose or as raw material to industries.
  • Forests are the best reservoir of greenhouse gases after oceans.
  • Forests provide beauty to our nature.


Forests are providing us with all the things of our requirement and also sustain the life of various organisms by providing them with a home to live in. The day-by-day decrease in the number of forests or destruction of forests is a major issue. It’s our duty to properly utilize and thus save the gift of nature.

Essay 2 (400 Words) – Role of Forests and Need for Conservation


Forests are the most valuable resource. Human beings have been utilizing this resource from ancient times. Forests are very important for the existence of life on earth. They play a major role in benefiting infinite organisms with shelter and food.

Role of Forests

The role of the Forest in the development of human beings cannot be neglected. Earlier when men did not know to make houses, they lived in jungles. The necessity led to the invention of many things and slowly to technology too. All the raw materials are obtained from the forests.

The beautiful furniture, fuel for making food, wood for different purposes and medicine are obtained from the raw material which we get from the forests. Apart from all these benefits forests are providing a home to various organisms. They also help in the mechanism of the hydrological cycle and the occurrence of rainfall.

The roots of the mature trees in the forests bind the soil of that area and therefore save the topsoil from being eroded. The topsoil is most fertile and productive and thus forests help in maintaining the fertility of the soil. From ancient times, forests provide herbs that are of great medicinal value. They are mostly used in preparing ayurvedic medicines. Forest is having a great role in managing the climatic conditions and temperature.

Need for Conservation of the Precious Gift of Nature

The unwanted felling down of trees and forests for making the forest land available for some other use is the major cause of the reduction in the number of forests. Trees are cut down to obtain timber; forests are cleared to make buildings, projects, roads, etc.

There are numerous services and products we obtain from the forests. Moreover, Forests are a support system for numerous birds and organisms. They are devoid of their habitat after the forest has been cleared. It appears as if a man has tied cloth on his eyes and could not observe the reality. This kind of selfishness will make us repent for our deeds. It is a saying that one eats what he reaps.

We should pay heed to conserve our forests. The meaning of the word development is proved only when we consider each and everything and then fosters. Thinking about the benefit of our self only is selfishness.


Forests add beauty to our environment. They benefit every creature on this earth. When an entity provides us with several facilities without charging any price then it’s also our responsibility to protect it from destruction.

Essay 3 (500 – 600 Words) – Forest: Benefits and Causes of Degradation


Mother Nature has showered on us the blessings in form of Forests. Forests cover a major part of the land on the earth’s surface i.e. 31%. There are different kinds of forests found in the whole world. A forest basically consists of a number and variety of trees, plants, herbs, and shrubs. The composition and denseness of a particular forest are totally dependent on the climatic factors of that area.

Benefits of the Forest

The Forests confers on us with several benefits. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Maintaining Biodiversity – There are many of the organisms dwelling in the forest. Forest provides them with shade and shelter. There are different kinds of microorganisms found on the floor of the forests. Therefore it can be said that forests are harbouring the vast biodiversity.
  • Major Products are Obtained – Forests provide us with different kinds of timber and wood, fruits, fuel for cooking. Many of the industries get their raw materials from forests such as Paper industry is totally dependent on the forest for getting the paper pulp. Many other raw materials like resins, cellulose, gums, etc are obtained from the forest. The forests products are also of great commercial value.
  • Helps in Managing Climatic Conditions – Forest helps in maintaining the hydrological cycle and make the clouds which is at a lower height to condense hence increase the rainfall in that area. Forests contain numerous trees which provide shade and help in maintaining the temperature of that area. For example, if the temperature in whole Varanasi is 50-degree centigrade then the temperature inside Banaras Hindu University is 5 degrees lower than the city temperature. It is due to the greenery and numerous trees lining the corridors of Campus.
  • Forests also help in mitigating climatic changes as it absorbs the carbon and other air pollutants thereby regulating a proper check on air pollution. It helps in regulating the rise in temperature.
  • Reduce Soil Erosion and Enhance Fertility – A forest constitutes of different mature trees. The root of the trees helps in binding the topsoil which is responsible for the fertility of the soil of a particular area.
  • Reduce Water Runoff – Forest helps in absorbing the excess rainwater wasted as runoff and saves it from being wasted. The absorbed water is useful in recharging the underground water aquifers. It also controls floods.
  • Have Great Medicinal Values – There are many medicinal plants found in the forest. Different parts of these plants are used as a constituent of medicine.

Causes of Forest Degradation

  • Deforestation – It is unwanted of cutting down of forests and trees. The advancement in living standard and increased man’s needs and greed is favouring deforestation. Forests are regularly being cleared for the construction of several projects, buildings, and roads. Thus deforestation is the main cause of degradation of the forests.
  • Forest Fires – Large areas of forest are destroyed due to forest fires. The burnt forest area requires a lot of time to heal and become functional as before. This is leading to the degradation of forests.
  • Increased Demands of Wood as Fuel – Wood has been used as a fuel for cooking and various purposes from ancient times. Many trees are cut down in the forests to fulfil the demand for wood. People residing in rural areas are still dependent on wood as fuel for cooking and heating. Forests are not meant to be used as our fuel providers.
  • Turning the Forest Land into Agricultural Land – Most of the areas of forests are cut down to make the land available for agricultural land. This is resulting in loss of habitat for the organisms dwelling in the forests and also responsible for the destruction of forests.

Our Effort towards Conservation of Forests

It is the social responsibility of every one of us to protect our forests. Forests are equivalent to non-renewable resources; they are present in a limited quantity. If not managed properly, they will start diminishing soon. The existence of life is impossible without Forests.

We should start campaigns, awareness programmes to make people aware of the current scenario and further enhance public partition. We should switch to the use of biofuels instead of using fossil fuels. The conservation policies like reforestation and afforestation must be enhanced.


Forest is a valuable asset. The functions and services provided by the forests are incredible. Forests are also aids in increasing the economic status of a nation as it provides employment to masses and helps them in earning their livelihood.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 When did the word forest come into existence?

Ans. The word forest came into existence in the 1200s.

Q.2 Who was the initiator of Van Mahotsav in India?

Ans. The initiator of Van Mahotsav in India was K.M. Munshi.

Q.3 Which movement was started by Sunderlal Bahuguna to stop the cutting of forests?

Ans. Chipko movement was started by Sunderlal Bahuguna in the 1970s to stop the cutting of forests.

Q.4 Which country in the world has the largest forest area?

Ans. Russia is the country in the world that has the largest forest area.

Q.5 What is the name of the biggest mangrove forest in India?

Ans. Sundarbans is the name of the biggest mangrove forest in India.

Q.6 When is International forest day celebrated?

Ans. On 21st March.

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